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"Now, sickness is an attribute of sin. It's just one of the things that come because of sin. Now, if you've done something in your life that you know that's wrong, well you make that right. That's usually the cause here at the platform, is to trace down and find something in their life there, that they did that caused them not to be able to be healed until they are--until they make that right. And then when they make that right with God, then God will heal them."
(AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES/ LA.CA 1951-0503)
You say, "A cancer's spirit?"
"Yes sir." I can prove to you that that is a life and the devil. Now, as old fashion, as it seems to be, but there's not a sickness in the world but what's caused by the devil. Sickness came from the devil. Sickness is a--is a direct or indirect result from sin, maybe not your sin, but something you inherited. Before we had any sin, we had no sickness. After sin came, then sickness was the attributes of sin."
"And sickness is a direct, or indirect caused by sin. Before we had any sin, we had no sickness. So first, sickness is an attribute of sin, maybe not what you've done, but what you inherited because God promised that it would go even to the third and fourth generations, that He would visit sickness because of the parent's disobedience to Him.
Now, there is sometimes a good doctor. If you go to a doctor, and if he's a good doctor, you say, "Doctor, I got a headache." Now, if he's interested in his patient, he won't say, "Oh, well. Take an aspirin and go home." He won't do that. He's going to find... First he's going to diagnose that case till he finds just exactly where the cause is. See? There's something causing that headache. Maybe an aspirin would take care of it, I--I wouldn't know. But if he's a good doctor, he just wouldn't brush you off like that. He'd do the best that he could for you.
And now, if he'd say, "Well, perhaps you got appendicitis. We'll just operate on you." Well now, without diagnosing the case, that would still be unethical. See, he's--he's got to first find the cause. Well now, that's the way it is in God in these meetings. And the reason that I go slow with the patients is the first thing, there's something caused that sickness. And before you can get rid of the sickness, if the doctor can do nothing for you, then you got to find the cause, the reason for that. So there's many times... And you who attend the meetings, understand how the Holy Spirit will reveal to the people hidden sin and so forth that they--they've done a long years ago, or maybe something that they ought not have done or something they ought to have done and did not do. "

"A cancer, what is it? A germ. What's a tumor? A germ. What's tuberculosis? A germ. All those diseases are germs called cancer, tumor, tuberculosis. That's medical terms. What they are is demons, in the line of the Scripture. They are tormentors, comes into your body to shorten your days on the earth. Now, God doesn't intend them to be there. He doesn't want them there. But Satan, the arch enemy of God and man, is the one that puts them there. They're his little dev--little imps, demons. Ask the doctor what starts cancer. Ask him where tumor comes from. When I was interviewed at Mayo Brothers, years ago, I asked them. I said, "Isn't that beginning of a germ?"
I said, "Isn't a germ life?"
"Yes." I said, "Doctor, where does that life come from?"
He said, "Nobody knows."
It's a devil. That's right. What it is, is a life. Now, remember, the devil can't create. But the devil can take and perverts something that God has created. You understand? Perverts. Now, that was a life that's been perverted from a germ of life to a germ of death. That's what the devil does to your very life, your life."

"We got medical names, call it cancer, epilepsy, and all kinds of things. But Christ called them devils. The word devil, is a "tormentor".
"A growth is a--is a demon; every sickness is of the devil. God would--don't put sickness on His children; the devil does that. See? And if Satan cast out Satan? You say, "Why, the devil heals too." Well, Jesus said he couldn't. He said, "If Satan casts out Satan, his kingdom's divided." So he can't. Only God can heal.
Medicine and doctors do not claim to heal. Mayo Brothers is one of our best authorities. They said, "We do not claim to heal"; said, "we only claim to assist nature. There's only one Healer; that's God." They can sew a place up in your hand, but they can't heal it. They can only sew it up. A dentist can pull a tooth, but who's going to heal the place? A doctor can take appendix out, but who's going to heal the place he cut? God does. Medicine doesn't grow tissue; medicine's only a aid. God is the Healer. A doctor can set your arm; but when he comes and sets your arm, and you don't go out and you're not well... The doctor does his part, what he's taught to do, and knowledge to do. He sets your arm, but he leaves it for God to heal. That's right. All healing is of God. So now, you just believe Him."
"But a tumor, cancer, or any of those growths, they don't have any certain form, because they have--they're not made in any image of human being. Some of them's got legs, and some of them's round like pancakes, and some oblong, more. What is it? It's demons. Jesus called them devils. Was He right? Certainly, He was right. Because the word, "devil," means "a tormentor," cancer, tumor, and diseases that torment you."
"Like a person that's deaf and dumb. The doctor would examine that person. Now, listen close. He'd say, "Well, the nerves is dead in the ear, or on the vocal cords, the nerve is dead, that's the reason you can't speak or--or can't hear; there's no vibration; it's dead.""Well, why didn't it die all over the body then?"
"I don't know," he said, "it just died there."Well, the thing of it is, what the doctor works on is what his five senses will declare: see, taste, feel, smell, and hear."

"Well now, a growth, when it dies, the demon goes out of the growth, like tumor, cancer, or cataract, so forth. When the demon goes out of it, which is a life...Every person here come from one little germ, and--and you begin to develop cells, and those cells come into--after the nature of the life that was in it which made man. The cell from the dog makes the dog, and the bird the bird. Every after its nature, every kind...
But now, a demon, which is a growth, or it doesn't have to come in growth, it's... starts developing cells. Say for instance, cancer. It starts to developing cells and becomes larger, larger. Well now, it's got a life, and it's a living, just the same as you was living and developing in the womb of your mother, the same thing, you're developing. But now, when that life is in your life, it's a different life. You've got life to live, and that's a life of death, or, a spirit of death, rather, pardon me. And it's death. Now, it doesn't belong in you; it wasn't in there before, but it's there now.
Well then, who put that in there? It only has to come from one thing; that's the devil. And it's a germ; cancer, tumor, any of those things come from a germ. And you come from a germ too."
"Now, we've applied it in a healing service, always to the healing side: cancer, tumor, cataract, tuberculosis. All those things are not natural things; they are supernatural and are demons; the Scripture plainly vindicates that. But that is demons in the body with growths like cancer, got life in it, and the life of that is a demon. Growth of a cataract, the spread of tuberculosis, and, other diseases; it's demons. That's in physical form."
(ENTICING.SPIRITS/ JEFF.IN DE 79-112 1955-0724)
"Well, what is the head of all this cause that we're here this morning? What's the head of all of it? What made all this sickness and sin and disgrace? It was sin. See? Before you had any sin... Sickness is a attribute, or something that follows sin. If you don't have no... In other words, it's something that come out of sin. See? Before there was any sin, there was no sickness or nothing: no worry, no nothing, no old age, no breaking down, no heartaches, no broken homes, no nothing. See? It was just perfect. Well, what caused it, was sin, s-i-n. Well, then, sickness followed sin. Broken homes, attributes, immoral livings, and all those things followed sin.
Now, if you kill sin, you've got to kill the attributes, haven't you? You can't--you can't touch... You can't fool with sin, 'less you're fooling with this. And when you fool in this, it results in sin. See? Now, if you kill sin, then you kill the whole thing.
And now--now, you say, sickness, sometimes you have sick, and say, "Did I sin?" Oh, might not have been you sinned, but you remember, the sicknesses visit up... the iniquities of the parents upon the children, and the children's children, and their children, on to the third and fourth generation. See? And it's just a wearing down, wearing out of the human bodies, and sin piling up, and so forth. Like venereal, and so forth, it visits on down."
(HE.SWORE.BY.HIMSELF/ JEFF.IN V-26 N-11 1954-1212)
"Just think. What caused every sickness, every heartache, every death, every trouble, every sorrow, this little spastic child, all these things, cripples, blind, every hospital to be built? Because one person just misbelieved one little part of the Word. That was Eve. Satan just coated it to her, not quoted, but coated it to her, said, "Surely the Lord's too good..."
You hear so much today about being God being a good God. He is a good God. But remember, He's a God of holiness, a God that cannot overlook sin. The penalty has been paid for, and you've got to accept it on His grounds. And remember, He's a God of anger, a God of wrath. And you'll stand before an angry God, not just a God of goodness and mercy. Tonight He's your Saviour. That day He's your Judge. So be sure that you don't leave one thing undone, friend. It--it won't... It don't pay. Don't--don't just haphazardly go at it. Be sure, double sure, 'cause you don't get another chance. This is your only chance while you're here on earth."
"You couldn't kill a--a dog, hit it in the head and kill it, without killing its foot also. See? You'd have to kill the rest of its body. So the head of it is sin, and all this weary and sickness and all attributes, even death itself, is all wrapped up caused by sin. Man didn't have to die, didn't have to be sick. He didn't have to weary, didn't have to shift for himself. Everything come after the fall."
"What is the word sin? Sin is unbelief. Jesus said in Saint John the 4th chapter, "He that believeth not is condemned already." You don't have to do anything; you're condemned already. Now, drinking, committing adultery, and that, that's not sin. You do that because you're an unbeliever. You're an unbeliever to begin with. That's the reason you do those things.
Now, if you once get right with Christ, those things will just--they're circumcised at the altar. When God--when you confess it, God just takes it away, puts the Life of Himself in there. And then you're in Christ and you can't come to judgment.
Jesus said in Saint John 5:24, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life, and shall never come into judgment, but's already passed from death unto Life." He can't bring you to judgment; you're already judged. And when the Holy Spirit comes back to make you live this different life, with God's seal of His circumcision on your heart to prove that you've been--stop your drinking, smoking, gambling, cursing, unbelieving, and not believing in Divine healing, and the works of God, and has received God. And it's a Seal that everybody knows about it from now on."


