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THE WORD TEST Compiled by Ron Millevo


JOHN 5:39 - “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”

II TIMOTHY 3:16 -17 - “All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”

MATTHEW 4:4- “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

MATTHEW 24:35 - “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”


Brother Branham, God's prophet to this generation, has always stayed with true Bible teaching. Never did he deviate from what the Holy Scriptures teach us in bringing to us the Message of the Hour.

Here in this series, we will find a number of quotes from his sermons wherein he always evidently pointed us back to the Bible. This will serve as a compilation of what he spoke about the Word being our absolute. God bless you.


“That’s all I know to tell you, that this Bible I believe with all my heart, if I know my heart, to be the perfect unadulterated Word of God. By this I live. By this I stand. And if I had ten thousand lives, I’d like to give every bit of it for this Word, for it’s the Word of Jesus Christ. And I don’t care how much they can try to disprove It, how much science tries to say It—It isn’t trustworthy, and so forth, to me It’s the only thing in the world I can trust is this Word. See? He is mine. I love Him, don’t you?” (SATAN’S.EDEN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-20 65-0829)

“How you going to know what’s right and wrong? Give it the Word test. That’s the way to tell whether it’s right or wrong. That’s it; just—just give it the Word test. See what it says about the Word. Any spirit, see what it says about the Word. If it denies the Word, it’s not of God. See? No matter what it is, if it denies the Word, it’s not of God. Look, give it the Word test and see what happens. Jesus warned us of these things: Matthew the 24th chapter and the 35th verse. heavens and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall not pass away. (See?)” (SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-1 62-0318M)

“I don’t care if I have to stand alone, with nobody but God alone, I’ll preach the truth of God’s Bible and stand for it. If I die, I’ll still stand for the truth.
Certainly. We want truth. I’ll measure up not according to the church, but according to the Word of God I want to measure up.” (DECEIVED.CHURCH.BY.THE.WORLD.title JEFF.IN CH 67 59-0628M)

“Now, the only way that a church can be built, the only way that a man can have faith is not by his denomination, not by his affiliation; but his faith rests, not upon the theology of some man’s ideas, ‘cause it’s more or less, altogether, man... But the only way faith can find its solemn resting place is upon the immovable and unchangeable Word of God. “Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word.” (HEBREWS CHAPTER 6 AND 7..title JEFF.IN HEB 57-0915M)

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches of each age.” In every age it was the same cry. Hear what the Spirit says. If you are a Christian, you will get back to what the Spirit is teaching, that is, the Word of this age. Every messenger to every age will preach that Word. Every fresh and true revival will be because men have gotten back to the Word for their age. The cry of every age is the rebuke, “You have left the Word of God. Repent, and come back to the Word.” From the first book in the Bible (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation) there is only one reason for God’s displeasure—leaving the Word; and there is only one remedy to regain His favor—back to the Word.” (157-2 SMYRAEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH AGE.BOOK.CPT.4)

“I love the Word. The Holy Spirit feeds on the Word of God. Christians should always read the Bible, for the Holy Spirit feeds... Its food is the Word of God. “Man shall not live by bread alone (Amen. There it is.), but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” That’s what the Christian lives on, the Word. And the Holy Spirit loves the Word, and He’s here tonight to receive the Word. And It’s in you. And as the Word comes forth, then the Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and reveals It.” (EXPECTATIONS.title CLEVELAND.OH 50-0810)

“Now, remember, the Word of God is what the Holy Spirit feeds on. It don’t feed on enthusiasm. It don’t feed on education. It doesn’t feed on church going. It doesn’t feed on theologies. There’s a lot of difference between an inspired something and a theological standpoint of it. (THIRST.title TUCSON.AZ V-16 N-6 65-09190

“Now, we must prove all things by the Scripture. Not what... If It’s contrary to my faith, and yet the Scripture says so, the Scripture’s right and I’m wrong. See? The Scripture’s always right; and the only way you can do anything, is come back to the Scripture.” (ISRAEL.IN.EGYPT.title JEFF.IN IC 1-34 53-0325)


“The only thing you can put your trust in is THUS SAITH THE LORD from the Bible. Now, Church, that is exactly where I have tried to keep you, my children. And if something happens to me and God takes me out of this earth, don’t you never fail. Remember this with all your heart: stay with that Word. Don’t you leave that Word. Anything contrary to It, leave it alone, no matter what it is. Then you know It’s right. See?” (QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.title JEFF.IN COD 64-0823E)

“God’s Word comes only by the Bible. God’s Bible is the—the printed form of the Son of God, because the Bible said that it is the revelation of Jesus Christ. It’s God revealing Himself through Christ, and Christ is the Word. And it takes the Light of God to shine upon that Word to vindicate It, to prove that God still speaks Life—Eternal Life, He speaks.” (MAN.THAT.CAN.TURN.ON.LIGHT.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-1 63-1229M)

“Stay with God’s Word; It’s THUS SAITH THE LORD. Stay with His Word. To separate from It is breaking your fellowship with God
, God’s oneness by the Holy Spirit. Then if you say you got the Holy Spirit and it’s not in agree with the Word, then you’re not oneness with God. Now remember, the Devil takes a whole lot of that Word, pretty near ninety-nine and ninety-nine percent of It. Ninety-nine hundredths and ninety-nine percent of that hundredths, he’ll make It just exactly right, but then he’ll jump off here, and that’s the one that causes death right there. That breaks the chain right in the middle; down you go. Every Word. What did Jesus say? “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word.” Not by a few of God’s Words shall he live, not by ninety-nine and ninety-nine percent of God’s Word. But by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, man shall live by That.” (ONENESS.title JEFF.IN V-10 N-2 62-0211)

“The Bible is not a book of systems. No, sir. It is not a book of systems, nor a code of morals. The Bible is not a book of systems, so many systems and so forth. No, sir! It is not a book of morals. No, sir, It is not. Nor is It a book of history altogether, or neither is It a book of theology, for It is the revelation of Jesus Christ. So the Bible is the complete revelation of Jesus Christ, and It was wrote by prophets, Hebrews 1:1, “In... God, Who in sundry times spake to the fathers by the prophets, in this last day speaks to us through His Son, Jesus Christ,” which was the prophets, all of them put together. Jesus was Malachi; Jesus was Jeremiah, Isaiah, Elijah. All that they were, were in Him. And all that you are, and all I am, is in Him: Words, witnesses of the Word. So It is not a book of systems, a code of moral ethics, neither is It a history book, or a book of theology. It is not. But It’s the revelation of Jesus Christ: God Himself revealed from Word to flesh. That’s what It is. The Bible is the Word, and God is the flesh. God in... God is the Word, rather, and Jesus being the flesh, It’s a revelation how God, the Word, was manifested in human flesh and revealed to us. It was written by forty different writers. Forty men wrote the Bible over a space of sixteen hundred years apart and at different times, predicting the most important events that ever happened in world’s history, and many times hundreds of years before it happened. And there is not one error in the entire sixty-six Books. Oh, my. No author but God Himself could be so accurate. Not one word contradicts the other. Remember, sixteen hundred years apart, the Bible was wrote, from Moses to—to the death of—of John at Isle—or the Isle of Patmos: sixteen hundred years. And was wrote by forty different authors. One didn’t even know the other one, and they never had It as the Word. Some of them never even seen the Word. But when they wrote It, and was understood to be prophets, then when they put their prophecies together, each one of them dovetailed one to the other.” (CHRIST REVEALED IN HIS OWN.WORD.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-10 65-0822M)

