A Childlike Faith

A Good Fight of Faith

A New Commandment

A Prophet’s Reward

A Study on 2 Timothy 3

Absolute, The

According to Thy Word

Accounted Worthy

Achieving Unity

Act of Sincerity

Adoption of the Heirs of God

Anatomy of A True Christian

Anger Management

Appreciating God

Approval of God

Are You Rapture Ready?

Arise and Shine

Astronaut Age

Attributes of the Word

Authority in Christ

Bearing His Cross

Believe and Confess

Benefits of Being a Christian

Benefits of His Resurrection

Better Things

Biblical Delays

Biblical Financial Management

Biblical Principles

Big Versus Small - David & Goliath

Birth Pains

Blessedness of God’s Presence

Blessedness Through Obedience

Blood Line

Book of Philippians

Book of Redemption

Bride Age of Today

Bride’s Priesthood

Building According to the Pattern

But This Man

Cancer in Physical & Spiritual Forms

Changing of the Soul

Choosing of a Bride

Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed

Christ, the Center of our Lives

Christian Character

Christian Identity

Christian’s Priority

Christmas: Is It Biblical?

Church Administration

Church Conduct and Order

Claiming our Godly Inheritance

Cloud and Fire


Committing Thyself in the Lord

Communing With God

Communion Service

Condescending of God

Confounding the Mighty

Conquering Your Greatest Enemy

Contentment in Christ

Contentment is Great Gain

Cornelius, the Roman Centurion


Courtship Issues

Cure for Loneliness

Daniel’s Visions

Day of Redemption

Day Star

Deacons, Ordaining of

Death as an Entrance to Another Dimension

Delayeth His Coming

Delegated Authority



Desiring God

Deviations in the Message

Devil’s Trap

Difference Between the Bride & Israel

Difference Between Church & Bride

Difference Between Logos & Theophany

Difference Between Mortal & Immortal

Difference Between Soul & Theophany


Divine Healing

Do Not Lose Heart

Do’s & Don’t’s for Christians

Doing God a Service Without His Will

Duties of the Five-Fold Ministry

Eating by Partaking

Ending of the Gentile Age



Eternal Thoughts of God

Evening Light

Everything is Under God’s Control

Evolution of God’s Word

Excess Baggage



Facts, Faith & Feelings

Faith as the Foundation

Faith is the Evidence

Faith Lift

Faith, the Power of True

Fellowship on the Mystery

Finding Life in Christ

Finding the Right Church

Finding Your Name in the Book of Life

Finding Your Position in Christ

Five Casualties of Sin

Five Kingdoms

Five Stages to Maturity

Five W’s of Life

Five-Fold Ministry

Four Creatures of God

Future Home of the Earthly Bride

Garden of Eden

Gene of God

God Moving in our Lives

God Specializes in Impossible Things

God’s Biblical Prescriptions

God’s Billboards

God’s Complaints & Rewards

God’s Desire To Be Worshipped

God’s Drawing Power

God’s Eternal Thoughts

God’s Five Dwelling Places

God’s Forgiveness

God’s Instruction Manual

God’s Manifested Power

God’s Manifold Wisdom

God’s Moving in Our Lives

God’s Pattern for Redemption

God’s Perfect Numbers

God’s Plans Versus Satan’s Snares

God’s Power Through the Ages

God’s Prerequisites

God’s Pro and Cons

God’s Program for His Church

God’s Provided Place for Healing

God’s Saving Grace

God’s Standard on Holiness

God’s Tabernacles

God’s Titles & Their Significance

God’s Unfailing Formula For Success

Godhead & Predestination

Good Confession

Good News & Bad News

Gospel in Plain View

Grace Versus Works

Great “I Am”

Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord

Great Commission

Greatest Battle Ever Fought

Guard Your Heart & Mind

Halloweeen: Is it Biblical?