"Now, if there's something hanging over you, sin, and you don't confess that, you could anoint that person, pray for them, do everything you want to do, it'll... Satan will stay right there as long as you got unconfessed sin in your life. Or some times something that you haven't done, something you neglect to do. And in there God reveals it if there's anything wrong. Then you make that right; your healing is complete."
"How can God save you, unless you take His medicine? How can He heal you, 'less you take the medicine?
As I said, "Heart troubles not the number one, sin trouble." And what is sin? Sin is not smoking cigarettes; sin is not committing adultery. Sin is not drinking, swearing. That's the attributes of sin. There's only one sin; that's unbelief. Any man, if he lives as holy, and pious, and as good as he could be, and yet say that the days of miracles is past, and deny the Scripture saying, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever," that man is a sinner, because he's an unbeliever.
(WHY?/ PHOENIX.AZ 1960-0309)
"And there's only one unbelief. Let's keep that in our mind. There's only one sin. Now drinking, gambling, committing adultery, using profanity; that isn't sin. That's the attributes of unbelief. Jesus said, "He that believeth not is condemned already."
In the days of our Lord, He found many men who lived holy lives--clean, respectable gentlemen. And they were scholars, masterpieces of scholarship. And yet, He said to them, "You are of your father, the devil," because they did not believe Him. See? The message, they did not believe. That made them unbelievers. He could not help them. In His own country there was many He could not help, because of unbelief. So He could not save you in unbelief, neither can He heal you in unbelief. You... It's just as simple as, "Just believe it."
"Reason we get many out calls from these services, so called healing services. You get down there in the line, watch that discernment, reach down and find that thing till it finds the cause of it. When you find the cause... "Here's what it is: you're doing this; you're doing that." Immoral living and things, people coming to the platform... You've seen it in the meetings, haven't you? Raise your hands if you've seen the Holy Spirit discern those things and call them sins out: men are living untrue to their wives, and things like that. Has it ever failed? It's always the truth. You've got--you could pour oil on their heads, and stomp and holler, and have shivers and chills, and everything else, that devil will lay right there, as long as he's got a right to stay there, until you confess that sin and make it right and let the Holy Ghost come in. Hallelujah. Back to Pentecost.
"Is there no balm in Gilead? is there no physician there?" Sure, there is. But the people don't want the medicine; they don't want God's toxine; that's all. Oh, yes, they--they--there's balm in Gilead and there's a physician there, but the people don't want to listen to the physician, uh-huh. Afraid of the new birth... (BALM.IN.GILEAD/ LONG.BEACH.CA 1961-0218)
"Notice. Now, "He that sins willfully..." Now, sin is bottled to this. There's two elements. One of them is faith. The other one is unbelief. And unbelief is sin. That's the only sin there is, is unbelief. Think of it. Unbelief... Jesus said in Mat... Saint John 3, He said: "He that believeth not is condemned already." See? You don't have a chance. Now, there's no halfway Christians. You're either a believer or not a believer.
Now, that's belief. What is belief? What is faith? "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Now, if you believe, you live the life of righteousness. If you do not believe, you can live a halfway life, or hypocrisy, in other words playing the hypocrite. Or you can--or you can make believe, pretend you are. But if you're really a believer, God has made a way that you'll know you're a believer. Now, Jesus said Himself, "These signs shall follow them that believe; In My Name they shall cast out evil spirits, heal the sick," (Mark 16|17-18) and so forth."
(LAW.title CHICAGO.IL 55-0115)
"He was wounded for your transgressions; with His stripes you were healed. There's no man on earth that can heal you, no doctor, no hospital, no medicine. We haven't got one medicine that any doctor will say will heal you. If he does, he certainly doesn't know what he's talking about.
To heal is to replace or build tissue. No medicine will build tissue. Medicine will take germs and kill germs that's tearing down tissue, but it won't build the tissue. God has to do that alone, which is creation.
He's the only One Who can create. Satan cannot create. He can pervert what's created, but he can't create. God is the only Healer there is.
There never was a drop of medicine, hospital, or operation that ever healed anybody. The Bible said, "I'm the Lord Who heals all your diseases."
Medicine's all right. They take it to poison germs, just like rat poison to poison rats. But it doesn't heal the house where the rats has eats holes in it. You see? That's right. It doesn't patch the place. God has to do that through creation.
Operation is fine. It moves an obstruction, bad tooth, a growth, appendix, so forth. That's all right. It sets a broken arm when it's broke. That's all right. But God does the healing. See? God's the only One can heal. It's nothing, no mystery. It's just true."
"Well, that's the same way with preaching Divine healing or anything else. As you go along, you begin to learn. If you don't learn, there's something wrong. See? You've got to learn, and you've got to learn how to accept God and what it really means.
We allow it, sometimes say, "Well, this guy didn't have enough faith; this guy didn't do this and this. There's a reason there for that; there's a reason. Sometime it's unconfessed sin. You could pour a gallon of oil on a person, and scream till you got hoarse; it would never move that devil. No, sir. You've got to confess that. That's what discernment does, say, "Go make that right; bring that out."
"And when confessed sin is confessed and been dipped into the... A man or woman that's been dipped into the Blood of Jesus Christ, it kills all symptoms, and every molecule of sin goes back to the devil and laid on him till the day of judgment where his eternal destination will be throwed into a lake of fire; and the chasm is bridged and never to come into remembrance no more. And a man stands justified as a son of God: simplicity."
"Now, I don't mean that He made one atonement for your sickness and one for your sins; He made one atonement, and that was for sin. And when you deal with sin, you've got to deal with every attribute of sin.
The human race, as we're taught in the Scripture, didn't have any sickness before sin came in. And then when sin came in, it... Sickness was issued in as a attribute of sin, which had to bring death. Sin is death. And sickness follows sin. Worry, follows sin. Did you ever notice what a horrible thing worry is? There's not one value in it at all. "
"And I believe that healing is a finished work, that's been completed for two thousand years. When Jesus died at Calvary, He saved you from sin and healed your sickness. And every blessing, redemptive blessing is yours by faith in that finished work. See? It's yours if you can believe it.
As one said some time ago, "I don't believe in Divine healing. I don't care what you say."
I said, "Certainly not. It wasn't given to unbelievers; it was me--given to believers. He that believeth..." There is a question mark. If you're a believer, Divine healing is for you.
If you're not a believer, it's not for you.
And each person in here that's sick does not have to come to this platform. They do not have to do one thing but confess their sins to God. Sin is unbelief; we all know that. Because you smoke, drink, gamble, commit adultery; that's not sin; that's the attributes of your unbelief. See? It's because you don't believe Jesus is the reason you do those things, if you do. But if you believe Him, you don't do those things, is because you are a believer. So there's only one initial sin, and that's unbelief. And if you believe God, then you can just accept it anywhere you may be. God is everywhere.
"And the Bible said, that He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity. Now, you people out there without prayer cards, now let's just take something, and say now while we're praying, you just say, "Oh, great High Priest, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour..." If there's any sin in your life, confess it, get it out.
And you in the prayer line, do the same thing, because be it well assured it'll be called out right here. See? If you're anything wrong, that you don't want called out here on the platform, step out of the line. 'Cause how many knows that? Yes, sir, it'll be called right here. So get it under the Blood (See?) so, and--and just say, "Forgive me of my--of my sin and help me to believe You. And I'm sick, Lord, and I want to be well for Your glory." See, God doesn't heal just to be healing. See? No. He does it for the glory of God. And we must confess our sins and our unbelief.
And look at the father that brought the child with the epilepsy, that the disciples could not cure. Jesus said, "I can, if you believe."
He said, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief." See? He--he--he cried out 'cause he was in need."
(SIGN.OF.THIS.TIME.title NY.NY V-18 N-8 63-1113)
"And the same way it is by Divine healing. When a man comes to Christ upon the basis of believing the shed Blood of Christ was for his healing, "By His stripes we are healed," and accepts it, until something happens in his heart, that says, "It's so. I'm going to be well."...
I'm telling you, there's no way at all to keep them from getting well. They're going to be well. That's right. You don't have to tell a person to quit sinning after he's been born again. It just absolutely stops itself. Well, the same thing it is. You don't tell the people, "Now, keep on holding on," that... After they're healed, they just... Something happens inside of them. And it's not an outside in; it's an inside out. It happens in here first. You absolutely believe it. And then from there out, it goes to work. And then I've seen it happen so spontaneously that it caused outstanding miracles."

"Now, Father, we bring Your Word. You said, "He that believeth on Me has Everlasting Life. He that cometh to Me I will in nowise cast out. He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that sent Me has Eternal Life, and shall not come to the judgment but's passed from death unto Life."
Oh, make our requests known to God, and He will answer us. He's abundantly... "He that will confess his sins shall have pardon. He that hides his sin shall not prosper." And we confess our wrongs. I confess the wrongs of the people. I confess my own wrongs. I ask for mercy. I ask for healing. I ask for grace. I ask that You'll pour out the Holy Ghost, Lord, right now upon these waiting people, that their lives will be changed in the molding block of God, and will be shaped in the image of the Son of God, that the Spirit that quickened Him, that will come into their body and make them sons and daughters of God. Grant it, Lord.
We believe that You are present. We believe that You'll honor Your Word. We believe You'll honor the efforts of the work. Now, send these blessings upon these people as they're waiting for Your Presence to visit them here at the altar, in Jesus' Name.
(EVENING.MESSENGER.title MESA.AZ V-8 N-5 63-0116)
"Many of them understood Him. The common people heard Him gladly. And it's a great deal that way today. But I've noticed the peoples; all denominations almost attend the meetings. We even have the Orthodox, the Jews, Greek, Catholic, and all types. But God never respects any different denomination; He just respects the faith that's in the individual. "I can, if ye believe," He said.
And then He said, "Go and sin no more, or a worse thing come upon you." So therefore, in order to obtain your healing, you'll have to become a Christian after you're healed. And I believe, I would say this, talking of the dual atonement, when you are healed, your sins are forgiven you. I didn't hear very many amens on that, but it's the truth. "Confess your faults one to another, and pray ye one for another, that you may be healed."
"Now, I want everyone else, have your heads bowed. Listen close now to your instructions. If you don't, you're just taking a walk. See? Now remember, if God will let me know the conditions and so forth, and you believe that. And now just take my word; you've got to believe that this settles it. If it doesn't, it might make you worse (See?); settle everything. If you've got sin in your life, step out of the line and confess it. And don't come in the line till you're prayed through. And if you're going to use your life for something besides the glory of God, don't come in the line. See? If you're ready to make a dedication to Christ, fully surrendered, and fully persuaded that this is Jesus Christ, this great Holy Spirit here; and that you're going to receive your healing when you pass through this line, no matter whether you feel different, or what, you're going to be persistent to hold right onto God's promise until the victory comes, like that woman that we talked about. Do you feel that way, audience? If you do, raise up your hand, say, "I accept that." I don't see no reason for anybody going out of here sick tonight."
( PERSEVERANCE.title NY.NY V-18 N-12 63-1116E)


"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
"And the LORD will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee."
EXODUS 15:26
"And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I [am] the LORD that healeth thee."
"And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people."
ACTS 10:38
"How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: Who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him."
"And when He had called unto Him His twelve disciples, He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease."
But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."


