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Dear Brother Ron,
Grace to you and peace be multiplied. Thank God for the revealed Word and for the fellowship of the Bride and the five fold ministry that is working so tirelessly to ensure perfection of the Bride. Brethren, you are doing a great work through your website and I have benefited tremendously through the information you are sharing through this site. God richly bless you. We are making use of the message material in our missionary endeavours as we try to get the Message to places it has never been heard, where His power is not known, and where His Voice is heard small. Pray for us that GOD will use us to accomplish His work in this late hour. We need to have contacts with brethren of the selfsame precious faith to share testimonies of how the Lord is working in this part of the vineyard. Our nation is going thruough a squeeze experience but greater works are being accomplished through faith in GOD and in what the prophet said.- Bro.Victor Mandawa email: gspzim@yahoo.com Zimbabwe, Southern Africa

My precious brother,
I am in fact fascinated by what I saw God has lead you to do in the End-Time Message website. I enjoyed it and it afforded me the privilege to understand more of the Message of the Hour, and to mail it to loved ones that have come across this Message and to those in the Message. May God Almighty continue to bless and grant you more of His grace to propagate this End-Time Message. On behalf of my family, I send greeting to your family, the brethren over there and those that are in one way or the other contributed to this message, both locally and abroad. May God richly bless you all in Jesus name, Amen. -Bro. Philip Opara (Snr.) email: oparaphil1@yahoo.com -Nigeria
Bro. Ronnie Millevo,
For a fact, I am greatly blessed by your site. I have downloaded every tract there for the benefit of my church members. In fact, I am thinking of converting them into books and may translate them into Yoruba, one of the three major language in Nigeria. If there is any assistance we need from you I will communicate with you. My CellPhone numbers are: +2348027575816, +2348032232132 and +2348050942373. Thanks and God bless You. Your brother, -Bro. Ibirinde Kola Olamide email: thebrideng@yahoo.com -Nigeria
Dear Brethren,
Greetings in Wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have no words to express my thanksgiving on what I have seen on this website. I have no means to buy any of these posters of the End-Time Message Ministry. If possible send me even one that you can afford. I will sincerely appreciate it. Remember us in your prayers for the spreading of the Gospel Truth in the jungle areas of Zambia. The message has not yet reached many in the jungle. May God richly bless you. -Davison Mwanza. My Post Box number is P.O. Box 440185, Isoka - Zambia.
C/Africa. email: temwanimwanza@yahoo.com -Zambia
Bro. Ron Millevo,
I will like to know is that possible you can send me 2 copies of the newsletter. I want to send this newsletter for 2 pastors in Honduras. I was talking to them about you and your newsletter because we are so interested, because we believe in the prophet's message. And I will like to know how much cost to send the Seven Seals and Daniel's image & vision posters to Honduras. My name and addres is: Miguel A. Lopez, 4751 Englishman way apto. 205 Salt Lake City Utah 84118, USA.