“And remember, the Word is God. God is no more than His Word. And we’re no more than our word, and if we make... ‘Course, now, you and I in a different stance—sense, ‘cause we can—we can say, “Oh, I’ll do a certain thing.” We mean that in our heart, but circumstances can arise that we can’t—we can’t do that what we said we would do. But God can’t do that, because He’s infinite, and He knows everything, and everything that ever was, will be, or... So He can’t make a statement ‘less He knows He can back it up.” (CHURCH.AND.ITS.CONDITION.title JEFF.IN CH 1-34 56-0805)

“When God first set the human race in—on earth, He told them they live by His Word. Now, the Word of God is like a chain, you’re passing across hell with It; and its chain is only its best at its weakest link, and God wants us to keep every Word of It. Now, that was the first of the Bible; just to break one Word, plunged the human race into a darkness of death. Jesus came in the middle of the Bible, and He said that, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word.” Not just part of the Words, or ninety-nine out of a hundred; but every Word, just like Eve and Adam was. And in the last of the Bible, Revelation 22:18s, He said that, “Whosoever shall take a Word out of This, or add one Word to It...” So why do we need to inject in Here somebody’s ideas of things, when this is God’s own Idea about it? We want to take what He said. And it’s also written, “Let every man’s word be a lie, and Mine be the Truth.” (BROKEN.CISTERNS.title PHOENIX.AZ V-19 N-4 65-0123)

“This world was made by the Word of God. It’s framed together by the Word of God. That’s the only thing that’ll ever keep it together, is the Word of God, for Hebrews said, “We understand that the world was framed by the Word of God.” People doubt the Word of God, and the very dirt that you’re setting on is the Word of God made manifest. The very seats that you’re setting in is the Word of God made manifest. God speaks it, and it has to happen, because it’s the—the Word of God.” (WORLD.IS.FALLING.APART.title NY.NY V-18 N-10 63-1115)

“But remember, the Bride will be a called-out, separated, and different, filled, Holy Ghost born, washed in the Blood of the Lamb; She’ll abstain from everything that’s filthy around her Husband. She’s a chaste virgin, pure by the Word. The Word and her are the same as a man and his wife becomes one in union. So does the real genuine Church of God. When it becomes in Christ, the Bible is punctuated with an “Amen,” every promise. Don’t make any difference what the denomination says, the soul that’s in the believer punctuate it, because it is the Word in him speaking out. The Word’s sharper than a two-edged sword, a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. The Bible said so. That’s how it’s vindicated and known.” (SCRIPTURAL.SIGNS.OF.THE.TIME.title BIRMINGHAM.AL 64-0410)

“Now, II Timothy 3:16. Let’s see what it says in 3:16. “All Scripture... (Yeah.)... is given by inspiration of... (Prophets? No. Inspiration of what?)... God, and is profitable for doctrine, and reproof, and correction, and instruction in righteousness. That the man of God may stand perfect, thoroughly furnished to all good works.” All right then, all Scripture is wrote by inspiration. Jesus here on the earth said that heavens and earth would pass away but His Word wouldn’t. He said all Scripture must be fulfilled. So then, the Book is not a book of man’s writings; It’s a Books of God’s writings.” (CHRIST REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORD; JEFF.IN V-4 N-10 65-0822M)

“God wants rugged Christians who takes God’s Word live or die. It’s the same thing. Amen. “God said so.” That’s Abraham’s Seed, born of the Spirit and the Word of God. That’s what stands. “Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass.” That’s it. What God promised, God’s able to do. God don’t fail. He can’t fail, There’s one thing God can’t do, and that’s fail. He cannot fail; that’s the only thing He can’t do. But He can’t fail. When God promised it, it’s the Truth. It’s there forever. It’s completely settled forever. When God speaks a Word, it’s already settled. This world was made by just a Word of God. He just said, “Let there be,” and there was. Amen. The very dirt that you’re setting over tonight, the very wood that you’re setting on, is nothing but the Word of God made manifest. Hallelujah. (JEHOVAH.JIREH.PT.1.title GRASS.VALLEY.CA JJ 37-72 62-0705)

“One little deviation from that Word was a step away from Christ. People say they love God, they go to church, they even shout and rejoice and sing and have a great emotional time. But when it is all over, watch and see if they are in that WORD, walking in it, living in it. If they go through all the other and then don’t walk in that Word, they can say they love God but their lives tell another story. I wonder if John didn’t see a lot of that before he died; people saying they loved God but not obeying His Word.” (89-3 EPHESIAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.3)

“While the Lord of the harvest is going by, He ain’t looking to big buildings, big steeples, well trained choirs. He’s looking for individuals: men and women who are dedicated and made a clean-cut for Christ, consecrated themselves to His service, “God, I believe It, every Word of It. When Your Word says anything, I stay right with It. That’s Your Word. I believe It, every Word.” That’s what He’s looking for, the Lord of the harvest. That’s what He wants, to give the Holy Spirit to those who are hungering and thirsting. “Blessed are ye that hunger and thirst, for ye shall be filled.” He’s trying to find that church today.” (KINSMAN.REDEEMER.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-8 60-1002)

“We want what the—God said at the beginning, and anything added to it or taken away from it, even your name will be taken off the Book of Life, to add one word to It or take one word away from It... We want what He said, not what the church said, what Dr. Jones said, what somebody else said; we want what THUS SAITH THE LORD said, what the Word said. .. We cast down reasonings; we believe God, no matter what anything else says; we believe God. We don’t reason what God says. You can’t reason with It. You have to accept It by faith. And anything that you know, you don’t have to reason anymore. I don’t know how He does it; I just believe He does it. I don’t know how He’s going to keep that promise, but He said He’d do it; I believe it. I accept it on the basis that I believe that it’s the Word of God.” (DOES.GOD.CHANGE.HIS.MIND.title JEFF.IN V-5 N-9 65-0418E)

“Just believing the Word just the way It’s wrote. Don’t take any hearsay, what this guy says It’s this way, and this guy says It’s that way. You believe It just the way It’s wrote. If He has got to judge you by the way It’s wrote, then why take somebody else’s interpretation for It, ‘cause that’s the way it’s going to be judged, just That; That’s His standard. He’s watched over His Word. There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s just exactly the Word. That’s what we’ll be judged by, and This is God’s Word. “And if ye abide in Me,” that’s the faith, “My Word abide in you,” ‘cause He is the Word, “then ask what you will.” (PARADOX.A.title CHICAGO.IL V-21 N-3 63-0801)

“I said, “God is the Word. And if the church is contrary to the Word, then I don’t believe the church.”
I let every man’s word be a lie, whether he be priest, pope, whatever he might be, and God’s Word be true. (GOD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-9 65-0801M)

“There’s only one place that spiritual death cannot strike; that’s the Word. Death can’t strike the Word, because It’s a living Word of God. But when you put creeds with It, the Word moves out to Itself. It’ll separate like water from oil. You cannot mix it together. Therefore you see, when the creed comes into a denomination, they all go after the creed, and the Word dies out and goes on with somebody else and increases It more, picks up a momentum as It go from justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, and on out into the grain. Do you see the path God has trod, bringing His Name all the time right down the same way, because He is the Word. Church, wherever you are, what you belong to, makes me no difference. But there’s one thing you must know. You’ve got to be in Christ or you’re dead. You can’t live outside of Him. Your church might be all right as a building; your fellowship might be all right as men; but when you deny the Body, the Blood, the Word of Jesus Christ, you’re dead the minute you do it. It’s God’s chosen place of worship. There’s where His Name is exactly. There’s where He chose to put His Name, not in the church, but in the Son Jesus Christ.” (GOD’S CHOSEN PLACE WORSHIP JEFF.IN V-5 N-7 65-0220)