"Now, there's no one can heal. Healing is a finished product of God. If any man tells you that he can heal you, if he's a doctor and can tell you he can heal you, he's wrong. Where there's only one Healer, that's God. A doctor can give medicine; he can put medicine in a sore to kill the germs in it, so it'll get well. What does happen? The--the medicine doesn't heal. The medicine only keeps the bad germs down, kills the bad germs that kill the good germs, that kill you. So science works on different poisons that they put into your system to poison certain germs that won't poison you. That's what science does. That's what medicine is, is something that'll kill a certain germ and it won't kill you. These antibiotics kill both to a great big extent. So therefore they--that's the reason they're hard to take. Like penicillin, sometimes it kills a person.
Now, a doctor can move an obstruction. He can put a bone together, but he can't heal. God's the One Who does the healing. God produces the calcium. God produces the--the multiplication of the cells to build your body back, where they've moved appendix or something like that. God is the only Healer."
(FAITH/ JEFF.IN 1957-1229)
"There's one Healer; that's God. God is the only One Who can build cells, make life; therefore, it's not in the power of man to do that. A doctor can set a bone, or give you medicine to poison germs, that he put so much in it, and an antidote to keep it from killing you, and kill the germ and so forth. He can do that. But the tissue that's been torn down, or bone that's been broken, the appendicitis that's been taken out, the appendix, he cannot heal that. It takes God. God heals. Man can remove a--a something that's causing it, if it's possible to move that organ, he can cut it out, and cut off the blood veins and pull that, or that tissue out, that's a wild cell, like tumor, cancer, or something. If he can get ahold of it, he can remove that. But to heal, he cannot, and he'll tell you that.
And, now, healing is of God alone. God alone has purchased for us our healing. It's up to us to do everything that we can, in our life, and in every way that God has give us, for our healing, but it's God that heals. If God calls you to go home tonight, there isn't enough medicine in the world to keep you here. There's nothing going to keep you here. And if He determines you to stay on the earth, no matter how many physicians says you're going tonight, you're not going. So it's just all up to God."
"The doctor can set an arm where it's broke, but he can't heal it. The doctor can pull out a tooth, but he can't heal where it come out of. He can cut out an appendix, but who's going to heal? See, there's no medicine that will build cells. Cells is--is growth (See?), and nothing can heal that. No one can. And to have growth is a multiplication of cells, which is creation. And there's one Creator: that's God. See? And He has to knit that place together, put that bone together. The doctor can set it but (You see?), they have to... It takes calcium, potash, and so forth, to go into that bone to mend it together.
Now, if I was cranking my car out here, or fooling with it and broke my arm, and I run into a doctor, and said, "Doc, you're a healer. Heal my arm right quick. I want to finish my car."
He'd say, "You need mental healing boy." That's right.
"Well, if you're a healer, heal my arm." He's not a healer. See?
He'd say, "I can set your arm. God has to heal it."
So then (See?), the Scripture's always right. "I'm the Lord Who heals all of thy diseases." That's right. We're thankful for hospitals, and medicine, and so forth. They aid nature, but they do not heal. No, they're not healers. God's the Healer. The Scriptures cannot lie. See? "
"Divine healing lays in Calvary. And the only thing that you can do is point to Calvary. And there's where your salvation lays. You wasn't saved just five years ago, ten years ago, or twenty years ago, or how long it was. You wasn't saved then. See? You were saved nineteen hundred years ago. When Jesus died at Calvary, He took the sins of the world away. You just accepted your salvation so many years ago. But everything that God can do for both sickness and sin has already been appropriated in Calvary. And the only thing that a minister can do, is to point you to where... what God has already did for you in Christ. Do you understand it?
A man could come to the altar; he could pray all night. He could cry, he could beg, he could plead, walk up-and-down the floors, make restitutions. But until he believed and accepted, he'd still be a sinner. For Hebrews 3 said, "Jesus Christ is the High Priest of our confession," profession, the same translation is confession. He's the High Priest of our confession, therefore, He can't do nothing for us, until first, we confess that He has done it. And then He goes to work as a high Priest, making good what we profess, that He has done. What... And He will make good anything that He included in His atonement. And there He was: "Wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace upon Him; with His stripes we were healed."
Not, we will be, or we ought to have been, but we were, passed tense, already healed. God did it back there in Calvary, and the only thing we do, is reach up and receive it by faith, and believe it, confess it.
God... When man was made and put here on earth, we find out that he was made not to sin. He was made a perfect man. Sin's what caused the fall. And now, he's in a two-fold aspect. He is, one, he is spirit. Next, he's material. One, he's heavenly, a son of God. The next, he's a creature of destination. And he's got to be gone back to the dust on the account of the fall. And Jesus came to redeem that man.
Now, I want you to notice. Sickness and sin is so closely associated together, that it's almost like the soul and body. It's inseparable. Man's got to die. His soul is full of sin, and his body is full of sickness, and death is pronounced on him. He's got to go. His soul is sick and his body is sick.
And Jesus come to redeem both of them (That's right.), not just one. His soul... He came to bring complete redemption. And we only have the earnest of our complete salvation now. If there is no Divine healing now, there's no resurrection of the body. That's correctly."
"And, same goes by Divine healing, that we believe that Divine healing is something that Christ purchased for us at Calvary. It's a finished product of God, and only thing we do, is to receive it by faith, believe it. That's the reason we call it "healed by faith," because that's what it is. Therefore, it could not be in a individual, any person have something another that would heal another person.
Frankly, there's nothing that can heal you outside of God. "I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases." The Scripture is infallible and cannot be broken. So therefore, medicine doesn't claim to heal. Medicine... We're not against medicine. Medicine is of the Lord. But medicine cannot heal. Medicine only can--can assist nature in God's Divine plan of healing. There never was a medicine ever healed anyone. There's no doctor will tell you that."
"And I believe that healing is a finished work, that's been completed for two thousand years. When Jesus died at Calvary, He saved you from sin and healed your sickness. And every blessing, redemptive blessing is yours by faith in that finished work. See? It's yours if you can believe it.
As one said some time ago, "I don't believe in Divine healing. I don't care what you say."
I said, "Certainly not. It wasn't given to unbelievers; it was me--given to believers. He that believeth..." There is a question mark. If you're a believer, Divine healing is for you. If you're not a believer, it's not for you.
And each person in here that's sick does not have to come to this platform. They do not have to do one thing but confess their sins to God. Sin is unbelief; we all know that. Because you smoke, drink, gamble, commit adultery; that's not sin; that's the attributes of your unbelief. See? It's because you don't believe Jesus is the reason you do those things, if you do. But if you believe Him, you don't do those things, is because you are a believer. So there's only one initial sin, and that's unbelief. And if you believe God, then you can just accept it anywhere you may be. God is everywhere."
"Now, we call the people to the platform. I cannot heal anyone. No other man can heal. No medicine can heal. No doctor can heal. No hospital can heal. I want to talk to the doctor that can heal. I want to talk to any man that can heal. He's wrong. If I broke my arm, and run into a doctor's office, said, "Heal my hand right quick, doc. I want to finish cranking my car." He'd say you need mental healing. He can set the bone, but God has to heal, for God is the only Creator.
A doctor can move an obstruction, appendix, or a tumor, or something. But God has to heal. A doctor can pull a tooth. God has to stop the blood and develop cells. He's the only Healer.
You say, "What about penicillin for a bad cold." That's like rat poison in the house. You got a bunch of rats; you put out some rat poison. They're eating up the house, holes in the house. Now, the rat poison doesn't patch the holes; it kills the rats. And that's what penicillin does, kills the flu germs. And God has to develop the cells and life back again. He's the only Healer. He said, Psalms 103:3, "I'm the Lord Who heal all your diseases." If there's any other healing, God told something wrong."
"When the brass serpent was lifted up in the wilderness, it was for a--an ensign, that God said whosoever looks upon the serpent, believing, will be healed of their snakebite, and the snakebite was caused because they had murmured against Moses and God: sinned.
And God made an atonement for sin. And in there their sickness was an attribute of their sin. You see it? The snakebite that was killing the people was an attribute of the sin that they had committed. And when God made them an atonement for their sin, it brought in the attribute--their healing. See what I mean? When Jesus atoned for sin, He atoned for sickness. "He was wounded for our transgressions, and with His stripes we are healed." The apostle said, "By whose stripes we were (past tense, already) healed." It's already done; the--the price was paid."
"Now, if Jesus was here, could He heal you in your unbelief? Can anything be done for your healing but what's already been done? Not a thing. I--I haven't got nothing in me that would heal you. There isn't a thing. Brother Jackson, much as he's prayed for the sick too, there's nothing you could heal, is there, Brother Jackson? Not a thing. None of you ministers that pray for the sick, not a thing... The only thing that you can do is point them to Jesus where He has already healed them. See? He's healed them.
Now, no one... what... None of these ministers here, they couldn't say they'd save you. They can't save you but they can point you to where your salvation was purchased nineteen hundred years ago on Calvary. You just accept it. Jesus settled it with the Father for salvation when He, when He died at Calvary. Is that right? That--that settled it. The whole world is forgiven of sin; but it won't do you any good 'till you accept it tonight. And if every person was healed, but it won't do you any good 'till you accept it. Then we, as ministers, preach the word. And faith cometh by hearing, and hearing what? The Word of God. And then, after all that, that ought to be enough, doesn't it? But after all that, then God come down and set in the church gifts."
"How can you preach the Gospel of salvation, and then deny Divine healing has more than I ever could understand. Jesus died at Calvary; every sin was settled. The only thing you do now is look and live. Believe It. He was wounded for our transgression, with His stripes you were healed.
If I had power to heal anybody, I certainly would do it. I sure would. I know what is means to be sick. I have no power to heal. No other man does. If he does, then what happened to Calvary.
God cannot do anything twice. By His stripes you were healed. The only... If He stood here tonight with this suit that He gave me, He could do not one thing toward your healing unless you believed it. He proved it in the Scriptures. "Many mighty works He could no do, because of their unbelief." It's the same tonight. He's same yesterday, today, and forever. But those who believe, could."
( QUEEN.OF.SHEBA.title LA.CA 59-0405E)

"Now, there's not a medicine in the world can heal you. Now, remember that. There's no medicine, no doctor, no clinic, ever healed one person. All healing comes from God. Could you hear that? All healing is from God. I believe that God's Word is so infallible that there is not one iota of It that's wrong. Psalms 103:3 said, "I'm the Lord Who heals all your diseases." If there could be anything else heal you besides God, then God told something wrong."
"If there was a way for me to make the sick well, I would certainly do it. I would be glad to do it. I have no power to heal. I don't believe anyone else does. Men... I don't believe a doctor does. I believe healing lays in God. A doctor has a right. He can move something, or pull a tooth, sew up something, take appendix out, or an abscess or whatever it might be. But he doesn't build tissue; neither does medicine. Nature, God does that. That's right. All from God... You break your arm. Go to the doctor and let him set it, but he doesn't heal it. He just sets it. God does the healing; He heals it. He furnishes the calcium and whatever goes into the bones to--to heal it."
"I do not believe that there's any man on earth that has power to heal anybody. I don't believe there's a medicine on earth that has power to heal anyone. I don't believe there's an honest doctor that would ever tell you that his medicine would heal you. If he does, he certainly is wrong. There's only one healing; that's God.
Our foundation is the Bible. We believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of the living God. And we believe that everything that's done must come from the Bible. All teaching must be based on the Bible."

"Now, look, to heal a person, I couldn't do it, or no one else can. Jesus could not heal no one except first they believed that He was. And there was no virtue in Him unless they believed there was virtue in Him.
Some people one time, they wanted some curiosity. They tied a rag around His face, and they hit Him on the head with a reed, said, "Now, if You're a prophet, prophesy and say who hit You." He never even opened His mouth and said a word. He didn't clown for nobody. No, He was the Son of God.
But a poor little humble woman, who really believed Him, and had a blood issue, she slipped through the crowd and touched His garment, and He said, "Virtue has gone out of Me."
It's the attitude of approach. And when you're coming tonight, how can you hear except it be a preacher, and how can a preacher preach 'less he be sent?
Now, the--I want you to realize that the--my main reason here now, is to introduce to you a phenomenon of God."
"He said, "Certainly." And if that doctor didn't explain it exactly the way I've explained it about my hand being cut, that it don't build tissue, medicine... We--we think medicine's wonderful. And we would not say don't use it, because it's something... Just like I wouldn't say, "Don't use soap to wash your hands." It's a chemical, but after all, medicine doesn't heal. Medicine just keeps clean, while God does the healing. You can't set your arm, and... Doctor can't come in and set your arm and say, "Now, it's healed." He just sets your arm, and go away and let God heal it for you. That's the only way it can be done.
Well, now, that's the same way it is by taking medicine. But medicine's all right. It's all right to get your arm set if you break it. But God has to do the healing.
Well, now, this is... This healing, you must have faith. It's called faith healing. And this doctor said, "Well, there's such a thing as miracles." He said, "And I've seen it many times." He was noted surgeon. He said, "Many times," he said, "now when you come to bloodless cults who say that some man does it or--or something like Unitarians, and so forth," said, "I simply wouldn't put my hands on that." But said, "I do believe and know, that the Blood of Jesus Christ is all-sufficient to heal any sickness." See?
Now, it comes through Christ. Healing comes from Christ alone. And it all comes... If your conversion... Now, I've seen people who pretended, say, "Well, I'm going to turn a new page over. It's new year; I'm going to try to do a little better this year than I did last year." But you find out it don't work. And so is people who take their healing haphazardly like that. It doesn't work; it doesn't last. But when a man or a woman comes to Christ with a full surrendered heart and believes, until they're absolutely something changes inside of them, that person has Life Eternal. "
"Now, what is faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you do not see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. You believe it. Your body has five senses; none of them senses contact God. God give you them five senses to contact your earthly home, here on earth.
But you contact God by faith. That's the... This great mechanical age that we live in, people's got--has got it scientifically prove it. Like Moses, if he was standing there at the bush... What if he'd been a modern man today and the bush was on fire? What if he said, "Now, wait a minute; I'm going to take this bush, some leaves off of it; and I'm going down to the laboratory to give a chemical test and find out why them leaves didn't burn and got fire on them." See?
In those days, when a miracle was done they took a man's word for it and went on. Because they knowed it was supernatural. But today they got to run it through the scientific test. And you can't prove God by scientific tests. God is believed. And you know Him by faith. "
"One by one you might pass the platform, God would tell you everything that's wrong. You know what's wrong with you. Let's settle it just now. I want you to lay your hands over on each other, if you will, for the healing of your body. I want you to repeat this prayer. You pray it and as I repeat it. Now, I'll just repeat it, you pray.
Almighty God, the Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, look down upon me now in mercy. See my sickness and my conditions, and look into my heart, Lord. And if there be any unbelief, O God, take it from me now. Say, "I believe Thee. Help Thou my unbelief." I now am coming with a sincere heart to accept my healing. Now, may my faith be sufficient to receive it. In Jesus Christ's Name I ask it.
Now, just remain with your heads bowed. Everybody praying, no matter what's wrong with you now. Now, just don't raise your head. Keep your eyes closed. Just imagine what Jesus is doing right now, the Holy Spirit wooing over you, His mercies and power coming into your body right now making you well. The Angels of God are hovering around you.
Now, that demon of unbelief, that's the only thing that would keep you from being healed. Now, as God's servant, I'm going to ask him to leave this building. I'm going to ask him to get out of every person and to go out, and then when I ask him to go out, you believe he has gone, and then give God praise for it and your sickness will start leaving you right then. You'll get well."
"If you say you're a Christian and believe it all along, God will bring... Your testimony will bring you right into it. If you believe in healing, and believe that God has healed you, confess it, and God will make your body obey your confession, for He's the High Priest of your confession; setting at the right-hand of the Father now with His own Blood to make intercessions for any confession upon anything that He died for.
And He died to rid sin. And sickness is the result of sin. "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we are healed." Remember that. Have faith. Don't waiver. Stand on it."
"Remember, I say, "That healing is something that has already taken place." Every person in here has been healed for nineteen hundred years and something, since Christ died. See? And every sinner in here has been saved that long too. But it'll never do you no good till you accept Him as your personal Saviour. See? He settled the sin question when He died. He settled the "sick" question when He died. But it's our individual faith in that blessing that He redeemed us to, brought us out of the world to receive this blessing. Or maybe I'd make it like this: it is our personal faith in something He has already done for us. And when we receive that, we are healed the minute we believe it. If I could stand here tonight and say, "Jesus Christ healed you everyone, nineteen hundred years ago; by His stripes you were healed."
"Satan cannot create life. He can only pervert what God has created. Satan has no way...?... There's only one Creator, that's God. Satan couldn't heal; medicine couldn't heal. There's nothing else can heal but God, 'cause He's the only Creator. And anybody that's intelligent would know enough to know that there is not a medicine, or a drug, or nothing in the world that can create life. God is the only solemn One can in creation alone, for He said, "I am the Lord that healeth all of thy diseases."
"And then in the wilderness with the children of Israel on their march, coming from the Egypt to the promised land, and they had... God promising to supply all their needs, what they had need of... And then when the time come that they were sick and dying, and all the remedies of Egypt, all the medicine, the wisdom of the Egyptians, none of their roots, and herbs, couldn't heal this sickness, then the way... When Moses cried to God in a crisis, then the action that God taken to Moses, He's got to take the same action every time that same crisis arrives. Why, if He didn't, He done wrong when He did it back there. Then God's guilty (See?), so He has to act the same way when the same crisis... 'Cause if He acted that way, it was perfect, and He cannot act any other way but perfect each time. It has to be perfect. Amen. You see?
His actions, His words, His thoughts, everything comes from one pure unadulterated stream of perfection. Now, when He puts your faith back like that, healing becomes simple. God already spoke it. If He said, "I'm the Lord that healeth all of thy diseases." That settles it for eternity: has to be. When He speaks it, He can't take it back. He can't say, "Well, I made a mistake." 'Cause He's perfect. There can't be a mistake from eternity to eternity. He's pure forever.
Oh, my. When He said, "I will," that settles it. "Ask and you shall receive," that settles it. "Ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." That settles it; that's forever. The word is expressed.
You say, "That was Jesus."
God said, "This is My beloved Son, hear ye Him." He had the Word."
"I was talking to a--one of the finest doctors there is in the southern states, in his office not long ago, a very fine specialist in Louisville, a real gallant man. And I said to him; I said, "Doctor, I want to ask you a question."
He said, "All right."
I said, "I noticed your medical sign, the staff, you got a serpent wrapped around a pole. What does that stand for?"
He said, "I don't know."
And I said, "It stands for this: It was a symbol of Divine healing where Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness (See?), which was only a symbol, only a symbol of the true Christ." Now, today, medicine is a symbol of Divine healing. And though many of them don't believe it (real good doctors do believe it), but some of them don't believe it, but their very emblem that they hold up testifies to the power of Almighty God whether they want to believe it or not. That's right. There's a brass serpent hanging on a pole on the medical emblem."