T hank you. I will to keep in contact with you brother by E-mail or phone. God Bless You. email:
Shalom Brother Ron,
God bless you for the good works you are doing. We thank God for ministers like you who are standing for the Message as delivered by the Prophet of the Malachi 4. My prayer is that God should give you more grace, wisdom and understanding, so that you can enlighten those whom the devil want to overtake. Keep on doing the good works and stay blessed. - Brother Justics from Ghana (Africa); email: wabaso@myway.com
God bless you for your efforts to support the revealed word. Plz send me a copy of the SEVEN SEALS BOOK and  ONLY BELIEVE songs of worship audio mp3. My address is. P.o.box 170
Runyenjes-60100. Kenya. --- Brother Dennis Kariuki Nyaga, deknbk@yahoo.co.uk, Kenya
Dear Brother Ron,
I was greatly blessed by reading the End Time Message Chronicle published by you, in Cloverdale, Canada, when I was there attending the Witness 2007 International Convention. I would be grateful to you if you can send me at least 50 copies of the above-named Newsletter for distribution among the local Christians of Nagpur, India, where the Lord has appointed me to Pastor a small congregation of End Time Message Believers. May God richly bless your efforts in furthering His Kingdom. With regards, Brother Ed Titus; email: edmundtitus@yahoo.com
Dear Brother Ron,
My name Stephan with a Catholic background. My big family joined the WB teaching since a few months ago. My friend sent me your newsletter dated July-December2005 and we found it very useful. We use your publication as a life manual at the meeting every week. You make the Message simple with a very good English. We learned about the Seven Messengers to the seven church ages and the Revelation of the Seven Seals in English. We have a problem to understand the whole Message and the books have been translated into local language but we still have a problem to understand perfectly. This is the best Bible teaching I ever found in my life. I study Bible from the UPCI Pastor in 2006 and I get the best now through your publication. Go ahead Bro. Kindly send us more publications. Do you plan to visit Jakarta to teach more people in here? Once again thank you for your publication. Our best regards to all Believers in the Philippines. Looking forward to hearing more news from you all. Yours ever, - Stephan Manulang. My address: Jl Pisangan Lama 3 B.I/16 Kelurahan Pisangan Timur, Jakarta, Timur. email: stephan_manulang@yahoo.com
Dear Brother Ron,
Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was fascinated going through some of the articles titled "Message Chronicle" on your website and couldn't wait till I finish to request that you send me some free copies for evangelism in Nigeria. I am a young Minister preaching the Present-Truth: The Gospel of Jesus Christ as delivered by His Prophet, William Branham. The Message is becoming ever real and clearer to me since 2004 when I began the Ministry.Our Church in Owerri Nigeria is a very,very small one. We need your help as a co-worker in this priced Ministry. Please do send us much of the article you have on your "Publications" for circulation. And please remember us in you prayers. We shall be grateful to receive these gestures.
Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ, -Uzoho Chibueze, (Pastor)
Bible Believers' Church, P.O.2591, Owerri Nigeria. West Africa.email: chibestb@yahoo.co.uk
Dear Bro. Millevo,
I am glad to inform you that the items you sent me (3 x song books, 11 x Chronicle news letter and 1 x pouch of 18 mp3 discs of Messages from 1947 to 1965). I am very very grateful for such service. May The GOD OF MERCY RICHLY BLESS YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY AND CHURCH OF END TIME MESSAGE BELIEVERS. When time is right I will yet ask you for more song books as we lack these precious items here. Good day.- Moston Kachali. email: moston_kachali@yahoo.co.uk
Dear Bro Ronnie,
I am Rois Harynanto from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am so interested about the prophecy of Bro Branham and want to get all materials. How I can get a Poster about The Gentile Kingdoms (Vision of Daniel) and The Seven Seals Poster? About payment, we must pay by Credit Card? But I don't have Credit Card. Thank you for your attention to me. Jesus bless u. Best Regards,- Rois Harynanto email: rois_mpowermagazine@yahoo.com -Indonesia
May the Lord bless you so much. I am very blessed by coming across your website. Shalom! Peace, mercy and grace from our God and King Jesus Christ be unto you. I am one of you in Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and a believer of Bro. Branham's Message. Since I came across your web site, I have been really blessed and always am blessed when I go through it. I would like to thank you a lot for your contribution in my Christian life. May the Lord bless you. Is it right to print any of the drawings on the website for personal use? ..Such as the throne in heaven? God be with you!