“God’s got to judge the church by something. God’s got to judge the world by some standard.
You believe that? Well, if He’s going judge it by the church, which church? If He judges it by the Roman Catholic, the Greek’s gone. If He judges it by the Greek, the Roman’s gone. If He judges it by the Methodists, the Baptist is gone. If He judges it by the Baptists, the Methodist is gone, vice versa. If He judges it by the oneness, the twoness is gone. If He judges it by the twoness, the threeness is gone. If He judges it by the threeness, they’re both gone. There you are. If God judges the world by the Catholic church, the Protestant’s lost. If He joins it by—by the Protestants, which one? If He judge by the Catholic church... It’s many different fears of the—spheres of the Catholic church. So which one is it going to be? You see, a person would be confused; you wouldn’t know what to do. But here’s what God will judge them by: the Word. That’s the standard. “Heavens and earth will pass away but My Word shall never fail.” Upon this I take my stand. All other grounds is sinking sand, all other grounds is sinking sand. On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other grounds is sinking sand.“(CONFERENCES.title TUCSON.AZ 63-0608)

“Now, He’s got to judge the church someday. And if He judges it by the Catholic church, which they say He will, then which one of the Catholic churches will He judge it by? They different one from the other. If He judges it by the Methodist’s, you Baptists are gone. If He judges it by the Pentecostal’s, the rest of you is gone. But He won’t judge it by the church. The Bible said He’ll judge the world by Jesus Christ, and Christ is the Word. So you see we’re without excuse; it’s the Word of God that He judges; so no matter how small, one word significance to This, said Revelation 22:18...First, I’ll begin in Genesis. God gave the human race His Word to fortify themselves from death, sin, and sorrow, or any disaster: a chain, of His Word. “Thou shalt not touch this certain tree, for the day you eat thereof, that day you die.” And a chain is only its best at its weakest link. And our souls are pulled over hell, holding to this chain; break one of them, that’s all you have to do. Eve never broke a sentence; she broke a Word, by Satan. That was the first of the Book. In the middle of the Book come Jesus and said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word,” not part of them, just one here and there, but every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God... And then on the 22nd chapter, the last chapter, the 18th verse, He said, “Whosoever shall take one Word out of this Book, or add one word to It, his part will be taken from the Book of Life.” See? So we believe that man lives by every Word of God. I believe it and I know it’s true. How little, it doesn’t matter. It just takes one word to do it.” (DOORS.IN.DOOR.title FLAGSTAFF.AZ V-17 N-3 65-0206)

“The church can’t give you Eternal Life, not your neighbor, not your pastor, not your priest, not your creed; only Jesus Christ Himself can give you Eternal Life. See? No—no matter how good you are, what you quit doing, what you start doing; you’ve got to accept the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. And then when you do that, He is the Word, and then your life fits right in the Word and it manifests itself to this age that you’re living in. Jesus alone can lead you to that Eternal Life. There’s no church, no denomination, no preacher, no priest, no nothing else can lead you to It; you must be led by Him, the only One that can lead you. Could you imagine Him leading you out of His Word, which that’s Him? And if He is the Word, and you’re a part of Him, won’t you be a part of the Word? (LEADERSHIP.title COVINA.CA V-7 N-7 65-1207)

“But not one word in the Bible contradicts the other. Not one prophet ever contradicted the other one. They was every one perfect, and when one come in and did prophesy, that real prophet raised up and called him down. Then it was made manifest. See, see, see? So the Bible is the Word of God to all true believers.” (CHRIST REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORD.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-10 65-0822M)

“God in sundry times and divers manners spake to the fathers through the prophets. And He said on this writing, that not one jot or tittle shall ever pass away until It’s fulfilled, and then It’s manifested. Then It will pass, because It’s manifested, and It can’t pass then. But just the Word Itself is made flesh. “Jot” means “small word.” “Tittle” means “small mark.” Not even one punctuation, one expression, anything shall ever fail in the Word of God. It can’t fail, because It’s God, God manifested in the form of a human flesh. For it’s God Himself in letter form, prophet form, manifested in flesh. Now, that’s the reason Jesus could say, “The ones who spoke to you, you call them gods, who spoke to you by the Word of God,” said; “and they were gods.” Those prophets when they were anointed with the Spirit of God and brought exactly the Word of God, then they were gods. It was God’s Word speaking through them. (CHRIST REVEALED IN.HIS.OWN.WORD.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-10 65-0822M)

“God never does one thing this way, and another way do something else a different way. See, His first decision is perfect because He’s God. See? His Word cannot be altered. He didn’t learn more in these six thousand years that we have of human history. He never learned more than He did back there, because He’s infinite to begin with. See? And He never changes His Word. He must...He chose to save man by the shed Blood of an innocent one. We’ve tried to educate them; we’ve tried to denominate them; we’ve tried everything in the world, and social life, and it’s every bit failed, and will continue to fail till we come back under the Blood. That’s the only place there’s fellowship.” ((SIGN.OF.THIS.TIME.title NY.NY V-18 N-8 63-1113)

“You have to depend on the Holy Spirit because this Bible is wrote in riddles.
You just can’t set down and read It like a newspaper. It’s hid. Yes, sir. How would you ever justify God when He told Moses up there, said, “Now, don’t you make any engraven images,” in His commandments, “don’t you make anything like heaven, any—any Angel, or anything else; don’t make any engraven images,” and yet on the same day told him to mold two Angels out of brass and put them right at the mercy seat, where mercy’s at? See? You have to know God and His Nature before you can understand His Word. He—He—He has the key to that Word Himself, and He—He’s the only One can—can handle It and open It, and so He’s the One has to reveal It.” ((WARNING.THEN.JUDGMENT.title JEFF.IN V-8 N-3 63-0724)

“He said, “My words are Spirit and Life.” Jesus said that. Again, “The Word is the Seed that a sower sowed.”
We know what that’s true. It’s God in Word form, and It can only be interpreted by Himself. The human mind is not capable to interpret the mind of God. How can the little—a little finite mind interpret the infinite Mind, when we can’t even interpret one another’s mind. And you notice, He is the only One can interpret It, and He interprets It to whom He will. It didn’t say “Mortals of old as they strode across the earth in sundry times and divers manners.” God in sundry times and divers manners revealed Himself to His prophets. See? And notice. To whom He will reveal It... And He so designed that He could hide Himself in the Scriptures to the smartest theologian there is. Oh, my. He can just hide Himself, set right there in the Scripture, and you look all day long and never see it, look a lifetime and never see it. He can just hide Himself setting there. Now, please, everywhere, let that soak in, that God in the Word can hide Himself so in the Word, that there isn’t a theologian or a school in the world could ever find Him. And yet He’s setting right there. You say, “Is that right, Brother Branham?” How about the Pharisees and Sadducees? How about in every age? He’s done it. Sure. He’s done so in every age. Now, we could check that. Let’s think about the days of Noah, smart, intellectual age, how He hid Hisself in His promised word; in the days of Moses how He hid Hisself; in the days of Elijah how He hid Hisself; in the days of Jesus how He hid Hisself. “He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. He came to His own; His own received Him not.” See? He hides Himself from the smartest, intellectual man there is on the earth.” (CHRIST REVEALED IN HIS OWN.WORD.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-10 65-0822M)

