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Faith is believing that God is what the Bible says He is and that He is able to do what His Word says He will do. Faith is a confident and implicit reliance upon God. It is counting Him true and His Word true, and putting that confidence into action in our lives.

In Galatians 5:22, faith is said to be one of the fruits of the Spirit. We have a natural faculty of faith, the sixth sense, or the power to believe. And the Spirit of God, working upon this natural power, quickens our faith and turns it into channels that lead Godward, and thus God becomes the object of our faith. It naturally follows that the more spiritual we become the stronger will be our faith and the more effective it will be in its action.

Paul says, "Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith" (Hebrews 10:22). Faith works with assurance. He who has faith draws nigh to God with expectation. He knows that God is true and that His promise is for him. He lays hold upon the promise because the promise belongs to him and because God is pleased to have him claim his rights in the promise. When he takes hold upon the promise, he is sure of the result.

"The just shall live by faith" (Romans 1:17). The Christian graces flourish only in the soil of faith. Under the influence of doubt and unbelief, they droop and die. Hebrews 11:6-“ But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”. We should never trust in our works in order to maintain our righteousness. "We walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7). EPHESIANS 2:8-9-“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” That inward, conscious, satisfying knowledge of being right with God can come only by faith in the finished atonement of the blood of Jesus Christ, giving us access to the throne of God.



Now, "faith" is a "revelation from God." Now, "faith" is a "revelation." There's where I want to stay there just a moment. It's a revelation. He has revealed it to you by His grace. It's nothing you did. You didn't work yourself up into faith. You never had faith; it's give to you by the grace of God. And God reveals it to you; therefore, faith is a revelation. And the whole Church of God is built upon the revelation."


Faith isn't something that's imaginary thing. I want you to get it. Faith is a direct revelation. See, if you only accept Christ as your Saviour by a intellectual, you haven't got it yet. You cannot say that Jesus is the Christ, until the Holy Spirit has revealed it to you.


I tell you, faith is a great big thing when it comes on the Word of God. He's not afraid then. Faith's got hairs on the chest, big muscles. It says, "Shut-up." Everything else scoots to the corner (That's right.) when God speaks. "If ye abide in Me and My Words in you, say what you will." There you are. Oh, I like that. Um. Devils will tremble and sinners awake. Faith in Jehovah will anything shake.


When Christ died, you know what He did? He gave you a checkbook when you become His child. And at the bottom of every check it's got Jesus' Name. Now, the only thing you have to do is co-sign this check with Him. Sure you're not afraid He won't keep His--He won't keep His Word, the bank of heaven won't honor it. "Ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." Oh, my, what a promise. Are you--could you put your name on the check with Him, tonight. "By His stripes, I was healed. I, William Branham, was healed, nineteen hundred years ago, by His stripes." He's got His Name signed in His own Blood at the bottom of it. The Father will recognize that. You just try it once. Don't try it, just do it. Anybody can try it. It takes somebody who knows what they're doing to do it. That's right. It ain't a try. We don't go at trying. If you got faith, you don't try; you go do it, because you know you can.

THIRST.title TUCSON.AZ V-16 N-6 65-0919

To know Him is Life, the Person, Christ Himself, not comparing. It's a revelation that God built His church upon. And if we don't build upon that same church... The Bible said, "Abel, by faith..." And faith is a Divine revelation. See? Faith is a Divine revelation. All right. This whole Thing's built upon the revelation then, and unless this is revealed to you... Jesus said, "I thank Thee, Father, that Thou has hid these things from the wise of this world, and revealed it to babes such as will learn." See?


Jesus, when they come down off the mount, He says, "Who do men say I the Son of man am?" "Some say You're Elijah; some say You're of the prophets, and some say You're this, that." He said, "But Who do you say?"
Peter said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God."
Watch. "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona (the son of Jonas); flesh and blood never revealed this to you." Amen.
See, it has to come spiritual revelation. Flesh and blood never told Abel that he was wrong--or Cain, that he was wrong, never told Abel that Cain was wrong. But it was a revelation that Abel had. It was blood. We're coming into that question in a few minutes. It was blood, not fruit, that took us from the garden of Eden. It was blood. And Abel by spiritual revelation was revealed of God that it was blood. "And he, by faith," Hebrews 11:1 says, "he offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain." Which God accepted his sacrifice. There you are. See? He offered it by faith, by revelation.


AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES.title JEFF.IN V-16 N-2 60-0911M

"By faith you're saved." How many knows that? Though many, how many good men prays over you, how many good preachers preaches to you, you've got to have your own personal faith for salvation. Is that right? It's your own. I don't care how many good sermons you hear, how many good churches you belong to; it's your own personal faith that saves you. How loud you cry, how much you beg, how much you scream, how much you dance in the Spirit; you're only saved by your faith. Is that right? That's the only way you're healed.

AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES.title JEFF.IN V-16 N-2 60-0911M

Remember, you can only be saved by your personal faith. You can only be healed by your personal faith. You believe this to be the Bible? God's Word. You believe your pastor to be a man of God, whatever church you go to? If you don't, you should leave it. Get to a man
that is a man of God. Then if you believe him, believe he's telling you the truth, then accept it. Your own personal faith in Christ saves you. No matter how good your pastor is, how godly, saintly your mother is, how--how real the Word of God is, how much you cry, how much you pray; it's your faith that saves you. By faith are you saved.


For no matter how much I would pray for you, if you yourself didn't have the faith, it wouldn't do any good. That's right. It takes your faith. And no matter how much I preach to you and how well I brought the Gospel to you, if ye yourself... It's your own personal faith in Christ that saves you. Is that right? I couldn't save you, no matter how bad I'd want to. I've got brothers that's not saved. And I've tried my best and persuaded, and cried, and begged, and tried to stand in the breach for them. But they've got to have their own faith in God. Many of you Christian people here has brothers, and sisters, and mothers, and fathers, and children, and everything, unsaved. Is that right? Raise your hand. Well, you can't save them. You can't do what Christ has already done. Christ has saved them. Now, the only thing they have to do is accept that salvation, God's free gift.

PARADOX.A.title PHOENIX.AZ V-19 N-1 65-0117

It isn't necessary to come up here and kneel down, and pray through until you--until you're saved. You're saved already, but you have to accept it. Your praying doesn't do it. Your faith is what you're saved by, not by prayer. But by faith are you saved: same thing by healing. I'm sure we all understand that.



The Bible said the Gospel came to us not in word only, but through the power, manifestations of the Holy Ghost. In other words, it's the Holy Ghost taking the Word of God and making It manifest. See? And otherwise the only way that the signs of Mark 16 can follow the believer is that the Holy Spirit Himself takes the Word of God and demonstrates it to the people. That's it.
Now, faith makes that Word live. See, the Word is God. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And then Jesus said, "If ye abide in Me and My Word in you, ask what you will and it'll be done for you." See? That's staying with Christ in the Word. Don't go right or left; stay right with it. See? And then it's actually not your word then; it's His Word, and His Word has the power and authority behind It.


Now, the only way that a church can be built, the only way that a man can have faith is not by his denomination, not by his affiliation; but his faith rests, not upon the theology of some man's ideas, 'cause it's more or less, altogether, man... But the only way faith can find its solemn resting place is upon the immovable and unchangeable Word of God. "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word." That's how it takes. And--and when faith is heard and accepted, it's forever settled. Nothing no more can ever move it, no matter what comes or goes. Nothing can ever change that faith. Think of that. You're anchored, and you no more change for time and eternity. You're anchored forever. For God by one Sacrifice has perfected forever those that are sanctified or called.

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

Jesus had perfect faith. He--He had it, and it come because He was the Word. And you become the Word; you become the Word, as you receive the Word. "If ye abide in Me, and My Word's in you. My Words (which this Word) abides in you, then ask what you will, and it'll be done for you." See? "And if ye say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt, but believe in what you've said, then you shall have what you said. When you pray, believe that you receive what you ask for, and you shall have it; it'll be given to you." Time, space, nothing else will ever change it. You know it's done. It's already--it's already over with.


And let's remember, while we're obeying the Spirit, one great lesson that we want to learn is never be hastily (See?), take your time, have faith. If we have asked God anything, remember, God answers prayer. He does it in His time, the way it's best, makes it work just right for us.



Now, hope is one thing and faith is another. Faith is a positive sense. It's not a guess work; you don't just imagine it. It's just as real as any other sense of your body, just the same as sight is. Sight is real. Hearing is real. See, taste, feel, smell, and hear, the five senses of the body that control the body, they're real faculties to you if none of them's injured. And then, faith is just as real as any of the other five senses, and more real, because it'll go in and above those five senses.