-Bro. William Kombo, email: kombo_36@hotmail.com - United Kingdom
Dear pastor,
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Could you please send any materials that will be of a help to me and my Church? I am one of the pastors who is preaching this Message of the End Time.Whatever you send me relating to the Message of the prophet, I will be very much grateful. My full address is as follows: Pastor Dan Nkhandwe, Mbame Believers Tabernacle,P.O. Box 31500, Chichiri, Blantyre, Malawi email: dannkhandwe@yahoo.com - Malawi
This site is very informative with the Message of this Hour. As a Message-believing Christian in the military, it is hard to find people who believe the End time Message. May God bless your efforts in trying to reach His children.- MARIO J. DIAZ, email: mario.diaz@med.navy.mil; USNH Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Good morning, my dear brother,
I really like your approach to teaching the Message Doctrine and would like to have more visual teaching messages from you and many more. If it be possible to send me some, I would appreciate it a lot. I am presently a Medical student. I don't promise paying much for shipment, but I am really thirsty for them. God richly bless you. - Bro. Blessing Malomane (South Africa). email: malomaneb@sawubona.co.za
Dear Brethren,
GOD bless you all. I thank God for having given me this wonderful opportunity to thank you for having such a wonderful web. Nobody shall escape from the coming judgment owing to the fact that through the same technology that shall bring destruction upon the earth has been spread (thru Digital media) the Light of the World-the End-Time-Message.Keep true to the faith and encourage many to turn to the faith whilst encouraging believers to stay in the line. Be blessed.- Br Martin Mutuku; email: martinmutukunzioka@gmail.com -Kenya
I always thank the Lord God that I am one of the Bride of Jesus Christ. We are doing all that we can do to spread the End-Time Message in the jungles of this area, where by the grace of God we have churches of believers who have heard the Shout that has sounded and is giving us rapturing faith.God bless you for all that you do for His glory, even this website.- Davison Mwanza, email: temwanimwanza@yahoo.com - Zambia
May God richly bless u as you continue holding firm to the teachings of the prophet, not only because they are scripturally true, but they come to pass. I am one of those people whom the prophet prophesied about when he said I saw those black hands in the jungle of Africa raising
up their hands.You will always be on my prayer. God bless you. -Mandla Hlatswayo; email: mandlagood@yahoo.com.uk; - Swaziland
Dear my precious brother,
I thank the Lord for the great work you are doing on the internet. I support you as you dearly work hard serving the LORD. Now is the time for the Bride to manifest the Full Word. Let us work for the LORD. TIME IS NO MORE. We are doing the same work here. We need your prayers. We will also pray for you to have blessings for the Bride's help. Let us be in touch, encouraging one to another.Greetings to the saints.- Bro. Joel Jere; email: joeljjere@yahoo.com; - Malawi
Your nutshell of the various doctrines is excellent as we in Singapore do not have or fail to have. Probably because there are none who are motivated to do it or for some unknown agendas do not want the people under their care to know. Probably I suspect just selfishness. I am in the Message for a few months now and the divisions of the Message believers here is astounding. God have mercy. I know my Bible as I really studied it but the disjointed supposedly truth the believers in
Singapore have thrown a monkey wrench into the Truth with diverse doctrines. I am seeking the truth to set me free and signs should follow and not just shallow understanding. I will be in Manila on the 29th Oct and I hope to contact you. God bless. -Albert Teo; email: asberteo@yahoo.com -Singapore
I am requesting some copies of your Message News because we have a small church in Colorado and I would like it for the new beginners. So please send me as even 5 copies of your Message newspapers. And I hope my pastor will be glad for it and God will bless you. Thank you and God bless you. Your brother JUNIOR MAVINGA. P.S.- If you have some French copies, I would like some of them sent to JUNIOR MAVINGA, 17379 E. WARREN PL APT EE 301 AURORA,CO 80013. U.S.A e-mail:junior77fr@yahoo.fr
Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