“Oh, God, if Christians of today could only see that. “I’ll take my way with the Lord’s despised few. I’ve started in with Jesus, O Lord, take me through.” Under trial, troubles, heartache, death, sickness, sorrow, I’ll still cast my lot on Jesus Christ to take my stand. “On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand, all other grounds is sinking sand.” Everything else is sinking. Kingdoms will fall, and nations will break, and denominations will scatter, and theologians will die, but God’s Word will ever remain the same.” (IT BECOMETH US TO FULFILL; JEFF.IN V-15 N-4 61-1001M)

“He was the Word, and they rejected the Word. That’s one point I want you not to miss, I want you not to miss. He was the Word, and when they rejected Him, they rejected the Word. And when they did reject Him, they finally crucified Him. And that’s what they’ve done today: reject the Word of God, and accepted their creeds, and has crucified publicly before their congregations, the working of the Holy Spirit. And they’re guilty, and I indict them in the Name of Jesus Christ.” (INDICTMENT.THE.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-19 63-0707)

“And the only one way we can come by the Word, is by the Blood. Only place that anybody ever worshipped God, had to come under the Blood. There’s no other preparation at all. You can’t come under the name of Methodist; you can’t come under the name of Pentecost; you can’t come under the name of Catholic. There’s dozens of Catholic churches different—different from one another, the Orthodox, and Greek, and Roman, and they’re as broke up as bad as the Protestant. The Protestants, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, oh, every, they’re all different kinds. And there they are. See? But there’s one ground for fellowship, that’s under the Blood. And the Blood is the Life, and it’ll always agree with the Word, always with the Word.”(JEHOVAH.JIREH.PT.1.title GRASS.VALLEY.CA JJ 37-72 62-0705)


“The only way you can ever be a sinner is to deny God’s Word. What is sin? Unbelief. Unbelief in what? God’s Word. See? You have to deny the Word first. Jesus said that man lives by the—every Word, every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Who said that? Jesus. Is that right? He said, “If any other man said anything different, let him be a liar, His Word be true. heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall not.” There you are.” (WISDOM.VERSUS.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-17 62-0401)

“If wisdom is with the Word, and proves to be with the Word, and the Word produces Itself by the same thing, then it is the Word. But if wisdom is against the Word, and not with the Word, but trying to find something to add to It or take from It, it’s of the devil... “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die”: See what it presents? What is it? Trying to make the Word say something that It doesn’t say. See? God said, “You shall die!” Wisdom, as Satan was presenting to her, said, “You shall not surely die!” See? It’s trying to make the Word say something that It isn’t so. That’s what wisdom is today. Oh, brother, how we’d tarry on that. Seminaries, schools of theology, that’s their very nest; that’s their grass roots, is trying to make God’s Word say something that It doesn’t say. I challenge anybody to show me the Apostles’ Creed in the Bible. I challenge anybody to show me “communion of saints” in the Bible. Both Protestant and Catholic believe it. I challenge you to show me any of those things in the Bible. See? It’s the grass roots of wisdom trying to reason.” (WISDOM.VERSUS.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-17 62-0401)

“Death come by a crossbreeding. Death can’t come by God’s Word. Death comes by crossbreeding It to denominations and creed. Instead of Christ, dogma, instead of the Word.
It doesn’t come by the Word. The Word is Life. Jesus said, “My words are Life,” and the Spirit quickens that Word and makes It Life. To crossbreed It, there’s where the death comes from. And when the church of Jesus Christ was perverted in the time of Rome, after her virgin birth, and was given to Christ at Pentecost, she... What did she do? She crossed herself with Roman dogma. And the Protestant church has done the very same thing. She can’t wait. that’s what’s the matter with the people today. They can’t wait for the real Holy Spirit to take the church in position. They’ve got to manufacture something, work up something: initial evidence, speaking in tongues to get more members in the church, all these kind of tommyrot instead of waiting upon the Lord for the real manifestation of the resurrection of Christ making Himself known among the people. She can’t wait. What did she do? She went out and become pregnated with denominationalism. First was the Assemblies of God; then come the Oneness, then come whatmore after that. Now, the so-called bride is pregnated with all kinds of tommyrot, disgrace. The women won’t pay a bit more attention to what God’s Word says than nothing in the world, neither will the men, or even the preachers. Then call that a bride... What is it? She’s pregnated. Christ’s bride has become pregnant with the world: dressing like the world, acting like the world, big churches, fine... What... It shows what she is. She’s of the devil. That’s what Satan done at the first place, was try to build a big beautiful kingdom in the heaven and was kicked out for it, excommunicated from heaven. That’s what Christ’s modern bride is; she’s kicked out, because she’s excommunicated from God, because she is a whore and not a virgin. It’s deep, but I hope you get it.” (SPOKEN WORD ORIGINAL SEED.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 62-0318E)

“Notice, through that brought death, through trying to take the Word of God and mix some wisdom with It. See? You’re not supposed to do that. Whether you believe it’s—got wisdom to explain it, just say, “God said it, and that settles it” And God said so, and that’s all there is to it. If you can’t explain it, leave it alone, but just say it’s so because God said so. See, just say, “God said it.” Now, notice. Now, it will not mix. It must not be tampered with; God will punish the one that does it; and It will not hybreed to nothing else. It’s God’s Word alone. God don’t need your word with His. We’re not supposed to speak our own word; we’re supposed to preach His Word, God’s Word.” (SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-1 62-0318M)

“Besides, any teaching of any church, let it be Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, or whatever it may be that don’t stay letter by letter with this Bible is wrong. .. You try to make the Word of God say something to fit your organization, you’re taking the jewels out of the great King’s Body and making a image of dog, or a fox, or a hog, or something, out of it. And you deceive the ignorant of the Word. Where It said, “Baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,” they make “Father, Son, Holy Ghost,” three gods out of It. They take all kinds of dogmas and make up all kinds of things, and sprinkling instead of immersing: everything. Make some kind of a manmade wallow out of it instead of putting it in the Jewel in the great King, Christ. Oh, hallelujah. That’s God incarnate: Christ. They corrupt the ways of God, let the people come in the church, women with bobbed hair, wearing makeup, dresses on that looks scandalous: men so sissified, let a woman lead them around by the ear. Come to the church, and playing bunco and bingos, and all kinds of corruption things. And preachers and so forth out on banks with naked women dressed in bathing suits and going swimming, smoking cigarettes, and calling themselves servants of God, when this temple is a holy temple dedicated to God, not to filth of the world... What’s the trouble today, they have so many revelations and false things. It’s prostrating themselves out there, and opening up their heart to devils instead of staying with God’s Word. That’s where the trouble lays. That’s what’s the matter. People, honest, sincere, good people, but you can’t tell them. “Why, we believe this as Pentecostal people.” “We believe this, as Baptist people.” I believe This because It’s the Word of God. I challenge anybody to correct me in It. See? That’s right. This is the Word. Stay with This. This is true.” (CHRISTIANITY VERSUS IDOLATRY.title JEFF.IN V-8 N-2 61-1217)