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

When Satan tempts us, we are to resist him in a perfect faith in a perfect Word, like Jesus did. The Word of God is perfect. We're to have perfect faith in this perfect Word and resist Satan. By His faith in--in His Word we--He conquer--we can conquer anything, both death, hell, and the grave. We know that God is God, that perfect faith in God's perfect Word, He conquered everything that He come in contact with. Death could not even stand in His Presence. Sickness could not stand in His Presence.. .. And now, "If ye abide in Me (Through Him, He brought the Word to you.), and My Words abide in you," then walk in the same kind of a way: virtues flowing from you, the rivers of God's fountains of blessing just flowing out to the people. See what I mean? And you're not bluffing it; you're not imagining it. It's actually taking place, and you see it. If you're just imagining it, that don't do any good; but if it's really there, it really happened.


PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

Notice. Now, notice, perfect faith is a master of all circumstances. Perfect faith masters all circumstances. No matter what it is, it masters it. Now, just watch. When you believe anything, do anything, and you got faith in what you're doing; no matter what the circumstance is, that don't have one thing to do with it. See, it masters that circumstance. If it's in a--a room of sickness, and the Lord's revealed that this certain thing's going to happen, you just speak it and go on. "Oh, does the..." Just don't ask any questions. It's already over; just keep going. See? It masters all circumstances. "Well, if you do this, So-and-so's going to do..." That... See, it already got it mastered. See? Faith believes that God will work it out. "I don't know how He's going to do it, but He will do it anyhow." See? It masters all circumstances. And faith and love is relations, because you can't have faith unless you've got love, because your faith is in a God Who is the very essence of love. Faith and love works together.


Joshua stopped the sun. Is that true? Somebody said, "All things are possible with God, nothing impossible." But all things are possible to you also. Nothing impossible to them that believe. All things are possible. Brought right down and made you, if you just know Who God was. Well, I'm afraid that the Church doesn't know their authority. I'm afraid that Holy Ghost born men doesn't realize their authority where--or the authority that God has permitted to His Church. "I'll give unto thee the keys to the Kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, whatever you loose will be loosed. I give you power over serpents, and over all kinds of diseases, oh, everything, and nothing shall harm you." Exercise your faith. Let it loose. Let God have His way. God will grant it to you.


Now God, give every man and woman, boy or girl in here faith to believe that. The Word has been spoken. "If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart (The prayer of faith saves the sick.), you have what you ask for." We know that. We have that confidence in God. If we have any faith at all, if God's living in us, we believe that.


God is not understood by knowledge; God is understood by faith. Is that right? What if Peter would've tried to figure out how deep that water was, and how impossible it was for him to walk on that water; he'd have never walked. See? But he just took Christ at His Word and walked on.


PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

Peter, he was doing all right till he got scared. The Word told him he could walk on the water. He was scared first; he thought it was a--a ghost, and he said, "Lord, if it be You, bid me come to You on the water." Said, "Come on." Now, that's just the same as James 5:14, same as Mark 16; it's the same God said It, said, "Come on." And so he started walking. He done all right, got down out of the ship, started walking on...
He said, "If it's You, bid me come to You on the water." Jesus said, "Come on."
And he stepped down, said, "It's the Lord, I'll just walk." But when he got his eyes on the waves, he got scared. What come in his mind? First thing, he... "I'm going to walk, because the Word said for me to walk." And the next thing, he looked at his... Well, he looked at his symptoms; he looked out there and seen how big them waves was, and he got scared; and when he did, down he went. See? What he feared, happened. What he believed, happened. When he believed he could walk, he walked; when he believed--got scared in his belief, then his substance left him. See? He still professed his faith, but he didn't have the substance. The substance would have went right over top of that whitecaps and went right on to Him (See?), if he has the perfect faith. See? But he didn't have it. He thought he did. He did at first; he was willing to venture right out, "Why, the Lord told me to do it; it's got to happen." So he just steps right out of the boat and takes off. See? He never thought about the--the--the--the waves, how contrary they was. He never got that in his mind.

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

In the Book of Job It says here, "Job feared." And what he feared, it actually happened. What brought it? His fear. That's what made it happen. His faith would've kept him from it, but his fear brought him--brought it to him. He was scared it was going to happen, and it did happen. Now, if it'd been--if he knowed it wouldn't have happened, it wouldn't have happened. See what I mean?