This is the first time I've found out about the Message Newsletter. I saw it on your website and I would love to have it. Can you please sign me up to receive the newsletter? It would be a blessing unto me. May God richly bless you.- Rolande Delinois, 814 45th street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 USA. email: email: mrsjesusc@netzero.com; 561-294-1504
I feel so blessed that God sent a prophet during the last age to get me out of religion and set me in the Light. Now I can stand up and shout out I am an elect by God because I do not reject the prophet for the last age. Please, I request a prayer for my entire family, especially for my father to see it, if God can get him out of religion and put him in the Message. May Jesus Christ richly bless every one of you (brothers) - Leonard PierreMichel email: Mikoleop@yahoo.com USA
I appreciate the word of God that you are handling in the peak hour of the Bride's Age. I have been greatly blessed when I read one of the magazines you sent to a brother. May you also send me one, and/ or include me in the mailing list if possible, send it to this address: KISA OPOLWUN SAM P.O BOX 153, NEBBI UGANDA, E.AFRICA. email: kisasam@yahoo.co.uk
Dear Bro Millevo,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I just wanted to enquire whether you still have copies of the Message Chronicle available. It is a very useful tool to testify to non-Message people. I passed on my copy to the Voice of God library in Johannesburg. Keep up the good work. God bless you.- Br David Gonsalves, 17 Bulbul Avenue, Meredale Ext. 4, Johannesburg
Rep. of South Africa 2091. email:GonsalvesD@nbc.co.za
I greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am a young man aged 19 and very much in love with the Message of this Hour. I am so grateful for your website for it has helped in many ways in my Christian walk. I would love to receive teachings on End-time Evangelism because I am so much into testifying and sometimes I get to speak too much when testifying to a family. In my country, we usually go out on weekends to the countryside for outreaches as young people. If also you could help me, please do so that I may be equipped when I am going out there to deliver the message. Any assistance you would give me will be greatly appreciated and God will surely bless you in all ways. Thank you so much and may the good Lord bless you richly.God be with you always.- Lwazoluhle Adolf Sibanda, email: lwazi136@yahoo.co.uk - Zimbabwe
Dear Publisher of the End-Time Message Chronicle:
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were blessed by one copy of the End-Time Message Chronicle (July - December 2005). I tell you Brothers and Sisters, whosoever supports this work, we would say, may the Lord we serve bless them all. It's really a prophetic insight Gospel News End-Time Revelation. May you please include us on your mailing list of this magazine. For us, we need at least 15 copies each time you send them and also Only Believe song books at least 30 copies. Our address is as follows: The Pastor, K M Musa, Bible Life Tabernacle, P O Box 620173
Kalomo, Zambia, Africa. In His Love and Service - K M Musa, PASTOR. email: bkvyas@zamnet.zm
I am an End Time Message believer here in Uganda and a regular visitor to your web site which has edified me many times. I am kindly requesting more of your Message tapes, Cds and Dvd's. My address is P.O. BOX 21143, KAMPALA, UGANDA. I am also requesting for Sunday
school materials for my Sunday school children. -Bro. Ochola Polly Steve. email: polly2005steves@yahoo.co.uk
Greetings, Brethren at endtimemessage.info. Thanks for the wonderful work for the Bride. Please continue being about the Father's business. I'm requesting to be included on the mail list of the NEWS LETTER. Will be glad to hear from you. God bless you all. - Geoffrey Zavuga, P.O.Box 7492, Kampala, Uganda. Email: gzavuga@yahoo.com
Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
Loving greetings to you and all the members of your dear family in the sweet and wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am in need of the tracts for my ministry if you could help me to provide this materials/ books. Also, subscribe my address for your Magazine "THE END TIME MESSAGE CHRONICLE". I will be very grateful and obliged to YOU in the Lord. Please be so kind to help our Church in this regard !! In His Service - BRO. ROSHAN MASIH, THE GOSPEL END TIME MESSAGE ,V.P.O SHAM CHAURASI DIST. HOSHIAR PUR, PUNJAB-144105 INDIA. Email: roshanmasih@yahoo.co.in
Dear brother in Christ,
My name's Ismael Deguenon. I live in Benin. Through God's grace I got the opportunity to receive this End Time Message. I've discovered your website and I think it'll be very helpful to me to correspond with you; to listen to your sermons. God be with you and bless you richly! - Ismael Deguenon. Email: degueis@yahoo.fr