“They want something; they want something how they could live anyway they want to. They... That’s what the church world’s a-looking for, somebody that—that they can go to the biggest church in the city where all the celebrity of the city belongs. They can have the highest spire on the building. They can have the best organ. They can have the—the pews. They can have a minister that won’t say a word to them about the way they live: if they want to dance, they want to put on some kind of show, they want to wear shorts, they want to bob their hair, or they want to do these things; they can smoke cigarettes or just practice social drinking. That’s practices in the churches: just modern drinking, just teach your children to drink, but not too much, not to be excessive with it; smoke, but not—not to the excessive. Wear anything you want to, but just—just try to keep yourself as decent as you know how or can. See? Oh, that hypocrisy, that anointed devil, that thing called denomination, that thing called religion, it’s of the devil. Back to Christ and His Word. Save yourself from this untoward generation. Repent, every one of you, before it’s too late to repent.” (FALLING.APART.OF.THE.WORLD.title JEFF.IN V-10 N-6 62-1216)

“Now, we have a sacred trust. You know what a trust is. And we have a inheritance, a heritage that we inherit as believing children. It’s a sacred trust. And that sacred trust and our sacred heritage is the Word of God that’s been given to us, the full Word of God. The Word Itself is the Vitamin, the Word Itself, God’s Word. That’s where, reason I’m so dogmatic, as I would call it, on standing on this Word. No matter what anything else says, if it’s not with the Word, then I don’t believe it. See? If you want to believe it, it’s all right. But to me it takes the Word, ‘cause, “Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Words shall never fail.” Therefore, it takes that Word. I live by the Word. Jesus said, “It’s written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’” And this is It. And That is given to us as a heritage. It’s our inheritance, the Word. O God, let us think of It in the deepness of It. It’s—it’s our privilege. It’s this sacred trust that God has put to His Church. God gave His Word to His Church. And that sacred heritage is ours. It’s a gift from God, not to just compromise on this, and cut this out, and throw this out, and add this in to suit our own taste; but to preach the full Word, the whole Gospel. We are duty bound as Christians to take It and believe It. When we know, “If our hearts condemn us not, then we know we have favor with God.” (COMFORTER.THE.title JEFF.IN V-15 N-5 61-1001E)

“It will not hybreed. Today is a great day of hybreeding animals, corn, wheat, making a better looking product, but it’s no good. It’s rotten, no life in it: dies, can’t reproduce itself. It’s dead because everything that we have on earth today in its original form is a spoken Word of God. That’s why that a mule, a bastard-born animal with a crossbreeding cannot breed itself back again. God made a horse and He made a donkey. You breed them two together, you got a mule. It’s a hybrid; therefore it can’t breed itself back.” (SPOKEN WORD ORIGINAL SEED.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-1 62-0318M)

“Just as we showed you that ‘antichrist’ means ‘anti-Word’ so these false prophets come perverting the Word, giving it a meaning that fits their own devilish ends. Have you ever noticed how the people who lead others astray bind them closely to themselves by fear? They say that if the people don’t do what they say, or if they leave, then destruction will follow. They are false prophets, for a true prophet will always lead one to the Word and bind the people to Jesus Christ and he won’t tell the people to fear him or what he says, but to fear what the Word says.” (331-1 LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.9)

I don’t care what they don’t teach. If the Bible teaches it, the Holy Spirit in you, It’ll feed on the Word. No matter how smart a man is and how he can try to explain it away, they can explain away. A infidel can take the Bible and explain God away from you. Therefore, no man has any right to preach the Gospel unless he’s been like Moses, back yonder on that sacred sands where him and God alone stood, until a man’s born again and stands there face to face with God, and knows. There’s no infidel; there’s no psychology; there’s no explaining; there’s no scholar in the world can take that away from you. You were there when it happened. Yes, sir. You know what taken place... Eve just doubted one little Word, not all God said, just one little Word, and it caused every heartache and heartbreak, and death, and sin, and battles, and everything else, every grave, every ambulance ever screamed, every hospital was built for the sick. Her one little doubting one little Word of God caused all of this.” (WHY AGAINST ORGANIZED RELIGION.title JEFF.IN V-12 N-1 62-1111E)

“Many people take the Bible and understand It intellectually perfect, but that’s—that’s not it. That’s not what we’re talking about. No matter how well you can explain It, you’ve got to meet the Author of It personally. Then’s what brings faith, for the Author lives in you after you’re borned of Him.” (PERSEVERANT.title CHICAGO.IL V-21 N-4 63-0802)

“Follow the instructions, not the emotions; the instructions. If Moses would’ve followed the emotions of the people, they’d have been running all over the mountains, screaming, and Pharaoh’s army would’ve got them. But they followed instructions. God said, “Stand still now and see the glory of God.” Just stand still. You don’t have to get excited; stand still and see the glory of God. “For this day God will fight, and you’ll stand still.” They just walked across the sea. Then the—the uncircumcised, them impersonators trying to do so, drowned in the sea.” (REVELATION.BOOK.OF.SYMBOLS.title JEFF.IN V-13 N-6 56-0617)

“What if your father told you... And you are a loyal son to your father, and he told you, “Son, don’t you go in that water out there, swimming, because there’s ‘gators in that water.” And a fellow comes back and says, “Surely, such pretty water as that, there’s no ‘gators in it.” Now, who are you going to listen to? If you’re a genuine son, you’ll listen to your daddy. And a genuine son or daughter of God takes God’s Word first. I don’t care what anybody else says about it; they take God’s Word first. There’s poison in the cup, and they believe it. Having faith in all His Word, His Seed, brought a Eden of holiness, love, and Eternal Life.” (SATAN’S.EDEN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-20 65-0829)

“Remember, them people of Israel, the Bible said after he had called the people out and saved them out of Egypt, He destroyed them because they didn’t follow the Message. See? They eat manna out of heaven. They eat manna that God rained on the earth for them to eat, and stood in the presence of the messenger, and seen the Pillar of Fire, and heard the voice of God, and seen it confirmed, and then because they wanted to believe Korah: “There could be more holy men. There can be this, that, or the other. We got to be holy too. We got to do all this. All the people’s holy.” God said, “Separate yourself. Get away from there.” Moses said, “All that’s on the Lord’s side, come with me.” That’s right. See? And He just opened up the earth and swallowed them up. See? They were good people too. Sure they were. They were fine people. Yes, sir, but that didn’t do it. Not all that saith, “Lord, Lord, but the one that doeth the will of My Father.” (SOULS.IN.PRISON.NOW.title JEFF.IN. V-2 N-22 63-1110M)

“There’s no reasoning to it at all; it just takes the—the Word and holds on to It. Now, if this is the Word of God (you believe it?), then why doubt any word of It, any promise of It? How can you say that this is part, and this is no good, and this is that; pick out what you want? You can’t do it. It’s either all good, or It’s none of It good. That’s right! So as soon as you see that It’s the Truth, take ahold of It. Don’t turn It loose, no matter what circumstances, how they try to reason, “Why, you can’t...” Don’t, don’t do that at all. Stay right with It; God promised it.” (WISDOM.VERSUS.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-17 62-0401)

“People have it all. They know it all. They cannot be taught. If a point of truth from the Word comes up and a man tries to explain his view to one with an opposing view, the listener is not at all listening that he might learn, but is listening only to refute what is being said. Now I want to ask a fair question. Can Scripture fight Scripture? Does the Bible contradict the Bible? Can there be two doctrines of truth in the Word that say the opposite or oppose the other? NO. IT CANNOT BE SO. Yet how many of God’s people have their eyes open to that truth? Not even one percent, as far as I know, have learned that ALL Scripture is given by God and ALL is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, etc. If all Scripture is thusly given, then every verse will dovetail if given a chance. But how many believe in predestination unto election and reprobation unto destruction? Those who don’t, will they listen? No, they will not. Yet both are in the Word, and nothing will change it.” (348-1 LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.9)