"Now, I can look at wheat, here laying on my hand; I recognize it's wheat. I can say that it's wheat. I can show it to the ground, and if the ground could look, it'd say, "Yep, that's wheat. I believe it's wheat, every word of it." But that wheat can never produce wheat, until this wheat falls into the ground and dies itself. Is that right?
That's the man looking, fundamentally, saying, "Yes, I believe healing. I believe it's right. I believe it's the Word of God. I believe it's for the believer. And I believe that I got faith to receive it." But until you receive it... Get what I mean? Then when you receive it, you rejoice. The Word's in there; it's settled; all doubts is dead; all the husk is dropped off; and new life has sprung up, growing into healing for yourself. That's when you really get your healing. That's where healing comes from. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word.
Now, faith is not healing. Faith produces healing. See? By faith, are you saved. Now look, if here was a loaf of bread that cost a quarter. I believe that's about the price of it. And I had twenty-five cents. Now, twenty-five cents is the purchasing price of the bread, but I've got the twenty-five cents, but haven't got the bread.
Now, you can have faith for healing, and I believe many of you have. But you can't receive healing until you purchase healing, by the faith that you have. You say, "Oh, Brother Branham, I wished I had the Holy Ghost. I got faith that I'll get it." Well then, just swap your faith for the Holy Ghost. See? That's all you have to do. When you got that faith, nothing can take it away from you. Now, if you're just making believe, you're--if you impersonating, if you're putting on, it won't work for you. But if it's real faith, it's--it's over. God will do it right then. You believe that? And when you say, "Oh, yes, Brother Branham, I believe in Divine healing." All right, if you believe in Divine healing, then take that same faith that you got in Divine healing and purchase your healing. See? And you that receive it by the faith... Sure."
"And when a believer is placed in Christ Jesus, you're planted in there in the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, and the more you drink, the more you push out. That's right. If you can't believe... "Well, I believe that Jesus saves me." That's good. Then how about the Holy Ghost? Believe He'd give you the Holy Ghost; He promised it to you. About Divine healing, believe it; He promised it to you. Every redemptive blessing belongs to you; just drink, and drink, and push out. That's all. Everything you have need of is right in you.
When you receive the Holy Ghost, everything you've got need of between here and glory is right in you then. It ain't faith that you need. You've got faith, if you got the Holy Spirit, for He is your faith. But the thing you have to know, is know how to use that faith. See what I mean? And if you'll just understand how to use it, which we'll try to, this coming week to explain it, you'll see the exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could do, or--or think of the Lord."
"Now, the last commission Jesus gave to His church was, "Go ye into all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believeth not shall be damned. These signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name they shall cast out devils (You believe that?), cast out devils."
Then what happened if the life left that tumor? We'll call it a tumor or cancer. It's the greatest killer. Now, if the life leaves that cancer, immediately, what happens when the life leaves you? For the first day or so, your body shrinks.
How many hunters is there in here, hunts deer and animals? All right. Now, you kill a deer today, and you say, or a butcher or whatever you want to be, even a undertaker... See? You say, "This body laid on the scale, it weighs two hundred and fifty pounds." Be careful what you tell the boys now, when you weigh it in the morning. It'll be pounds lighter. You know that, don't you? It'll shrink a great percent overnight. The human body does the same. Any body of cells does the same, because it's dying out. Now, then let it lay there for just about three or four days in the sun. Then pick it up. Let a little dog get run over on the street, and let him lay there for three or four days in that hot sun. Watch what happens. He will be twice his size almost. Then he's heavier than he ever was.
Now, like a man, when this spirit... See, we're not dealing with that growth. That's what the doctor deals with. The doctor deals with what he can feeled or what he can see. Two of his five senses he can work with: that is his feeling or his seeing. Now, he feels the growth; he operates; he looks at it, and takes it out. Now, if there's a piece of root left, it just keeps on growing. See?
Now, we don't deal with that growth at all in Divine healing. We deal with the life that's in that growth, the devil itself, that life. Then when that life comes out, immediately or a few hours, the patient begins to get relief, feeling fine, go testifying. Usually after about three or four days, I'm gone from the city. See?
Well then, the Bible says, "That when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks in dry places." He brings back seven devils worse than he was; and if the good man of the house isn't there to protect, that demon will come right in again, and the last estate of that man would be eight times what it was at the beginning. See? He'd have seven more different things. Now, we got to believe that, 'cause God said that, and that's His Word. We just have to work on our message from that (See?) that that's truth, because it's God's Word.
Now, if the people run right in it, and maybe having three night's meeting, people run right in and get prayed for. "Oh, I got healed; I feel so much better." Got up off of the cot, walked home, about three or fo--about seventy-two hours, corruption sets in, and mortification begins to swell, then say, "Oh, I lost my healing. Oh, I--I lost my healing." That's the best sign in the world, you got your healing. See? That's the sign you've got it, not lost it. And little simple things like that the church has to be taught. See? To know how to take a hold. Don't you let no unbelieving, as soon as you say, "Oh, I lost it," that quick, Satan returns again. That's right. Then you're worse than you ever were. See?"

"And when you hear anyone say Satan can heal, he's wrong.
Only God can create. Satan cannot create. He can only pervert what has been created. There's only one omnipresent. Satan cannot be omnipresent. God alone is omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite.
And no medicine can create cells to heal. There's doctors that can cut out old cells; there's ones that can straighten arms, or set arms, or pull extractions of the tooth; but there's no one, no powers in all the earth and all hell that can create cells outside of Almighty God. "I am the Lord that heals all your diseases." How can he... How childish, juvenile, that even great intellectuals can be when they get away from the Word of God."
"Not that I have anything against any denomination, because that I see that God's no respect of person. He heals the Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Pentecost and all. God don't respect your church affiliation; He expects your faith, respects your faith in Him. He doesn't even... and healing, you don't even have to be a Christian to be healed. But in order to stay healed, you have to become a Christian. "Go ye and sin no more, or worse thing than this will come upon you." So you...
I see many times the callused saints come through the prayer line, men and women who's lived godly, and fail to be healed, when prostitutes on the street would come through the line and be healed. It depends on your faith."

"Psalms 103:3, "I'm the Lord Who heals all your diseases." Doctors take their own medicine and die. God's the Healer. So, healing, as far as God was concerned, when Jesus died at Calvary, "He was wounded for our transgressions; with his stripes we were healed."