Bro Ron,
All I can say is PRAISE GOD...God is really searching for His Bride in any means like here on the internet. I just want to ask if we have an Endtime Message believer church here in Bahrain. I was in QATAR before with Pastor HERMIE CAPARAS if you know him? Please send me as well a copy of your newsletter. Thank you very much and GOD BLESS YOU always, and brother one more thing please, can you post a teaching about Christmas if it is OK to celebrate it or when it came from? I've always wanted to share this. Thanks again...LAVERNE PANGAN, Aramex International Courier, Global Logistical Services Company W.L.L., 3 Gate 18 and 4 Gate 18
Aradous Highway, Muharraq Town 224, Kingdom of Bahrain P.O. BOX: 26951, Email:
lavern.pangan@aramex.com –Bahrain
Hello Brother Ron,
This day is December 11 and we got you news magazines one day last week, I think it was Thursday 8th. I must say it is just everything I had hoped it would be very much revealing. I know it will be a blessing around the world. I will pass mine around. May God bless you in your work.-
James and Roberta Miller. Email: jrmiller@cebridge.net -USA
Hi! I am Bro David Hook. I was wondering if I could purchase the following booklets.."The teaching on the seven dimensions, the truth about women preachers, the doctrine of soul changing, is television ok for a christian, scriptural teaching on hair, contending for modesty and holiness, the faith for divine healing, the truth about the sabbath, the seventy weeks of daniel, the truth about the rapture, mystery babylon, mother of harlots, the truth about the mark of the beast, the new birth, oringal sin, godhead and water baptism"....My address is MR DAVID HOOK, 91 GLEBE AVENUE, PINXTON, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE NG16 6HQ, ENGLAND. Thanks and God bless.. Bro David Hook.. Email: david7hook@ hotmail.co.uk –England
Brother Ron,
I just received your newsletter and it is amazing! I would like to order 50 of these newsletters. I am in the United States. I would like to know your cost of shipping and the cost of your newsletters (I forgot). I know that they are free to give away, but I want to help with the costs. This is such a blessing. Thank you and God richly bless your ministry! -Michael Andersen - Email: mikeandersen5@hotmail.com
Dear brother in Christ,
My name is Joseph and I am writing to you from India. I went through your site and it was a real blessing for me. Brother, I have one request and I believe you will help me. I do not have a computer. Could you please send me a few copies of your Message Chronicle if they are available? I would be grateful to you. Awaiting your reply. May the Lord bless you and all your loved ones richly. In Christian love, Joseph Fernandes, Allan Dsouza Niwas,2/4, Nehru Nagar, Kanjurmarg (E) Mumbai- 400 042 INDIA. Email: el_elihon@yahoo.co.in
Greetings, Brother Millevo, in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I am just writing to thank you for the copy of the Message Chronicle you sent us. We enjoyed seeing the work you and the brethren there are doing; it is put together very well. We appreciate your efforts. You will continually be in our prayers, as we would like to be in yours. Keep on keeping on. God bless you! - Brother Martell, Pueblo Christian Tabernacle, PO Box 7407 Pueblo West, Colorado 81007, USA. 719-369-9162, PCTabernacle@aol.com
Dear Bro Ron,
Greetings in Christ Jesus name. I'm writing kindly asking you to mail me one of your articles of The Message Chronicle, issue date July to Dec 2005. I found it really interesting and a real blessing when I read it online but unfortunately it doesn't allow me to print it. I'm not a preacher or anything but just a brother in the church. My mailing address is 4196F Gardner Ridge Drive, Gastonia, NC 28056, USA. Let me know how much I owe you and how you receive the donations. Thank you very much and God bless you.-Your brother in Christ, Danai Nyamutsaka. Email: dany777@hotmail.com
Pastor Ronnie Millevo:
Thanks goes to the LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR MAKING ME TO COME ACROSS this website that I have come to know you. I am LINONGE PETER MAFANY from CAMEROON and also a message believer and am in need of spiritual food and so please send me some books. PLEASE, Pastor I would be waiting for them through this address below: LINONGE PETER MAFANY, REVIVAL CENTER BUEA, P.O.BOX 186 BUEA S.W. PROVINCE, CAMEROON. GOODBYE AND GREET ALL THE BRETHREN IN YOUR ASSEMBLY FOR ME. CHAO. -LINONGE PETER MAFANY. Email: petsfanyi@yahoo.co.uk