“And the greatest robbery that was ever done to the church of Jesus Christ is done by false light, a glare of some other age, and rejecting the Light that’s predicted for this age. Amen. False light, a glare of yesterday, don’t walk in the glare of yesterday. Walk in the warmth of the Son today. Don’t pull yourself down into a denominational shade, saying, “The days of miracles is passed.” Jesus said, “These signs shall follow them that believe: in My Name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. These signs shall follow them.” They say, “It’s all right for the apostles, not for us.” That’s a glare. Jesus said, “These signs shall follow them that believe to all the world.” Yes, sir.” (TURN.ON.THE.LIGHT.title PHOENIX.AZ V-22 N-3 64-0125)

“But to the elected, God’s calling. To the elected, they know it. Calling the virtuous Bride, the Word, the last day church, the elected Lady of our Lord Jesus Christ, Word. If Jesus is the Word... How many believes that? All right. then the Bride is always part of the Bridegroom. So the Bride will not be a denomination; it’ll have to be the Word manifested to be the Bride of Christ. He promised to do it. “ (INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.title SHP.LA V-2 N-15 65-1125)


“What was it that bound the people to the nominal church and thereby destroyed them? It was the creeds and dogmas formed into church tenets.
It was the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. They were not given the true food, the Word. They were given the food that came from idol worship, Babylonian paganism wrapped up in Christian terminology. And that very same spirit and doctrine is right amongst all Protestants and it is called DENOMINATION. Nicolaitanism is organization, humanizing the leadership of the church, and thereby deposing the Spirit. Balaamism is denominationalism which takes the church manual instead of the Bible. And right to this hour, many of God’s people are caught in the snare of denominationalism and God is crying to them, “Come out of her My people, lest ye be partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not her plagues.” You see they are ignorant. But if the rapture should take place at this moment, ignorance would be no court of appeal from the judgment of God for being in the wrong ranks. For the clergy to organize themselves with one rank over another until they are finally headed up by a president is a manifestation of the antichrist spirit, regardless of how wonderful and necessary it may seem. It is nothing but human reasoning taking the place of the Word. And any person who is in the organized denominations is right in the midst of an antichrist system. Now let me say this and make it very plain. I AM NOT AGAINST THE PEOPLE. I AM AGAINST THE SYSTEM.” (372-1 RESUME.OF.THE.AGES - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.10)

“And that is what the church has constantly done through the ages. She has left the Word of God and taken her own creeds and dogmas; she has organized and joined herself to the world. Thus is she naked, and God is judging her lewdness. The only way she can get out of this dread situation is by obeying the Lord to come back to His Word. Revelation 18:4, “Come out of her My people.” II Corinthians 6:14-18. “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: and I will receive you. And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” There is a price to pay for those garments, and that is the price of separation.” (352-3 LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.9)


“Denominations are not of God. They never have been and never will be. It's a wrong spirit that separates the people of God into hierarchy and laity; and it's, therefore, a wrong spirit that separates the people from the people. That's what organization and denominations do. In organizing they separate themselves from the Word of God, and bring themselves into spiritual adultery.” (206-6 PERGANEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.5)

“Now, the Spirit is not active in any denomination. It’s not interested in making organization, because the Spirit Itself is contrary to the organization. The organization are looking for worldly things, the mind of the world, and they make big temples and polished things, and great polished organizations, and polished preachers, and so forth like that, and the best class in the city. Where the Spirit is trying to find honest hearts where the Spirit is anxious to manifest and prove that every Word of God is Truth. How can you... How can the Spirit work in an organization when it’s denying, taking creeds instead of the Word? Can’t do it. So, you see, it’s dead. God don’t go to them kind of places to find His, a—a group of men to work for Him, ‘cause they’re already dead. They’re unbelievers in the Word or they wouldn’t be in there. See? Now, we are active in the things from above. Now, the Spirit minds the Word. Now, that’s right, ‘cause the Spirit gives the Word Life. See? “The letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth Life.” (WHY.AGAINST.ORGANIZED.RELIGION.title JEFF.IN V-12 N-1 62-1111E)

“What is it that all these denominations are based upon?--the claim to originality, and that of God,--the claim that they are right. Now they ALL cannot be right. In fact NOT ONE of them is right. They are whited sepulchres, full of dead men's bones. They have no life. They have no vindication. God has never made Himself known in any organization. They say they are right because they are the ones that are saying it, but saying it does not make it so. They need the vindicated "Thus saith the Lord" of God, and they don't have it.” (356-1 LAODICEAN CHURCH AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.9)

“When any man turns from the Word of God and joins a church instead of receiving the Holy Spirit, that man dies. Dead!
That is what he is. Don’t join a church. Don’t get into organization and get taken up with creeds and tradition or anything that takes the place into organization and get taken up with creeds and tradition or anything that takes the place of the Word and the Spirit or you’re dead. It’s all over. You’re dead. Eternally separated from God!” (206-3 PERGANEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.5)

“As long as you hold to man's traditions of denominations, you are called in God's Word a adulternous. As long as you're a denominational creed-seeker, belonging to a denominational church that denies the Word, you are an adulternous. That's what the Bible said. Jesus said, "You cannot serve two gods at the same time. You either serve God or mammon. (Mammon's the world.) He that loves the world or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in him." The Seed of God can't be in him the same time.” (INVISIBLE.UNION.OF.THE.BRIDE.title SHP.LA V-2 N-15 65-1125)

“Cold denominations can never bring Life to the Word of God, because it brings life to the denomination.
We've got more professed Christians right now... The church never did begin at Nicaea, Rome; it begin at Pentecost. See? At Jerusalem is where the church begin.” (MAN.THAT.CAN.TURN.ON.LIGHT.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-1 63-1229M)

“People say, "Now, you've got to belong to this or that," an organization, a certain organization. "If your name isn't on our book, you're lost." Now, that's cult. See? That's cult. See? There's only one way you can be saved, and that is not him that willeth or him that runneth, him that... That is God Who shows mercy. And God by His foreknowledge predestinated a Church to His glory, and that's the ones that's saved. That's right.” (QA.ON.THE.SEALS.title JEFF.IN 63-0324M)

“We don't belong to the church. We belong to Him. His Word is law. Creeds, dogmas, by-laws and constitutions have no effect on us. Yes, it is Jesus ALONE Who walks in the midst of the churches. It is God in her, willing and doing of His good pleasure. Never forget that. You have only one relationship to God and God has only one relationship to you--that is JESUS, and JESUS ALONE.” (79-2 EPHESIAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH AGE BOOK.CPT.3)

“That's what's the matter today; it's membership. Yes. ... Members, big membership, big Sunday school classes, pay prizes for somebody can proselyte and bring somebody else from some other church over, who's got the most. You know, that's Phariseeism. And then make a big brag about it, "We beat them last Sunday." If you've got to a place where you have to make the Church of God a rat race, then it's time to close the doors and go home.” (EVENING.MESSENGER.title MESA.AZ V-8 N-5 63-0116)

“Today they say, "Come, join the church, put your name on the book, or bow down and say, 'I confess Christ as the Son of God,' get up." The Devil does the same thing. Certainly. The Devil was baptized when Judas was baptized. The Devil went out and preached the Gospel when Judas went out and preached the Gospel. But the Devil didn't get the Holy Ghost. That's it.” (DECEIVED.CHURCH.BY.THE.WORLD.title JEFF.IN CH 67 59-0628M)

