Ministerial meeting at Chowking Restaurant. From left: Bros Ron Millevo, a missionary brother from Canada, Vernon Manahan, Bobby Ompad, Joey Miguel & Ray Soriano.

Ministering brothers fellowship. From left: Bro Mar Largo, Ric Rance, Terry Largo, Ron Millevo,
Aldo Barbadillo, Jhong Joveres, and Domeng Balbin.

Ministers pose during Mystery Expo seminar sponsored by the Association of Fellow Labourers
of Christ (AFLC) at Ciudad Christia Resort, San Mateo, Riza. From left: Bros. Paul Gazo,
Ron Millevo, AFLC chairman Ross Franco, and two other brothers.

Ministerial dinner during an inter-church fellowship at COA church. From left: Host pastor Fred
Caballero, Valer Polangco, Gil Aquino, Ron Millevo, Domen Bacay and Domeng Balbin.

Ministers Lito Solo, Frenando Cruz, Roel Soriano, with two more brothers.

Ministerial meeting in Carmona, Cavite. From left: Bros. Boni Narvaza, Benjie Musa, Jess Anyag, Jun Esguerra, Lito Solo, Bobby Ompad, Ron Millevo, and host pastor Rusty Junio.

Brothers Ron Millevo, Ross Franco, and Nestor Espanola, at PUP Gymnasium.

Ministerial meeting at La Union. From left: Bros. Joshue Monteclar, host pastor Cesar (Jhong) Joveres, Chito Original, Ron Millevo, visiting evangelist from Ohio- Keith Randolph, Hemino Gonzales, Anselmo Guiam, and Ruffy Borja.

Voice of God Recordings manager in the Philippines - Jeremiah Villagracia, confers with Bro. Ron Millevo at the newly-furnished VOGR office at One Beverly Place, Annapolis St, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Ron Millevo (2nd from right), guest speaker on evangelism, poses with the officers and staff of the Association of Fellow Labourers of Christ (AFLC) headed by Pastor Rosauro Franco (4th from left).

Translation work on the books of Rev. William Branham in tagalog are done by these brothers at Bible Believers Office. From left: Bros. Rexy Borja, Ray Soriano, Bobby Ompad, Joey Miguel and Vernon Manahan.

A candid shot of brothers Ron Millevo and Roel Soriano at the Quiapo monthly ministerial meeting.

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