Having Your Right Mind

Headship Coming

Hearing His Word

Heavenly Citizenship

Hindrances to God’s Work

Holy Ghost Baptism

How To Be Perfect

How to Live a Victorious Life

How to Overcome Discouragements

How to Overcome Problems in Life

How to Overcome the Trials in Life


Hybrid Religion

Identity Crisis

Importance of Redemption

Importance of Revelation

In God’s Presence

Inspiration by the Holy Ghost

Investing in Christ


Iron and Clay

Israel, God’s Timepiece

Jesus, Center of Our Lives

John & Jesus as Prophesied

Journey Without Jesus

Joy that is in Jesus

Judgment Seat of Christ

Keeping Ourselves Pure & Blameless

Key to God’s Blessings

Kingdom of God Is Within You

Know Thyself

Lamb Substitute

Lamb’s Wife

Laodicea, It’s Message

Last Name Redeemed

Law and the Prophets

Law of Life and Death


Let No Man Despise Thy Youth

Liberty in Christ

Life Guided by the Lord

Light of Revelation

Light of the Body is the Eye

Logos & Theophany

Look and Live

Looking Glass

Love and Perfection in Christ

Love and Unity in Christ

Love Equation

Love of God

Love: Human Versus Divine

Love: The Cause of the Gospel

Loving God and His Children

Making of the Body of Christ

Making Your Calling & Election Sure

Man’s Needs Versus God’s Riches

Manifestation of a God-Ordained Church

Mark of the Beast

Marked and Sealed

Marriage Solemnization


Matthew 24 End Time Signs

Measure of a Strong Church

Mediatorial in Every Age

Mediatorial Intercession of Christ

Message of the Hour

Mirror of God’s Word

Modern Events Made Clear by Prophecy

Modern Squeeze

Mountains of the Lord

Moving Forward

Multimedia & Technology in Preaching

Mystery of Our Lives

Mystery of the Book

Names of God

Natural Versus Spiritual


New Birth Process

Nine Fruits of the Spirit

No Pain, No Gain

Not Everyone That Saith Lord, Lord

Obstacles to a Christian’s Growth

Offense of the Cross

Office of the Pastor

Oh Lord, Just Once More

One Family in Christ

Oneness of Jesus and His Bride

Order of the Rapture

Origin of the Bride

Original Sin

Overcoming Self-Centeredness

Overcoming Temptation

Overcoming Trials

Parable of the Wheat & Tares

Partakers of the Divine Nature

Patience is a Virtue

Pearl of Great Price

Perfect Love

Perfection in Christ


Personal Relationship with Christ


Possessing the Promise Land

Power of Choice

Power of Praise

Power of Revelation

Power of the Blood of Jesus

Power That’s In You

Prayer, the value and power

Preaching Christ

Preaching Mechanics

Predestination Versus Free Will

Preserving the Life of God’s People

Prophet, Priest & King

Pros and Cons of Life

Prospering in His Hand

Prosperity in Christ

Psalms 23, Realization

Purpose of an Exodus

Purpose of Man

Qualities of the Elect

Quickening Power of God

Rapture Mystery

Readiness of Mind

Real Purpose of Coming to Church

Reasonable Service

Recognizing Your Day & Its Message

Recognizing your Purpose in Life

Redeeming the Time


Redemption of Earth, Body & Soul

Respect For God and His People

Responding to the Call of God

Resting in Jesus


Revelation Chapter 1

Revelation is the New Birth

Revelation of the Seven Seals



Right Mental Attitude

Right Motives & Objectives

Right Thirst

Royal Family

Sabbath, Our Rest

Salvation & the New Birth

Salvation of the Soul

Satan’s Reality Versus God’s Reality

Satisfying Portion

Scene After The Seven Church Ages

Seed of God


Sequence of Events


Serving Christ

Seven Church Age Messengers

Seven Church Ages

Seven Dimensions

Seven Feast Days of the Lord

Seven Seals

Seven Seals Transpiring

Seven Stages of the Word

Seven Thunders

Seven Trumpets

Seven Visions of William Branham

Seventh Messenger

Seventh Seal

Seventy Weeks of Daniel

Sign Posts Of His Coming

Sign Posts to a Pilgrim’s Journey

Signs and Wonders

Signs in the Sky

Signs of the Last days

Six Categories of People

Sixth Seal & Seventh Seal

Soul of Man

Soul Winning

Sower of Seeds

Special Choosing of the Bride

Spiritual Adoption

Spiritual Amnesia

Spiritual Influences

Spiritual Maturity

Spoken Word Power

Stature of a Perfect Man

Story of Ruth & Naomi

Stress-Free Living

Successful Christian

Tempted and Tried


The Five-Fold Ministry

The Lamb’s Wife

The Seventh Seal

The Twelve Spies

The Way Up is Down

There They Crucified Him

Think On These Things

Thinking On Our Ways

Third Exodus


Thirty-Five Ways of Effective Preaching

Three Comings of Jesus

Three Exodus

Three Pulls

Three Realms

Three Stages of the New Birth

Three Fold Purpose

Through the Fire


Tithes & Offering

Titles of God

Training Young Ministers


Trapped in Satan’s Eden

Trials and Their Purpose

Tribulation Preview

True Blessedness

True Sign of a Prophet

True Unity in Christ

Trust in the Lord

Truth About the Original Sin

Truth Versus Perversion

Turn a New Page

TV, Phone & Internet

Two Beasts of Revelation 13

Two Saviours, Father & Son?

Two Trees in the Garden

Unchanging God

Unconditional versus Conditional Love

Understanding Biblical AntiThesis

Unity as the Basis of Fellowship

Unwritten Word

Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church

Value of Appreciation

Vindication of God


Voice of the Sign

Volume of the Book

Walking in the Light

Water Baptism

Way of God’s Salvation

Way of Holiness

Way of Victory

Way Up is Down

Wedding at Cana

Wedding Band

Wedding Ceremony Rites

What is a Man’s Worth?

What is Faith?

What is Sin?

What is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

What is the Breathe of Life?

What is the Gospel?

What is the Kingdom of God?

What is the Message-of-the-Hour?

What it is to be in Christ

What Must I Do to be Saved?

What the Church Can Do For You

What Time is it?

What’s in a Name?

What’s In It For Me?

Where Your Tithes Go?

Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom?

Who is This Melchizedek?

Who is Worthy to Take the Book?

Why Are Not a Denomination?

Why People Give Up

Wisdom Versus Faith

Woman’s Headship?

Work Out Your Own Salvation

Works is Faith Expressed

Worship In The Spirit

Worship the Lord

Worshipping Jesus

Write It Not

Written Epistles of God

Ye Must Be Born Again

You Left Your First Love

Youth Exhortations




The Mercy Seat

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