“There's only one Church, and you don't join that. These are lodges. See? You join the Methodist lodge, the Baptist lodge, the Presbyterian lodge, the Pentecostal lodge, but you're borned into the Church. See? These all are lodges; they're not churches; they're lodges. No such a thing as Methodist church or Pentecostal church. No, there isn't such a thing. No, that's all wrong. See? They're... That's right. They--they're lodges that people join, but you're born into the Church of the living God, and that's the mystic body of Jesus Christ being formed.” (GOD.IN.SIMPLICITY.title JEFF.IN 63-0317M)

“The church without spot or wrinkle," don't mean a denomination; it means the persons, the individuals without spot or wrinkle. "Be two in the bed, I'll take one and leave one; two in the field, I'll take one and leave one." (THIRST.title TUCSON.AZ V-16 N-6 65-0919)

“You Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Assemblies of God, Oneness, Twoness, Threeness, whatever you are (See?); don't care... That don't matter nothing to me; I don't think it does to God. See, you're an individual; you're a unit. You'll never go to heaven as a church, a--a--a denomination. You'll go to heaven as one single person, between you and God. That's all. I don't care what church you belong to.” (THIRST.title TUCSON.AZ V-16 N-6 65-0919)

“If you've only trusted in your church, there was nothing that could redeem you
. If you trusted in the intercessions of some saint, you're still lost. If you have trusted in the works of your hands, something that you've done, good works, you're lost. If you have trusted within the--within the prayer of your mother or the righteousness of your mother, your father, if you've trusted in that, you're lost. If you've trusted upon some sensation, some strange feeling, some emotion of speaking with tongues or dancing; if that's all you've trusted in and don't know the Lamb personally, don't know Him, then I charge you before God: make that thing right now with God. Down in your heart pray and just be simple, because God hides in simplicity.” (BREACH.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0317E)

"Strait is the gate," said Jesus, "and narrow is the way." And you that think millions, and all you Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Pentecostals going in, you'll be fooled at the day. Jesus said, "Many will come and set down in the Kingdom, say, 'I've a right to be here.'" He said, "But the children of the Kingdom shall cast them out. There'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." It's better take inventory this morning, Christian. There'll be ten times millions times billions of professed Christians, staunched in their life, that'll miss the gate. Jesus said so.” (STRAIT.IS.THE.GATE.title JEFF.IN CH 35-66 59-0301M)

“ If a man is a Catholic, and he's depending on the Catholic church for salvation, he's lost. If he's a Baptist, depending on the Baptist church, he's lost. Or a Pentecostal, depending on the Pentecostal church to save him, he's lost. But... And any church... But if that individual is solemnly resting upon faith in the finished works of Christ at Calvary, he's saved; I don't care what church he belongs to, "Because by faith are you saved, and that by grace." (REVELATION.CHAPTER.ONE.title JEFF.IN ROJC 9-67 60-1204M)

“Today a denominational preacher, though you show him in the Word the Truth, he don’t know what to do. He’s afraid he’ll lose his meal ticket. We need men and women today that’s burly with the Gospel, somebody that’ll stand and tell their convictions, point out what’s right and what’s wrong, whether the Word of God’s right or whether the denomination’s right.” (GOING.BEYOND.THE.CAMP.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-3 64-0719E)

“Many sincere persons go join an organization, or a group, or a cult of some sort, and there they die spiritually. You can’t tell them nothing. They get that stuff drilled into them: “Why, these bishops said this, and this said this; this said this.” You show them right here in the Word of God where it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD, “But our pastor...” I don’t care what your pastor says, don’t care what I say, or anybody else says. If it’s contrary to God’s vindicated Word, the hour, the time, the Message, and so forth, forget it. Stay away from it... You hear that so much. “They are so sincere.” Well that don’t mean nothing. Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, and all those cults get out here on the street and do things that one of us wouldn’t do. Catholics stand on the corner and beg and so forth, those orders of it like that, and worth billions time billions times billions of dollars, still beg for it: sincere, no doubt. Churches go and—and preach and so forth, and ministers stand in the pulpit and do everything they can to get new members into their church; but it’s a new ark. There’s only one Ark to follow; that’s the Word of God. Anything contrary to that Ark, stay away from it; it’s on a new cart and not on the shoulders of God. That’s right. Stay away from the thing, don’t have nothing to do with it.” (TRYING TO DO GOD A SERVICE.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-8 65-0718M)

“Churches today are trying to get more members into them, make their organization greater. Instead of accepting the revelations of God, they pull off and make a sectarian thing out of it. That's what's the trouble, any organization. I am not against my brethren in organization. I love my brethren. But when an organization writes up their documents and signs it with a period... If they'd sign it with a comma, it would be all right. If you say, "I believe this, plus all that God will add to it," amen, that's good. But when you say, "We believe this, and this is it, and we won't--don't want nothing else into it," then you law God right out of the picture when you do that. That's right.” (SUPER.SIGN.title GRASS.VALLEY.CA JJ 141 62-0708)

“God has people in every organization there is; but He don't accept the organization. He accepts the individual in the organization. And the--it doesn't take an organization; therefore, when people get so bound around organization, then they can't see nothing else but just what that church says. You see? And that makes disfellowshipping with others, and it's a system that God is not pleased with, and it's a worldly affair never ordained of God.” (SEVENTH.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0324E)

“If the churches today believe what they're talking about, they would practice what they say. How could we be building great statues of buildings, and millions of dollars in buildings, and great spreading of organizations, and things like that, and preaching that Christ is coming at any time? How could we continue look upon our congregations and see them separating from the power of God, and going into worldliness, and bringing it into the church, and mingling it together, and we permit it? Because of popularity, and because of popular opinion, and denominational differences, trying to outgrow the next organization, how could we practice what we preach? And the world sees that; they know that. So religion has became a thing of just a--like merely a belonging to some order or belonging to a society of something. Religion... The salvation of Christ is not a society; it isn't joining something; it's a living experience.” (TRUE SIGN THAT'S OVERLOOKED.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-2 61-1112)

“Do you know that religion today is known as big business? It is an absolute fact that they are placing business managers in the churches to take care of finances. Is this what God desires? Did not His Word teach us in the Book of Acts that seven men full of the Holy Ghost and faith served the Lord in business matters? You can surely see why God said, "YOU say you are wealthy; I never said so." There are radio programs, television programs, and numerous church endeavors that are costing millions and millions of dollars. Wealth pours and pours into the church, the membership increases along with the money, yet the work is not being done as it was done when there was no money, but men rested solely on the ability given them by the Holy Ghost. There are paid preachers, paid assistants, paid ministers of music and education, paid choirs, paid custodians, programs, and entertainment--all costing great sums, but for all that, the power is decreasing. Yes, the church is rich, but the power is not there. God moves by His Spirit, not by the amount of money or talent in the church. Now I want to show you how diabolical this urge for money has become. The churches have gone all out to get a membership, especially of the wealthy. Everywhere there is the cry to make religion so attractive and appealing that the rich and cultured and all who have worldly prestige will come in and be active in the church. Can't they understand that if wealth is the criterion of spirituality, then the world already has God, has all of God, and the church has nothing?” (342-6 LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.9)

“And the Bible never speaks of a denomination. The denominations come from the Catholic church. She is the first mother of denomination and each denomination has come right down... But I--I want you to see that denominations wasn't borned or ordained of God; it was ordained of the Devil. God's church is a... We are not divided; all one body we. One hope and doctrine, one in charity. That's the Church of the living God. Regardless of what they, them things, we're one together. That's right. Whether he's Methodist or Baptist, brother, if he's borned again and filled with the Holy Ghost, he's my brother, we're walking shoulder to shoulder. Right. Yes, sir. Don't make any difference.” (WHY ARE WE NOT A DENOMINATION?.title JEFF.IN V-11 N-7 58-0927)