May God bless you so much. I have learnt a lot. Your articles were inspired by God, "television" and so forth. Let us hold firm; God is faithful. He will surely lead us through this world into the City of gold. God be with you.-Brother George. Email: mcatiofol@yahoo.com
God bless you, saints. I had been surfing web and found this page. Precious dear ones, may the Lord bless the work you've done. I am glad to follow a prophet in this dark age. God gave us mercy through His Word by Bro. Branham. -From Br. Christo in South Africa. God bless u saints. Email: andys@gala.net
GLORY TO GOD FOR SENDING BRO. BRANHAM TO GIVE US AN UNDERSTANDING OF HIS WORDS. MORE ALSO GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY, FOR THROUGH YOU, HE REACHES THE WORLD WITH THESE TRUTHS. THANKS. Bro. I became more blessed when I saw the wonderful posters and art works. I was truly blessed. Post these to me. Address reads : BRO. OKEY A. IGBOKWE [PH] BOX 633, ABA, ABIA STATE, NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA. Email: andrewokechi@yahoo.com
Precious greetings in Jesus Christ's most blessed Name. Thank you for all the endeavors to make more people know the Message through the internet. I would like to be sent the Newsletters whenever issued on your website. There is a lot of information that tells us about the Message, the signs of the time. The article about Israel and the appointment of the American cardinal is food for thought for a believer and many others. God bless you. -Noah Wandera. Email: noahwands@yahoo.co.uk -Uganda
Dear Brother Ronnie,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus. I thank God for you for the marvelous work you are doing for many of the end time churches all around the world today, to spread the Gospel Message of the end time revealed to us by the LORD to our late Brother Branham who now rest in the Lord. I know with huge number of the charts, money will be needed. But if you could spare me just one each of both of the chart, to place in our little local assembly which is just like the ministry of our Master, Christ Jesus. Many come and go simply because they are not prepared, or may be the doctrine is too hard for them to bear and they still love the world. I tell you the truth, since this our ministry started and divinely revealed to our pastor, (God-called) since 1992 many people have ran away, and if we are to count all the brethren till today, it will fill in a Roman Catholic church in Cameroon. That's just the piece of iceberg of the testimony. Well, my address is: George Ofol Ati Revival Centre Of the Voice of God, P.O Box 186, Buea Cameroon. You must have seen this address in your data base. We are interested in your articles, it's food for the souls. Remain blessed, till we meet at Jesus Feet.- Bro. George Ofol. Email: Ati mcofol@netscape.net
Hnos en Cristo Jesus: Reciban saludos desde Nicaragua. Soy pastor de este Mensaje desde 1975. Predico En Masatepe, una ciudad a 50 kms. de Managua la capital. El objetivo de escribirles es que me envien folletos, libros del profeta en ingles. Mi direccion postal es: Wilfredo Aleman,apartado no.11,San Marcos, Carazo, NICARAGUA, CA. lES AGRADECERIA me enviaran la mayor cantidad de los sermones impresos del Hno. William M. Branham:DIos les bendiga, -Hno. Wilfredo Aleman. Email: wilfau@hotmail.com –Nicaragua
Please, we are hungry for the word in Denmark. Help us to overcome.-Brother Lambert Dacruz from Togo, living in Denmark. Address: Ryttermarksvej 2, 1th 6000 kolding vejle amt Danmark UE. Email: lambertoah@hotmail.com
Dear Pastor,
I greet you in the Mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Pastor Duncan Nyozani, here in the Republic of Malawi, Africa. I was saved in the year 1999 and called to pastoral ministry in 2000. Really, I praise God for such a tremendous work you are doing day in and day out, thus, building the Body of Christ, not only in your nation but all over the World!
I am confirmed in my heart's depth that you will have a glittering crown in Heaven as a result of this magnificent work you have done and you are still doing! I love you so much, your family and the ministry, and I always pray for you, your family ministry and your nation, especially that you long live. Sincerely, it is my prayer that someday, you come over here and bless our nation Malawi. I have a dream to have you here some day. I am more than ready to prepare for your conferences and crusades. Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:18-20. I visited the Website. Please, I am looking forward to hearing from you !! Laboring On, for God's Kingdom Expansion - Pastor Duncan Nyozani, P.O. Box 104 Migowi Malawi. Cell : [265] 9 268 355. Email: rescuetheorphans@yahoo.com - Malawi