"And when the greatest Prince that ever stood on earth was led to Calvary as an antidote for sin, there He died to take away the sins of the world. And "He was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities, and with His stripes we were healed."
"If It healed the sick in that day, the same inoculation will do for you today. If It was a--an antidote to sin, an antidote to sickness, It's the same thing today."
(WHY.title CHATAUQUA.OH 59-0813)
"If a doctor wrote a formula, prescription, and you added something to it, or taken some away from it, you'd kill your patient. That's right. You've got to keep it just the way it's wrote. There's enough antidote there to upset the poison, enough poison to kill the germs. And too much poison in it without the antidote would kill the patient and--and too much antidote without the poison... What would it do? It wouldn't help your patient. So you've got to keep it right.
And that's the way God's Word is. It's God's prescription. Yes, brother. It's God's prescription to His people to cure every sickness, every disease. Sin and physical, whatever it may be, it's all met in God's Word. Amen. It's God's Word. It was so at the beginning; it was so in the middle age; it's so in every age, and It's so this morning; just the same as It was when He spoke It, 'cause It cannot deviate one speck because It's God's Word."
"You have to make a decision. Are you going to feel and say, "Is my heart better?" Or, "Is my stomach not as quite as bad as it was?" "Can I move my fingers just a little more?" Don't think about that. Make your decision that Christ heals you and that settles it, and you're well.
What if a farmer went and planted a great big wheel of wheat, and every morning he got out there and dug all that wheat up to see if it was going to sprout or not. As long as he keeps digging up the seed, it will never grow. Every time you dig it up, it delays it another day. And every time you look at your symptoms, it delays you too in your healing.
The farmer just commits the seed to the ground. He gets the best seed he can find. He puts it in the ground, because he's made a decision he wants a crop. So he goes and gets the best seed he can find. Now, he wouldn't have very much faith in a crop that it might be mixed up with jimsonweed, and--and white top, and daisies, and so forth. He wouldn't have much faith in that kind of seed. But if he's got the best seed that he can buy, germitized seed, a hybrid, and he lays it in the ground, he just commits it to the ground and don't look at it no more.
That's up to God to take care of the rest of it. And the best Seed I can find is the Word of God, because It's eternal. Just commit It to your heart, not to your head. You'll keep digging It around, turning It around, saying, "Well, if Doctor So-and-so said so... My pastor said days of miracles is past." Put It in your heart. Let It alone. Start acting as if you already had your crop. Get your sickles all sharp. Get ready to go into the field. Don't dig It up every morning, just leave It there. If It's germitized, It will work. It'll raise a crop. If It isn't...
Looky here if I ask tonight of cancer cases, blindness, crippled, lame, halt, all kinds of diseases by the tens of thousands are healed. It'll work if you'll put It in the right place. But if you lay It up on the shelf, It'll never do any good. Did not Jesus say, "'Less a corn of wheat fall in the earth and perish..." Unless you can take that wheat, and don't try to turn it over and look at it, and guess about it, just commit it to your heart and forget about it. It's your decision that God will take the rest of it."
(TIME.OF.DECISION.title LA.CA 59-0418)
"You might have a lot of hindrances. You might have the doctor's word, the scientific man who has examined you. It might be that he, that man told you, "You--you're going to die; you..." That's all he knows. He--he's told you all he studied. His scientific work shows that--that you must die. Your whole system's made in that kind of a way, that death has struck it, and there's nothing can keep it from going on. You're going. Now, that's as much as he knows. No science has no medicine for it.
But you found something. You pick up the sword. See? Now, of course, you got a hindrance; you got something that's going to duel against you: that devil, that disease, that affliction. But when you strike the tip of swords with that devil yonder, and say, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. He revealed it to me, and I am healed." Oh, my. Your faith don't have any hindrances."
" Listen to me. I'm going to say something big. Every time that you look at your symptoms, you're delaying your healing. Don't dig it up again. It's committed to Him that promised to heal, Him that heals the rest of them.
When you pass through the prayer line and hands is laid upon you, the Bible said, "the prayer of faith shall save the sick." Don't say, "Well, let's see if I feel any better, my heart any better, my hands..." Don't do that. You're delaying it. Commit it to the ground because it is a seed.
What does a seed do? Look at a little--look at a little--little apple tree out here. You people raise a lot of apples. Look at a little apple tree when it's no more than what we call in the east, a sprig, a little tree about like that. Did you know that every apple, that'll ever be on that tree is in it right then? If it isn't, where did it come from? Where did it come from? And that apple tree that's got--going to produce you hundreds of bushels of apples, where did they come from?
When you set that little plant out, about like that, just out of an apple seed, and set it out there, and every apple that'll ever be on there, it's got in it then, potentially every--hundreds of bushels of apples that You'll collect off of it, and it ain't a half-inch high. Amen. There You are. Where does it come from? It's in the apple then.
And when you are planted into His death, burial, and resurrection--planted in Christ, and receive His Holy Spirit Life in you, everything that you've got need of all the way through the journey is in you right then, for you become the Seed. See it? God in His Word.
Now, what does a tree have to do? When you plant it, the only thing you have to do is water it, and then it's got to drink. The leaves are in it; the apples are in it; the--everything's right in the tree. But it's got to drink. It's got to drink more than its portion. And as it drinks, it pushes out, pushes out leaves, pushes out blossoms, pushes out apples. But it's got to keep drinking, drinking, drinking, in order to push out.
And when we take a promise of God, drop it into our heart, we keep watering it with faith; and it keeps pushing out, pushing out. Hallelujah. When Christ is planted in our heart, the Holy Ghost, the only thing we do is drink in the Word of God. And it pushes out salvation; it pushes out Divine healing; it pushes out glory; it pushes out everything that we have need of; is right in us when we're planted in Christ Jesus."
" When thousands around us and around the world where the great healing revivals are striking now... Right at this very hour there's people being healed all around the world. The hour is here.
Now, we look at our symptoms. Shame on us. when Jonah in--under them circumstances could look away from his symptoms... He said he refused to look at them. He said, "They're lying vanities. I will look towards Your holy temple."
O God, give us men and women with rugged faith, who'll not look to symptoms or look at anything the devil hands you. Hand it back to him. Say, "I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe in His all-sufficient power. I believe that His Presence is here now to set me free from any bondage that Satan put upon me. And I look to the--where He sits at the right hand of God, ever living to make intercession to me with His own Blood." As a High Priest He sets there, and but how much more ought we to look to the holy place of God where Jesus Himself, our Mediator, the only One between God and man, stands with His own Blood to make intercessions on our confession. Amen. Don't get... "Amen" means "so be it." I believe it with all my heart."

" Now, Paul speaking here of the valley, or the shadow, rather, the law, being a shadow of good things to come, could never make the worshipper perfect. Then he goes on to show what the perfection is. Now, it's a strange thing that this is so much thought of people; they say, "Well, I'm weak; my faith is not very much; I'm not a very good Christian." That's just what the devil wants you to say. You're just talking his language right then. See? You mustn't never say that. Don't never let your testimony be negative; let it be positive all the time. "I am saved. I have God in my heart. I believe Him with all my heart." Do you believe in Divine healing? "With all of my heart."
Let your--your testimony always and your thoughts, everything... Never permit a negative thought to come in your mind if you can help it. When it starts that, don't entertain it. Well, you say, "I can't help the thoughts from coming." Well, that'll be like the farmer that said he couldn't stop--he couldn't stop the birds from flying over his place, but he could sure stop them from roosting." So that's a--that's a good thing. You see? You can't help the thoughts when they come, but don't--don't--don't entertain them; just pass it on. "No, sir. Jesus Christ is my Saviour; all things are mine by God. And I--I'm going to keep them. I'm going to testify of them."
And God can only bless you as you confess that He has done it for you. See, He's the High Priest of our confession. Is that right? Hebrews 3. He said that He's the High Priest of our confession. He can only do for us as we accept it, and believe it, and confess it."
(LAW.title CHICAGO.IL 55-0115)
" And when we turn aside today looking at this, and looking at conditions, and looking at symptoms... Oh, we say, "Now look, I was prayed for last night. You see, my hand's no better." And it never will be like that. No, sir. You don't look at the symptoms; you look at the promise. Amen. The promise is what it is. Look Who made the promise. It was God Who made the promise. It's God's Word Who's in authority. It's God Who spoke the promise. That's Who it is.
And you look at your symptoms. Symptoms are one of the greatest hindrance God has to work with, is symptoms. And if ever if anything that is wrong is a man or woman who'll look and say, "Now, I don't feel any better. Now, they prayed for me over at my church last night. And they believe in Divine healing, but really I don't feel any better."
You don't never go by your feelings. Jesus never did say, "Did you feel it?" He said, "Did you believe it?" See where you get the thing all turned around? It's your faith in His promise that does it. Like Elisha, he wanted the promise. And if Elijah said he could have it, if he kept his eye on him, he kept his eye on him. That's all. Amen."

" You watch, I see the blind come to the platform and receive their sight and read the Bible. Two or three days, come back just as blind as they ever was. Say, "How lasting is Divine healing? " Just as long as faith is. "How lasting is salvation?" Just as long as faith remains. Is that right? All right. If God can make it leave here, He can keep it away. The same faith."

" If you worked in a bank where plenty of money was, but you can only take out what they'll let you take out. Is that right? I may be in fellowship with God, where all the powers to heal every person in the world. That is true. But I can only do what He says do. And it's not me that does the healing; it's your own faith that contacts God and heals you; and He speaks through His gift and tells you you're healed. See what I mean? You got that?
I have nothing to do with the healing. I'm just a mouthpiece for your prayer to God. See? It's your prayer has reached God. And He's telling me that you're healed, then I believe it, and I speak it to you. If you believe it, then you're healed. Now, notice. No matter what the symptoms are now, you believe it."
" There's no doubt, but what when you receive God's blessing and was born again, you... The people thought you were crazy. They said, "That person's just a little bit off." You see, you're moving by faith. Oh. You're making preparations for something that the world knows nothing about. They only live just as far as they can see. But we live by things we don't see, that we believe that God said was true. Faith doesn't look at a thing that you can see. Faith looks at things you don't see."


JAMES 5:15
"And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him."
MARK 16:17
"And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils… they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