“The Baptists wants to outdo the Methodists. The Methodists wants to outdo the Lutheran. The Lutherans want to outdo the Catholic. They're every one wants to outdo--outdo somebody. See, that's the... That's the spirit of the organization. Jesus said, "But few there'll be that will be saved. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, but few there'll be that'll find it." Just a few. If He said few , that's the Word of God, that Seed, there'll be a few. Won't be no tens of billions and billions. It'll just be a few that'll find it. Them that's predestinated to it, they hear it.” (SPOKEN.WORD.ORIGINAL.SEED.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-2 62-0318E)

“You’ve got to have an ultimate somewhere. Now, for instance, if I was a Baptist man, and you come down and told me I must—I must be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, it’s in the Bible. Well, first thing you know, I’d say, “I’ll ask my pastor.” And I go to the pastor, and he says, “Oh, that’s something back yonder. (See, see?) We Baptists; here’s what we believe: We believe that we should be immersed in the titles of Father, Son, Holy Ghost. That’s the way all the churches done it. Since John Smith founded it, that’s the way it’s done.” Well, if that’s your ultimate. “Heck with what that guy said.” What if you’re a Methodist, and sprinkling is your system, and you’re told you must be immersed? See what I mean? You go back to the Methodist pastor; he will write and ask the bishop, “So-and-so said, so-and-so about this.” “But we, the Methodist church, which was founded three or four hundred years ago in England by John Wesley, and Whitfield, and all the rest of them there, and Asbury; we founded this document following John Wesley, that we are to be sprinkled, because it’s just an outward form. And we think that sprinkling is just as good as it is the other way.” If you’re a real... If the Methodist church is your ultimation, that’s as far as you go. If you’re Catholic... And I’ll tell you, it’s not in the Bible not to eat meat on Fridays and all these things like this, and the holy eucharist isn’t a wafer, because it’s a Spirit and so forth, and you go to your priest, and the priest say, “Here it is wrote right in our document.” And if the church is your ultimate, you don’t give a hoot what anybody says. That’s your ultimate. Oh, God help this to sink in. To me, the whole thing’s wrong. God’s Word is the ultimate. Whatever that Word says, then that’s right.” (KNOWETH.IT.NOT.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-10 65-0815)

“And then if God's Word doesn't speak of a denomination, but speaks against the denomination, then we must speak with the Word. Regardless of what bishop, what anyone says, what anyone thinks, what a good man says, what anything says, if it's not according to God's Word, then it's wrong. See, it must be; the Word must be the last thing. God's Word must be the final Amen. “Now remember, I'm not unchristianizing anyone (you understand that) in denominations. There's tens of thousands of precious souls in all those denominations, who are God's children. But to separate them and segregate them, I'm against it. And God's Word's against it.” (WHY.ARE.WE.NOT.A.DENOMINATION?.title JEFF.IN V-11 N-7 58-0927)

“And some people have said, "You condemn organization." No, I don't. I--I condemn the system of organization, not the people in there, the group of people that makes the organization, you know; but the system they're governed by, that's what I condemn, Catholic and Protestant the same... And them people, a Catholic, or Jew or whatever it is, they're a human being off the same tree that we come from. See? That's right. They are--they are a people who love, and eat, and drink, and sleep and--just like anybody else. And so we mustn't never condemn individuals, no, no one. See? But... But as a minister, I have to strike that serpent out there that's biting into those people... Just me in myself, I wouldn't do that if it wasn't a commission from God that I'm duty bound to do it (See?), and I must hold that true and faithful. But if a Catholic, Jew, or whatever he was, come here... If he was a Mohammedan, Greek, or orthodox, or whatever he might be, if he come here to be prayed for, I would pray just as sincerely for him as I would for my own. That's right. Certainly, because it's a human being. I've prayed for Buddhists, and Sikhs, Jains, Mohammedans, and--and every kind (You see?), like that. And I don't ask them no questions; I just pray for them because they're somebody, a human being, that wants to get well, and try to make life a little easier along the road for them.” (FIFTH SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0322)

“I might disagree with your organization, not you, but the system of your organization. I do not disagree with the Catholic people. I do not say that I don't like Catholic people; I don't like organization people; that isn't it. I love all people, but I disagree with that system that's keeping you bound down. That's what, the system of it. That's it. I wasn't against Germany; it was the Nazism. I wasn't against the Italians; it was against the--the Fascism.” (SEVENTY.WEEKS.OF.DANIEL.title JEFF.IN DA 89-141 61-0806)

“There's nothing against the Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, ever what you are, Catholic. I'm not against those things. I'm not against those people. It's the system that holds them, is what I speak against. Nothing against the individual, they're all human beings which Christ died for: Catholic, Jew, whatever he may be. It's the system. Like the Mohammedan, Sikhs, Jain, or whatever it might be; it's the system. Buddha is a system. See? Not the people that--that worships Buddha; it's the system that draws them off. That's the same thing. Jesus wasn't against the people. He died for them. But was those systems that was keeping Him away, keeping them away from Him... That's the thing now.” (JEHOVAH.JIREH.PART.3.title GRASS.VALLEY.CA JJ 107-140 62-0707)

“I’m fully persuaded that the people are not getting to Christ. And I believe that it’s the enemy that’s throwed this hindrance, because... The reason I believe this, He is not the object that they had been pointed to. They have either been pointed to a dogma, or a doctrine, or a party, or experience, or a sensation, or something like that, instead of being pointed to Christ the Word. That’s why I think that people are resting their eternal destination upon some dogma or some sensation, like some say, “I danced in the Spirit,” or; “I spoke with tongues”; “I—I—I felt fire run over me.” And do you know, all those things can be impersonated by the devil? There’s just one thing that he cannot impersonate; that’s the Word. In the debate between he and Jesus, each time Jesus defeated him, “It is written,” the Word. And I believe today that the reason that people are not coming to Christ, is because they’re pointed, many of them, to a—a—a denomination. “You come join our church,” or; “You read our catechism,” or; “Believe our doctrine,” or—or some system of some sort. They’re pointed in the wrong way. And their actions and the life that they live without Christ proves in their own life, is vindicated by that very thing.” (GOING BEYOND THE CAMP JEFF.IN V-6 N-3 64-0719E)

“We believe that all churches ought to be fellowshipping together, not segregated away, the Methodists to their group, and the Baptists to theirs, and the oneness, and the trinitarians, and what we have, all separated out. We believe that it should be together as one great, united group of the Body of Jesus Christ waiting for that glorious coming. They should not be separated at all. And what separates it, there's bound to be some basic reason that we're not together. In studying it, I realize in studying it, it's not the colors of our skin; because yellow, black, brown, and white all separate in different organizations. It's not the kind of food we eat; we all eat the same food; we wear the same kind of clothes, and so forth. But I see where it basically it's at: is men who's got off the beaten path of the teaching of the Gospel. Each man... And there ought to be some way to definitely show which is right and wrong. And the only way you'll ever do it, is not put any interpretation to the Word, just read It the way It is, and believe It that way. Each man putting his only--own interpretation makes It say something different... And we all claim to be the Bride of Christ, and yet so untrue. What would make the untrueness? By living contrary to the--the discipline that God has laid out for His Bride to live by (That's my own opinion.), the Bible. And It is the infallible Word of God, I believe. ” (INDICTMENT.THE.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-19 63-0707)