If I prayed for a person, and I--I'd tell them people they're going to live. I believe they're going to live. But no matter if my word was absolutely THUS SAITH THE LORD, and you'd disbelieve it, you'd die anyhow. Certainly. Here's THUS SAITH THE LORD, and many of them receive it and die. Many of them go to hell, when THUS SAITH THE LORD, you don't have to. Is that right? Sure. See, it's what... It's all based on your faith. And Divine healing is based upon your faith. But according to God's Word, THUS SAITH THE LORD, that every person was healed when Jesus died at Calvary, "He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." That right? We were. The Bible said you were healed. So don't find fault with me. I'm just a preacher of the Word. You go tell God that He told something wrong, and God will tell you where your weakness is then. You see? So that--it's your faith. Jesus said, "If thou canst believe... If thou canst believe..."

DEMONOLOGY.1.PHYSICAL.title CON.IN DE 21-40 53-0608A

The gift of Divine healing was in you if you got healed. It's you, the one. Any gift operates by faith. And no matter how much gift of Divine healing I got, I believe it with all my heart. But you could stand here and, if you haven't got the same kind of faith, it don't do you no good. I could pray for you for hours and weeks and months. It isn't the preachers with the Divine healing; it's you that's got the gift of Divine healing, that believes in being healed, 'cause it's by faith.
By faith... Every operation of God is by faith. The whole armor of God is by faith. We haven't got one natural thing of this world. Everything of the Christian church is a faith act. Look at the armor of God, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience. Is that right? Everything's supernatural, nothing natural. So we don't look at the things natural, because we're operating supernatural. And the only way we can base it, is faith, is on what God said was the truth, and we look at the unseen.

HE.THAT.IS.IN.YOU.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-12 63-1110E

He's proved to you that He's God. "Greater is He that's in you than he that's in the world." It's the Lord God. Now, He that's in you, let Him have preeminences. Let Him have the over-saying of--of what you... You say in your heart right now, if you can with all your heart, and believe it, "The disease that was in my body is gone. (See?) I am no more afflicted. I have no more disease. He that's in me is greater than he that's in my body. He that's in my heart is greater than he that's in my flesh. Therefore, He that's in my heart created the heavens and earth. My flesh has been contaminated by Satan, and I am a temple for the Holy Spirit to live in. Therefore, Satan, I command you to leave my body. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of me." See? You believe it?


In Acts 3:16 when Peter was asked how the mighty miracle had taken place upon the crippled one at the Gate Beautiful, he explained it on this wise, "And His (Jesus) Name through faith in His (Jesus) Name hath made this man (former cripple) strong, yea, the faith which is by (from) Him (Jesus) hath given him (the man) this perfect soundness in the presence of you all." See, there it is. Jesus' Name, and Jesus' Faith brought about the miracle. Peter did not claim it was his own human faith any more than he claimed that it was his own name. He said that Jesus' Name used in the faith which is from Jesus performed that great work. This faith is what the Lord was speaking about in Revelation 22:13. It was HIS faith. It was not faith IN Him. But it was HIS OWN faith that He had given to the believers. Romans 12:3b "According as God hath dealt to every man (according to verse 1 the men are BRETHREN) the measure of faith." Ephesians 2:8, "By grace are ye saved through faith, and that (Faith) not of yourselves, it is the gift of God." And it also says in James 2:1, "My brethren (notice he, too, is talking to BRETHREN) have not the faith OF (not in) our Lord Jesus Christ with respect of persons."



And if He has never circumcised you yet by the Holy Ghost, He hasn't received your faith yet. That's right. That is the circumcision of the heart and spirit. God gives the Holy Ghost as a confirmation He's received your faith. Now, if you stop believing, and scrumbling around, and just believe God, God will circumcise that heart. And that cuts off all unbelief, circumcises the world and all unbelief away from you; and then you stand, the Word alone, Jesus said, "If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you; then ask what you will; it'll be given to you."
That's what's the matter with the church today. It's under emotion; it's under education; it's under creed. No wonder, it's smothered down. See? So we need a circumcision to cut the whole thing away. Come back to God and His Word, and believe It the way It's wrote there, and don't argue with It. Just stay with It. God made a promise; God keeps His promise. He can't do nothing else but keep His promise and remain God.