" Now, Divine healing is not a hocus-pocus. It isn't touching a totem pole or pouring some mysterious stuff from--that's run out of somebody's hands on you. Divine healing is an act of faith in the finished work of Calvary. That's just as purely the Gospel as I know how to place it. It's a finished work that Christ died for at Calvary. "He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed."
Now, healing is not on the same basis as salvation. When you're borned again, you receive a new spirit, new Life, Immortal, cannot die. But when you're healed, it's just an attribute of the Divine love of God that healed you temporarily for a while. Your body must be borned again just like your soul.You will die. Lazarus was raised from the grave but died again. See? But if there is no Divine healing, which is the earnest of our resurrection, there is no resurrection.
And if there is no freedom from sin, and living above sin, and free from sin, then there is no heaven to go to. This is just the earnest of our salvation that we have now through the works of the Holy Spirit. So Divine healing has already been purchased for every creature. It's your faith in the finished work of Calvary.
Let me just show you a little something. Of all the fine medicines we got (to settle this)... Now, I was interviewed. Many of you read the "Reader's Digest" of the miracle of Donny Martin.
And I was interviewed at Mayo Brothers Clinic on account of that, 'cause Mayo's had turned him down. And the vision told him who he was, where he come from, what was going to happen. And that's just the way it was, and the baby was healed.
And they wrote it up in "Reader's Digest." And when I asked them there, I said, "Don't you believe that God heals?" They said... Took me in an old room there and showed a great, big place where Jimmy Mayo used to have, said, "We do not profess to be healers. We only profess to assist nature. There's one Healer; that is God." And that's our best.
For instance, what if I cut my hand tonight with a knife? There isn't a medicine in all the world can heal a knife cut. Did you know that? If it'll heal a knife cut in my hand, it'll heal a knife cut in my coat. It'll heal a knife cut in this desk.
"Well," you say, "Brother Branham, I believe you're wrong, there." No, if it'll heal a knife cut, it'll heal it regardless of where it's at. Water that's wet in here will be wet out there. A gun that'll fire in here will fire out there. If it'll heal a knife cut, it'll heal a knife cut anywhere.
But you say, "Brother Branham, medicine wasn't made to heal a knife cut in your coat. It was heal--made to heal your body." All right. For ins--for instance, I cut my hand tonight and I fall down dead. And they pronounce me dead, take me down to the morgue, and embalm my body with the fluid that'll make me look natural for fifty years. They send tomorrow for your best doctor in Tennessee. Next week they send for the best doctor in the nation. Next week they send for the best doctor in Germany. And they put penicillin, sulfur drugs, sew it up, everything they want to do. In fifty years from now that cut will look just exactly like it did the minute it was cut. If medicine heals the body, then why don't it heal the human body? "Well," you say, "the life has gone out, Brother Branham. That's different." Sure. Then is it the medicine that heals or is it life that heals? Now, you tell me what life is and I'll tell you Who God is. God does the healing.
Medicine does not build tissue; God builds tissue. A doctor can set an arm, but he can't heal an arm. He leaves it there for God to heal. A doctor can take a appendix out, but what about the hole he cut it out? He could pull a tooth, but who stops the blood? Who heals the place up where the tooth come out the socket? God, if it's ever healed. Correctly.
So God--God's Word never fails. There's not one flaw with It. God heals all our diseases. Now, that don't mean that we don't need hospitals, and we don't... Oh, yes, we do, absolutely. I'm for them and pray for them, and for the research of science to find something to help us. Every little aid they can give is wonderful, but it don't heal. God does the healing. That's right.
And when they give you, like penicillin and things for a bad cold, what does it do? It doesn't heal. It's just like rat poison, putting out; it poisons the rats. That's the germs that's in your body. It doesn't heal. God has to build that up where it's been destroyed. See? So God is the Healer on every Word every time. He's the Healer. "
" Now, I know that is the truth, because I have tried it. But now, if you've got unconfessed sin in your heart, it sure won't work. You've got to confess your sin. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; accept Him as your Healer, just like you would as your Saviour.
They say, " Is Divine healing lasting, Brother Branham?" Just as long as faith is lasting. When you get to a place that you say that you're not saved no more, remember, you're lost your ground right there. When your confession goes down, then your faith goes down.
And now, the first thing that Hebrews says this that Jesus Christ is the High Priest making intercessions upon our confession." And before God could do one thing for you, you have to first, confess that He was done it. He's the High Priest of our... 'Course, the King James says, "professing," and profess and confess is the same word. See? Profess that it is, or confess that He is. See? Profess, I profess I'm a Christian, or confess I'm a Christian. Makes no difference.
And then, and the woman touching His garment, it said, "Thy faith has saved thee."
( JEHOVAH.JIREH.3.title YAKIMA.WA 60-0803)
"Go ye and sin no more, or a worse thing come upon you." Jesus said, "Which is easier to do? Say thy sins be forgiven thee, or take up thy bed and walk"? It's all on the same.
And so I believe in James 5:14, said, "If any among you are sick, let them call the elders of the church; let them anoint them in oil and pray over them. The prayer of faith shall save the sick, if they've done any sin, it shall be forgiven them. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed."
That's the duty of every Christian minister. Every minister of the Gospel has a right to pray for his congregation, and they have a right to believe God and be healed. Divine healing doesn't belong to one man or one group. It belongs to all the people. The gift of healing was not given, to be sent out to have different healing campaigns across the country. It's all right for them to be, but that isn't the purpose. There ought to be a healing campaign in every church, all the time, going on everywhere."
" Now, let me quote the lexicon, that's the original Greek. Here's the way it reads. "If thou shall say to this mountain, 'Be ye lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you have said is coming to pass, you can have what you say."
When you said, "Mountain, be moved," and it still stands there, you say, "Well, it didn't happen?" Oh, it did happen. When you said, "Mountain, move," maybe one little significant grain of sand turned loose out of the hundreds of billions and billions of tons. One little grain moved, but it's begin to take place. Hold that faith and watch that mountain disappear. Certainly.
Thou shall say in thy heart, "Disease, move from my child. Disease, move from my body in the Name of the Lord Jesus," and don't doubt. Right there the good germs take on a new armor and a new weapon, and the enemy begins to back up. He's defeated because Christ, in the drinking of His myrrh at Calvary, defeated the devil and every one of his powers. And He stripped him of everything he had, and he's nothing but a bluff; he can go through with it, he will do it."
( GREAT.SHINING.LIGHT.title JEFF.IN V-24 N-1 57-1222)
"I like to tell this. I know it's taking a lot of your time, but a few days--oh, it's not a few days, few--about two years ago, there was one sent to Germany, and on the cloth it says, "If your--your pastor is a believer, call him in. If you've done any sin, confess it, make everything right. God will not heal, only under conditions. See? So call your pastor in, and if you've did any wrong, confess it. The Bible said, 'Confess your faults one to another; pray one for the other that you might be healed. For the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much.'" And I say, "If you're--if you have no pastor that believes in healing, maybe you got a neighbor that believes in healing, some member of the church, someone that you can talk to and--and confide in."
And this little German woman called in some neighbor women and she said, "If I've done anything wrong, I'm willing to make it right; I know nothing about it." She'd been an invalid in a wheelchair for twenty some odd years. So they prayed and took the handkerchief out of the letter, laid it on the little German woman, and on the back of the page where they give the translation of her testimony, she said, "Now, old man devil, you've been in me long enough, so get out." She just get up out of that wheelchair and went walking on. Now, it's just that. Yes, sir. "Old man devil, you've held me long enough. Now, get out of me," and just got right up and walked away. Now, that's just how simple it is."
" If your arm's broke, it's--it's your duty to go to the doctor, and let him set that arm, then ask God to heal it. See? That's--that's right. But now wait. What if that cancer, he can't cut it out? What if the roots is scattered out like this? Then there's only one thing left, that's that's God, the Almighty... They have no medicine that would poison that germ, as yet. God will help them to find something, is my prayer.
But now, in the case of Divine healing, what happens? The life, not the cancer, the body, the life of that cancer, which was the inside of that germ, the life that started developing in the first place, is rebuked, and brought out by Jesus Christ, and took away from you. The body's still...
Say for instance, like this lady setting here, what if she was a cancer on the earth, and I wanted to get rid of her in the way of Divine healing? I'd just call her life out of her, her body would fall down. Well, her body's still here, just the same as it is now. You see? But what's happened to the lady? She's dead. All right. Just give her enough time. Now, the first thing that a happens to a patient, usually they feel good, right away. They go to feeling good. "Thank the Lord. Well, Brother Branham, I--I wasn't able to eat for a long time. I can eat anything now."
Now, be careful just a moment. Now, in a ordinary in the procedure, and many know this, they'll get like that for about seventy-two hours, 'cause anybody in here... How many hunters is in here? Let's see your hands, that's hunted wild game, let's see your hands. All right.
Did you ever kill a deer today, tell the boys how much it weighed? Be careful when you put him on the scale in the morning, he isn't going to weigh that much. Is that right? If there's a butcher here, if there's a undertaker here, will know the same thing. Our human body... They'll take the artificial eye, or false teeth out, because the body will shrink for the first seventy-two hours, it'll start shrinking--shrinking away. And then after it lays so long, then it starts swelling again, it's deteriorating, swelling up. And like the little animal laying out on the road, he's killed. Let him lay there in the sun about seventy-two hours, why he's heavier then than he was in the beginning. He weighs more. A human body weighs more after it starts deteriorating, it swells up. Any animal does, any body, any human flesh, or other flesh, it begins to deteriorate, and it swells up.
Now, nine times out of ten, if the patient isn't instructed on what to do, right there they lose out. See? They say, "Well, I feel so good. I just feel so wonderful."
And then about--after about seventy-two hours, they get a sick spell. They start getting sick. They say, "Oh, I've lost my healing. Oh, I thought Brother Branham told me, 'In the Name of the Lord...?...'"
That's the best sign in the world that you're healed. See? The thing's dead; it's swelling up. What if a lump of flesh as big as my hand, was on the inside of you, and it was, this as plain, where it was rottening in you? The heart stream has to pack off the impurities and--and any infectional sore, fever...?... You know that. Then it's got... Your blood and stream has to purify your body; that's what it's for. God put it that there for that purpose. And then the people say, "I've lost my healing."
Why, brother or sister, that's when you've got your healing. But you go along, just...?... and--and for... "Well, Lord, You--You didn't treat me right," something like that. The faith that taken away unbelief, will resurrect it again. When you take your stand for Jesus Christ, stay there and die by it. What God says is the truth, and don't you fear what... Satan hasn't got anything to do about it. Don't argue with him; don't fuss with him. Just ignore him and walk away. If you fuss with him, he will keep you fussing day and night. See? "Well," he will say, "You know you're not healed."
You'll say, "Well, now, look, Satan, I want to tell you something." Don't say it. Just say, "Get away, I don't want to hear nothing about you." And walk on, and say, "Thank You, Lord." Go on. See? Don't pay any attention to it. (GOD.TESTIFYING.OF.HIS.GIFTS.title HAMMOND.IN 52-0713E)
" If... I've often made this statement, that you couldn't---that you could not by any means... If a serpent or some animal had his paw in my side and was cutting into my side and killing me, there's no need of me trying to cut his paw off; just hit him in the head. Kill his head; it kills the whole body.
Well, that's the way it is with Divine healing. When Jesus dealt with sickness or sin at Calvary, He had to deal with the head of it, which was sin. And doing so, He dealt with sickness with it. He didn't have just to cut off the paw; He just killed the head and taken care of the rest of it. So Jesus come to bring to the human race, everything that--that Adam's race was--that Adam's sin destroyed in the garden of Eden. And now, we have the attributes or the earnest of our eternal salvation as we accept Christ as our Saviour or Christ as our Healer. We have those earnest money of our entire redemption when He comes.
We're tempted. All of us are tempted. All of us sin. There's none without sin. Every day you sin. Paul said he had to die daily. And if we say we sin--and have no sin, then the Bible says we make God to lie. And we could not do that. So we sin daily. And it's grace, God's grace, that saves us.
And as we confess our wrongs, God's just to forgive them. And your--your confession, as long as it holds good, your salvation is perfect, same is it was Divine healing. It's your personal faith in a resurrected Lord Jesus." (CONTENDING.FOR.THE.FAITH.title GEORGETOWN.IN 56-0200)
" And Divine healing is not something that's just a, oh, a totem pole or a hocus-pocus. It's a Divine truth written in the Word of God, confirmed by the Holy Spirit. And it's not limited to any denomination, people, creed, color. It's to whosoever will, just as salvation is. It is a--a product of a finished work that we receive by faith in the great vicarious suffering and triumph resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
So much is said today about healing and the different ways that it is approached. And there seems to be so much confusion about healing. As I tried last night with all my heart to make it clear, that there is no other healing but Divine healing. God alone stands in healing.
Now, we certainly admire all that science has given us, but science is not a healing. Science is an assistant to the body. God does the healing. Science can set your arm. Science can move a tooth. Science can take out appendix or a tumor, but never can science produce a re-creation. Creation is God alone. And God has healed every person that was ever healed. No matter what hospital, or doctor office, what clinic he went to, God did the healing. God does not share His glory with no one. He said He wouldn't. And He said, "I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases." So we realize that many things has been done by hospital work, and by what the Lord has sent our doctors and science to do. And to that we are thankful and grateful.
Now, we find many of them doctors and science--scientists who does not believe in God. And we find ministers the same way, just about, I believe, more unbelieving ministers in Divine healing I have seen than I have doctors. Now, that is true with a worldwide travel. It's too bad, but we have them.
Now, we notice when we're approaching on the medical side... Now, the medical doctor says that the... Now, not in every case, no time... But many times the medical doctors will say, "The surgeon's wrong. They don't need an operation."
The surgeon will say, "He don't need them sugar pills. You need an operation." The... Both of them will say that the chiropractor's crazy. And the chiropractor will say the osteopathic. And one will with another, and many times they don't want the preacher to pray for the sick.
But I have come to this conclusion, that when you see attitudes like that, the motive behind it is wrong. We have to admit that there's been many lives saved and helped by operations, many helped by medicine, many helped by chiropractic, many helped by osteopathic, and many healed by prayer. So if the right kind of a motive was behind it, we'd put our arms together and march forward to try to help our suffering friends, humanity, the minister, the doctor, the chiropractor, the osteopathic, all together.
But when you see men who runs someone else down when the man is proving he's doing a good work, then there's a selfish motive behind it. It's either for money, or fame, or for something. God wants us to work every one hand in hand to try to make life's journey a little more pleasant as we're journeying through. But, oh, it seems to be in this day and time, that there's so many things that's looked upon like that in the wrong light. And not only in this day, but in other days we find it the same way."
" For instance, if I was starving for--to--was dying of starvation, and a loaf of bread would save my life, and the purchase of a loaf of bread is twenty-five cents, and someone gave me the twenty-five cents, now, I can... Just as much as I can see, and know that I hold that twenty-five cents, which is the buying power of the loaf of bread, I can be just as happy with the twenty-five cents as I could be with the loaf of bread (See?), for I already have the purchasing power that buys the loaf of bread.
So that's the way faith is. Faith is something that you have. You know you got it. And when you receive faith that God is, then that God is going to give you this... Yet your healing might not be there, but yet, something has anchored within you that tells you that it's going to be all right. Then you can be just as happy as you were... You can be just as happy setting in the wheelchair, as if you were out there on the street jumping up and down, shouting and run--running around, praising God, because you've already got the evidence. It's already yours.
See, it isn't a myth. It isn't an imagination. It's a--it's a substance. And anything that's a substance isn't a myth. It's something that you actually have got a hold of it. Now, there is where so many people fail to get healed. They have a hope instead of a faith. You hope that you will. You're--you're kinda have imaginary faith, because that you feel that you are--have appropriated that. But when actually you've got a hold of faith, it's a substance. It's something real. Then you hold that. And that's what brings it."
" And many times when the devil has our people bound under superstition that Divine healing is some kind of a totem pole, or something that was back in an age gone by, Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And the pitiful part, some of the best trained scholars we have is afraid to tackle the job, some of our bishops and great scholarly men, because the only thing they know is the Word; they've never had a real experience with God. And David knowed what he was talking about. He wasn't so well-trained, but he knew Who he had trusted.
That's what's the matter today. Is men who is scholarly, great denominations behind them, but they're afraid to take that stand. Sometimes God has to get down and get some little ignorant, illiterate bunch of preachers, that hardly know their abc's to stand for what they know to be the truth. For they've had experience. No matter how well you're trained, if you are not experienced...
You wouldn't want a doctor to operate on you that never had an experience, you was his first patient, certainly not. We need Christians who's got experience, who know how to trust God."
" I was interviewed at Mayo Brothers sometime ago, upon the "Reader's Digest" that article of, "The Miracle of Donny Martin." And on the interview they said, "We do not profess to be healers, Mr. Branham. We only profess to assist nature. There's one Healer; that is God."
For instance, if I broke my arm, and I went in to the doctor, and said, "Great healer, heal my arm; I must continue my work."
Well, he'd say, "You need mental healing."
That's right, if I would say such a statement as that. Now, he can set it; on his scientific profession he can set the arm, but he cannot heal the arm, because healing is a multiplying of cells, and that can only be done by Life and God. God is Life.
And if I cut my hand, and I fell down dead. They might put medicine in my hand cut; they could give me shots of penicillin, and for years after years, and they would never heal. If they could embalm my body to make me look natural for fifty years, I would say. It would not heal, because there's no healing quality in medicine. Medicine only kills the germ and keeps it clean while God heals. See?
Now, medicine was made... I've often said that a medicine that would heal a cut in my hand, would heal on in my coat. And someone would say, "Well, now wait a minute. Medicine wasn't for your coat; it was for your body."
Well, then why doesn't it heal then, after life has gone out of there? Why doesn't it heal then, if it's for the body? See? It would do just as much healing there, as it would here. If it was for the body, it would heal the body.
But you say, "Well, now life has to be there." That's right. So then Life is God, and God is the Healer. See? So it's all right back to God is the Healer.
The Scriptures does not contradict Themselves. And there's no Scripture in the Bible that contradicts Itself. I've asked for that for years and years. No Scripture, no statement can contradict itself, 'less it can be straightened with the rest of the Word of God to rightly put it together. Which Jesus thanked God for, that it was hid from the eyes of the wise and prudent and would be revealed to babes such as would learn. See? Now, we got to be humble in this. We've got to throw away our ideas about it; we've got to accept God's plan of it. That's the only way you'll ever be able to get anywhere with God for salvation for soul or body. It'll have to come through God's provided plan.
Now, if you've got a artesian well on this side of the mountain, spurting water by the millions of gallons an hour, and a crop on the other side burning up for water, now, you could stand and scream until you're took your tonsils out, and would--and screaming, "Oh, great water, come here and water my crop." It won't do it. No, sir. It'll stay right there. But if you'll work according to the laws of gravitation, and get this water to come around the mountain and water your crop, it'll do it, if you'll work according to the laws.
Now, there's enough electricity in this room to light the room, if it was correctly, and light would be out in a big field where it's dark. And we know that Franklin and so forth has proved that science, that electric's in the air. Now, take a copper wire, and hold it up, drop it down, and you... The static, the electricity pick up, till it will almost light the earth, if it was a mile high in the air, would set the earth a fire.
Now, you could stand out in that field and scream as loud as you wish to, "I'm lost. I'm lost. Great electric, come now and light the way up, that I can see how to get in out of this darkness." It'll never do it. But if you'll work according to the laws of electricity, why, it'll light the way up, so you can get out. But you have to work according to those laws.
Now, God has a law too. And there's healing and salvation in God's 'termination for you, if you'll work according to His plans and His laws on such. So that's the way we must plan the meeting, that's the way, seven times around the world, I have been of all different races, kinds of people by the tens of thousands... I have seen great things that our Lord has did. But I always notice that it takes people that will humble themselves and lay aside their own thoughts of it, and just take God's thought of it, and work according to His plan, which is faith in what He said."
" But them cancers and things are absolutely devils enformed in a body of flesh, moving up, taking your life.
Now, if I would do like the doctor, if I could cut it off, lay it on the ground... Or, just like say for instance, you was a cancer yourself on this earth. Now, here's Divine healing. If I wanted to get rid of you in the way of the doctor's way, I'd just keep have to rub your body or something another till it just all vanished off the earth. There wouldn't be no more of it, just like the doctor takes the growth off of you. But in the form of Divine healing, if you was a cancer, I'd just call your life out of you and you'd go on. Your life would leave you, but your body would be here just the same as it was.
Now, there's where sight and time is God's worst enemy in Divine healing. I don't know whether Brother Baxter ever gets to these things in meeting. I set down, explained it to him and Brother Bosworth over and over. But here's what's happened. I doubt whether many of the people get it, because after while you begin to find the people coming back, saying, "I had my healing, Brother Branham, for two or three days, but bless God it left me." I find it. I think it's because they don't set the meeting right. The people don't understand. I've had men to come to the platform and be totally blind, cancers or cataracts over their eyes, and read this Bible after being prayed for, walk down, in three or four days be just as blind as they was in the first place. What happened? Anyone knows that when the life has gone out of any flesh, it shrinks for a while. Is that right?
Anybody ever, here, kill a deer or a cow, or anything like that? Sure. All right. You weigh it tonight, you hunters out here, friends of mine. You kill the deer and you throw him on the scale, tell the boys how much he weighs. Watch out. In the morning he's going to be several pounds lighter than what he was. When a human being dies, the undertaker, the first thing, takes the false teeth or an eye, whatever it is in there, takes it out, because it shrinks, it'll push out, because the human body shrinks. Every other flesh shrinks. When the Life's gone out of the cell it begins to move down and shrink. It'll do that for about seventy-two hours. And then it'll start swelling. Let a little dog get run over out here on the road. Let him lay out there in the sun for about three days, and watch what happens, he's a bigger dog than he ever was. Just swells up. Is that right?
Well, that's the same thing takes place when a demon is cast out of a sick person. The first few days, "Oh, I feel wonderful." Then begin to say, "I'm--I'm sicker than I--than I ever was. I've lost my healing." Just as sure as faith took it out, unbelief brings it right back again. As faith kills it, unbelief resurrects it. Jesus said, "When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man, he walks in dry places and he returns back with seven other devils. And if the good man of the house isn't standing there to protect that door, he will come right on in. And the good man of your house is your faith, say, "Stay away." That's it.
But now you watch a patient that's healed, and ordinarily--'less it's an outstanding miracle. Which, Divine healing and a miracle is two different things. Divine healing is one thing and a miracle's another thing. But an ordinary run of Divine healing, when the unclean spirit's cast out, a cancer devil, when it leaves the person, oh... Now, or say we'll take something so you can see more visual. I'll say the cataract. What happened when that man... If you'll notice a blind person. I don't know whether I've ever had any here or not, yet, cataract eyes... I'll let them stand for a few minutes. Why? So that that shrinkage begins to take place. Tell them to come back, give us a testimony. Oh, my. They can see wonderful. "Oh, my. Just, I can see things. Yes. I..." What's the matter. Life is gone. The body of the cataract is shrinking. Well, it'll do that way for a couple days. Say, "Oh, I'm getting so well."
And after while they begin to get a headache. Don't feel so good. Get up the next morning, "I'm losing my sight again."
Some of them said, "Uh-huh, he just was worked up; that bunch of holy-rollers got you worked up." Don't you believe that. That's a lie of the Devil. If you believe that, you'll go right back blind again. But if you'll just hold on, say, "No, Lord, I believe."
Then what happens? That body swells for so long. It covers over that sight again. That cancer in the body will swell. You'll become hurting and aching again. Then you'll get horribly sick, terribly sick. Why? That big growth of dead flesh in you is laying there, dead.
You go back to the doctor and he will say, "Oh, that's nonsense. There's a cancer right there. I can see it." Sure, it's there, but it's dead. Hallelujah.

Now, the bloodstream has to purify the body. Every time the heart pumps, it throws the blood around the body, and it picks up that infection. Sure, it'll make you sick. What if you had a chunk of meat hanging in you somewhere, or long as a snake, or something big around as your finger, and hanging in there, and it was dead, that much dead meat hanging in you, and it's rottening? Well, of course, your bloodstream has to keep that pure, as it pumps through. But there's a dead body, the thing hanging there, because the life is gone from it. The power of God through faith drove it out. He's a demon; he has to leave.

But the reason, the people's not instructed; they go away, and give up, and that same devil's standing right there to take over again. When God tells you anything on this platform through His Spirit, when you under inspiration, don't you doubt that, or a worse thing will come upon you, He said. For Jesus said, "The last estate of that man was seven times worse than it was at the first place." Is that right? When the unclean spirit went out of a man, he walked around in dry places, come back with seven other devils. So don't you disbelieve, stay right with It. Mean It from your heart. Say, "No, sir. I'll not be moved. No matter how sick I get, that doesn't have nothing to do with it." And the first thing you know, you'll be getting cleared up. Everything will be all right then. See, it's dead. The--the operation that the doctor would've taken from you, that same growth is laying in you with no life in it.

You say, "Life in it, Brother Branham, will it take my life?" No, sir. That life is a separate life from yours. I've just showed you that you are a life and become a being, and it's a life and becomes a being. And you're of God, and it's of the devil. You see what I mean? Demonology. Now, you ought to see what that thing looks like when you stand and look at it.

I've been about seven years teaching across America, having these healing services. I just got a good notion, starting back across the country teaching the Bible and on demonology, how the people can understand what to do. And that's the reason they go to these meetings a lot of times and fellow... If you don't understand, the people come out... And many times... Now, remember, that fellow that come and said he had a gift of Divine healing... The gift of Divine healing was in you if you got healed. It's you, the one. Any gift operates by faith. And no matter how much gift of Divine healing I got, I believe it with all my heart. But you could stand here and, if you haven't got the same kind of faith, it don't do you no good. I could pray for you for hours and weeks and months. It isn't the preachers with the Divine healing; it's you that's got the gift of Divine healing, that believes in being healed, 'cause it's by faith. By faith... Every operation of God is by faith.
The whole armor of God is by faith. We haven't got one natural thing of this world. Everything of the Christian church is a faith act. Look at the armor of God, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience. Is that right? Everything's supernatural, nothing natural. So we don't look at the things natural, because we're operating supernatural. And the only way we can base it, is faith, is on what God said was the truth, and we look at the unseen. And we call those things which are not as though they were, like Abraham did when he got his... Amen. Abraham called those things which was not, like God did, as though they were. Being a hundred years old, staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief."
(DEMONOLOGY.1.PHYSICAL.title CON.IN DE 21-40 53-0608A)
" What is it? Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever; made the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear, devils would be cast out, and the commission follows on. Amen. And that thing is perhaps being done around the world tonight among faithful, believing members of the Body of Jesus Christ; and Divine healing doesn't lay within me. And each of these brethren setting here, your pastor, you don't have to wait till they have a Divine healing program to be healed. Every one of these men has got just the same authority that I or anyone else has got to pray for the sick. And that's all we can do, is pray for the sick.
And not only them, but if they're off somewhere and can't get to you, that good Holy Ghost filled sister or brother that lives next door to you has the same authority (That's right.), same thing. If you can't get to your pastor... The Bible said, "If any among you sick, call the elders of the church, let them anoint the oil, and pray over the sick. The prayer of faith shall save the sick." Said, "God shall raise them up." Not the minister--God shall raise them up. "And if they did any sin, it shall be forgiven them. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for the other." Is that right? One another be prayed for. See? "That you may be healed. For the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." That's all you need. Be filled with God's Spirit. And you'd be surprised if you only knowed the gifts that setting right in this building tonight. Yes, sir."
" You know God heals by music. Did you know that? Uh-huh. God heals by music. God heals by love. See? God heals by medicine. God heals by prayer. God has many ways of healing. It depends on what type that you need. Sometimes a little love stretched out will just cure an old sore, an old place that's been a grudge or something. It'll heal it right over, just a little love, a little care. Sometimes when you feel all down, and, as we call it, a street expression, down in the dumps (See?) just put on one of those tapes, that music or a record, and go to playing it. The first thing you know you're patting your foot, or your hand, and it's all over then. You're right up and ready to go again."
(LOOK.title PHOENIX.AZ 63-0428)


"And God had just provided the two bottles, the New and Old Testament. And He's just dropped vitamins in them. And while we get a hold of Him, go to nursing, we're not only satisfied, but we're being healed all the same time. We got spiritual vitamins. It just keeps building us up, making us stronger, stronger. It's good for... It's got calcium for the bones. It's got vitamin B complex for the nerves. Oh, it's got everything in it. God's whole medicine cabinet was dropped into it. It was all in a bottle, put in a bottle. And He opened it at Calvary. So through Calvary, we can nourish back any redeemed blessings that Jesus died for."
" Don't that just take the scare out of it now? God's with us. Although you sin, you got an Advocate. Tell God you're sorry, come on back. That's the way to do it. Don't think you're cast off forever. As long as you still have enough desire to come to this church, come on. God's still with you. That's right. Sure He is.
Yes, He will just keep moving, as long as you'll... as He's called you. He's still in the saving business to call you. And all He's calling, He's still wooing at your heart. Come on, no matter what you done. God still wants to forgive you and take you back, love you a little bit, and hug you up to His bosom, give you a few spiritual vitamins, put you back in the church, in your position again. He came to redeem, to seek and save that which was lost."
" He's the Stimulator of Life; He's the Giver of Life. He don't need to give you vitamins; He is the vitamin, Vitamin J-E-S-U-S, the best I know of, only one I care for. Amen. J-E-S-U-S, try them some time; their wonderful. Blessings, they just fall down, spiritual vitamins. Oh, my, how I love them. Showers of them, just shower down on you, certainly."
" So you see, we must make God real unchangeable. Every soul that comes to God seeking salvation or healing, he's got to come on those basis. He's got to come believing that God is, and a Rewarder of those that diligently seek after Him.
Did not our Lord Jesus say, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them?" Did not He say, "Ask the Father what you will in My Name and you will receive it"? Now, that is infallibly the Truth. And there's nobody that ever asked God anything, but what God gave it to them if they come with an honest heart.
Now, the thing of it is, God gives it sometimes in the way that we're not expecting it. But God always keeps His Word. There's no way for God to tell you anything and lie about it and remain God. He cannot, He must keep His Word forever. It's the truth. And when the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that is the truth.
I may not have faith enough to make all the things that He done, live again, but I'd never stand in the road of somebody who had faith enough to do it. I would be thanking God for that faith. But just the same, every promise that He made is absolutely truth.
I can go on record for this tonight. If any people will take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise that God ever made and claim it for yours, He will--God will bring it to pass. If you'll take the right attitude towards it, knowing that if God said so, the promise is yours, and it's your personal property the very minute you receive It that way, then it has to come to pass.
For Jesus said, "The Word is a Seed that a sower sowed." And a seed, if it's a germitized seed and it goes into the ground, then that seed under the right conditions of the sun and moisture, will bring forth the life that's in the seed.
And so is the Word of God. If a person can take that Word and place It in their heart, and give It the right sunshine, the right temperature, not s-u-n, but S-o-n, and right temperature of faith in there, that seed and promise will live to you just like it did at the beginning to the one It was given to. Because it's God's Word, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He cannot fail."
" Now, any of those things, if you're weary, upset, fretting, nervous, sick, sin, whatever it is, when you accept that from your heart, go to confessing it, and then saying it's right, God's right there to make it right, when you go to confessing it. But if you're afraid to say so, and afraid to act upon your confession, no matter how many times you're prayed for you'll never get well. You got to believe it first. See? He's the High Priest of what you confess that He has done for you.
How many understands that now? Raise your hands. See? That's right. Only when you say so. Now, if you are prayed for, and you say, "Now, I believe. Yes, sir." Now, you can't say you believe until you really do believe. If you do, you're just--you're--you're doing something not right. You can't say you believe, until really in your heart you believe. But when you firmly have prayed through and really believe, then you can say, "I believe." Then you can accept it. And now remember, He's there, will make good anything that you believe in your heart that He has done and will confess it. Then everywhere you go, testify of your healing. Say so. Believe so. Tell others so.
And friends, it'll never fail. I've seen sarcomas cancer healed with it. And I know that it... You know what a sarcomas cancer is? All right. We got dozens, yes, piles of letters like that, from that type of cancer, files full of testimonies, doctor statements, lame, halt, blind, cancer ridden. Everything that can be thought of, in a...?... way of diseases been healed: Faith."
" Look. Now, look, friends. I want you to look this away and believe with all your heart. If Jesus Christ died at Calvary and there He settled to God the full penalty for sin and sickness, then it's all left. Is that right? It's all settled.
Then there's not a person in the world that could do anything towards healing you. It's already been done. No one could save you. It's already been done.
The only thing that you have to do is confess your faith in it. Is that right? How many knows the work is finished? When Jesus died and then said it's finished, it was finished forever. That's right.
Then as far as any man coming through saying, "I have power to heal you." He's telling you something wrong. "I got something here I can put on you to heal you." That's wrong. Only thing that ever be done to heal you was done there at Calvary. He was wounded for your transgressions; by His stripes you were healed. You were healed."
" Our dear Lord Jesus Himself, in the world's greatest battleground, Gethsemane, He cried out in despair. Should He take the sins of the world or should He just remain on earth with His beloved disciples, what He wanted to do. But watch His humility as He humbled Himself, "Not My will but Thine be done," humbled Himself to the Word, the promised Word of the God of heaven. Notice, then He went a little further; and if He went a little farther, how much more ought we to go a little farther. See? And notice, the Scripture says here in Luke that He prayed earnestly. Brother, sister, if Jesus had to pray earnestly, how much more have we got to pray earnestly. If Christ, the God of heaven made flesh, had to pray earnestly, then how much more are we, sinners saved by grace, pray earnestly? If--if the decision throwed the Son of God into despair, what will it do to you and I? Desperately we must cry.
God in these last days has manifested Himself so to us by His great signs and power... Should make us desperate. That's right. And His willing to heal us and save us ought to throw us all into desperation to get to that healing stone. That's right.
( DESPERATION.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-1 63-0901E)
"And now, Father, I pray that You'll help me, as Your servant, as one who believes in You. I've left home; I left everything to serve You. I love You. And You're real. And You make Yourself real. And I love You, Father. I'm not worthy to love You. But it's not my merits, it's His merits, You'll receive me. And I love this people. And I see the dark shadows, as it was, trying to hang around, saying, "Well, I won't get it."
Oh, Satan, you're defeated. In Jesus Christ's Name I cast you away from the people, that you can't hold them any longer. Jesus Christ makes them free. And you are defeated, and they shall be made well, because that they've confessed their faith in God. They've confessed their faith in Jesus Christ. They have accepted His stripes for their healing. And you cannot walk over the Blood of the Lord Jesus; so therefore, you are defeated, and I adjure thee, by the Son of the living God, Jesus Christ, that you come out from the people at this minute, and go away from them, in Jesus' Name."
(INTER.VEIL.title STURGIS.MI 56-0121)

" All right, come, sister, and let's ask God to get rid of that tumor so you can eat. O God, Creator of heavens and of earth, I lay my hands upon this our sister. And heavenly Father, I've tried with all my heart to represent You to this people. And I now... You here Who can create vision, create spirit, make life, and we only live and move by Your power. And I ask Thee, heavenly Father, at this time to receive the prayer of Your unprofitable servant to this dying woman. And Satan has done this evil to put this tumor in her stomach, but Thou art here to remove it. And I curse this tumor. Now, Lord, if Your servant has found grace in Your sight, may this tumor be dead from right now on. I curse it in the Name of Jesus Christ. May it shrink and go away. Amen. God bless you, sister. That's the way to receive healing. Just go and believe and have faith in God. "
(INNER.MAN.title CHICAGO.IL 53-1212)
" Old John Rhyn, not the R-y-a-n, R-h-y-n... There was a blind beggar in Fort Wayne, and there where we went that day and he was prayed for in the meeting. That was the night before the piano played "The Great Physician Now Is Near," without anybody by it. And when he was blind... He was Catholic, by faith. And he--he stopped in the line, and I looked at him, and I said, "Your name is so-and-so, John Rhyn."
"You're a beggar on the corner. You've been blind for years."
"Yes, that's right."
"You're a Catholic by faith."
"That's right."
I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you receive your healing."
Said, "Thank you, sir."
I said, "Thank the Lord."
He said, "But I can't see."
I said, "That has nothing to do with it. You are healed."
And he said, he went down along... They helped him off the platform. The natural man couldn't see nothing. They couldn't see no results from that at all. "Why," said, "he's just as blind as he ever was."
So two of his friends brought him back and put him in the prayer line again, and run him through again; Howard let him pass through. When he come back again, he said, "Mister, you told me I was healed."
I said, "You told me you believed me."
He said, "I do believe you. I have no reasons not to believe you." Said, "You've told me all things in my life," and he said, "I don't know what to do." Said, "There was a woman back there testifying that she had a goiter a few minutes ago, and it's gone away."
I said, "Then if you believe me, why are you questioning me? I'm telling you the Word of God."
He said, "What must I do, sir?" Knowing he was Catholic and had to have something physical that he could hold to, I said, "Just keep testifying, 'By His stripes I am healed,' and give Him praise."
The old man, for the next two weeks, or three, he stood on the corner and he sold papers; he would holler, "Extra! Extra! Praise the Lord, I'm healed. Extra! Extra! Praise the Lord, I'm healed."
When he come back to the meeting the next night, I couldn't hardly preach, for him. He would raise up and holler, "Everybody keep quiet. Praise the Lord for healing me. Praise the Lord for healing me." As a Catholic, he didn't know how to take ahold of faith, but he know if he kept on saying it, and kept on, kept on, kept on, until that sixth sense would go to work... That's right. "Praise the Lord for healing me."
He was standing on the corner, hollering, "Praise the Lord for healing me. Extra! Praise the Lord for healing me."
And he'd walk down the street, and there somebody'd come by, say, "How are you, John?"
"Praise the Lord for healing me. All right." And they laughed at him, and made fun of him.
And another little newsboy led him over to the barbershop for a shave about two or three weeks later from the meeting. And the barber put him up in the chair and lathered his face. And he said, "John," he said, "I understand..." Some little smart-aleck, and he said, "I understand that you was down to see the Divine healer when... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] here."
He said, "Yes, I went down."
He said, "I understand that you got healed," just to make fun of him.
And the old man said, "Yes, praise the Lord, He healed me," and his eyes come open. Out of that barber chair he went with a towel around his neck, the barber trying to catch him with a razor in his hand. And down the street they went. Why? God's Word had went to work. "
(SUPER.SENSE.title JEFF.IN V-20 N-7 59-1227E)

" All right, sinner, come on now. It's your time, backslider, you lukewarm church member, you sinner. It's your time to come while the Presence of the Lord is here. Will you believe it? Let's bow our heads now just a moment.
O God, if this is the last meeting that Phoenix will ever have, You've witnessed Yourself alive. You are here. Your Presence is here to do the greatest healing, to heal the sin sick soul, to heal the weary, to bring those in who are indifferent, those people who joined church and doesn't know You by the Spirit. They've never been borned again. They don't know what it means to have peace, that perfect peace that passes understanding. I pray, God, that You'll cast away all the fear, and bring those people around this altar just now, and give a healing to the body of Christ.
And Lord, if there be some here who's so churchy and so indifferent, that they won't fellowship with the other group, God, I pray that You'll make them ashamed of theirself; and if they're guilty of this sin may they come to the altar now and confess theirself. And may there be a breaking up in Phoenix, an old fashion get-together, a pouring out of the Holy Ghost because of Your Presence. Grant it, Lord."

Rev. William Branham speaks about truth on Divine Healing