Now, here it is. I want you to get it. How much more foundation could you place your faith on any level than the Word of God? What more could you put faith in? When He said, "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away."... Then it is a fact that God's Word is eternal. And the very world that we're sitting on top of tonight, is nothing more than the Word of God materialized. He spoke the Word, and said, "Let there be," and the world came into existence. All things that you see was made by faith in the spoken Word of God. God said, "Let there be," and He believed His Own Word. Well, after redemption, and a taste of God in our souls and heart, how much more ought we to base our faith on what God give us the promise for and sent Jesus to die, to redeem us to that promise.

BE.CERTAIN.OF.GOD.title LA.CA 59-0412A

I'm sure the Holy Spirit is here now. I'm sure of it. And I know that what we ask, we will receive it. It might not come just right now, but it's got to come. God's promise is true. We ask Him for anything; we don't doubt; we believe that what we ask for we get; because we met God's requirements, given our life to Him, surrendered our will to Him. Our lives, our soul, all that we are we have surrendered to God. Then our heart condemns us not; we can have what we ask for. "If ye abide in me and My word in you, ask what you will and it shall be done unto you." That's His promise. Just be sure that you know God, and know that that's His promise.



“Oh, IF the great holy CHURCH only realized its POWER to do these things. But there's so much DOUBT and fear and trembling, wondering if it will, "Could it happen?"
As long as that exists, the CHURCH can NEVER stand upright. And when every talk of fear is vanished and the Holy Spirit is completely in control of the CHURCH, then all fears are gone, and that Church has the POWER. See? Why, THEY have EVERYTHING that heaven owns BEHIND them. They're ambassadors of the throne. Absolutely. An ambassador of Christ has the AUTHORITY, and everything that Christ owns belongs to that ambassador. And He said, "Go ye into all the world; YOU are My witnesses after the Holy Ghost is come on YOU." And what is a witness? Is an ambassador, is to come and witness something. The WHOLE powers of heavens is right in YOUR hands. Oh, why do we set, and the church is barren, and we set dormant? Is BECAUSE that we DON’T recognize these things.”


“Then JESUS in His Church today, would be just as POWERLESS as your FAITH is, and just as POWERFUL as your faith is. He'd be limited to whatever God would tell him to do, that he could do. And if Jesus was here tonight, He might stand before you, or you stand before Him, He'd tell you your life. He might know what was going on. He might know what you've done, or what sin's your life, or whatever it is wrong with you. But you're healing would have to come by God. Is that right? Now, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's in His Church today. He puts His Church in ORDER.

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E

Joshua stopped the sun. Is that true? Somebody said, "All things are possible with God, nothing impossible." But ALL things are possible to YOU also. NOTHING impossible to them that believe. All things are possible. Brought right down and made YOU, IF you just know Who God was. Well, I'm AFRAID that the CHURCH doesn't know their AUTHORITY. I'm afraid that Holy Ghost born men doesn't REALIZE their authority where--or the authority that God has permitted to His CHURCH. "I'll give unto thee the keys to the Kingdom. WHATEVER YOU bind on earth will be bound in heaven, whatever you loose will be loosed. I give you power over serpents, and over all kinds of diseases, oh, everything, and nothing shall harm you." EXERCISE your faith. Let it loose. Let God have His way. God will grant it to YOU.”

PARDONED.title TUCSON.AZ 63-1028

Now, remember, THEY had the POWER. Jesus had GIVEN them power to heal the sick, to raise the dead, and cast out devils, just a few days before that. They had the power BUT not the FAITH to use the power. Now, there's the Branham Tabernacle. There's the CHURCH, the BRIDE today. The Holy Spirit is here with the power, but YOU haven't got that FAITH to move it. See what I mean? It takes FAITH to move it. Here. I got a shell that I hand loaded. I know what it'll do by ballistics, like the Word, but I've got to fire the gun. The fire has to get to the powder. The powder's got the power, but it's got to have the fire to light it off. And the same thing, the powder's in the shell, but it needs faith to charge it and throw it out. That's what it takes (See?), perfect FAITH to ignite the power of the Holy Spirit which we have NOW, since He's come upon us; faith to ignite, to see great things, is to... The faith, something that presents it to you...


Why, this church OUGHT to be a million miles up the road to where it is NOW. Jesus is WAITING on His CHURCH to get ready. His Bride has made herself ready. We GOT the potentials. The Holy Spirit is here. God is here. The POWER to heal the sick, the power to do all the things that Christ did, I've seen it demonstrated myself by the Holy Spirit. So the potentials are here. What God's WAITING for us to get away from is our traditions, and come back under the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ, and become the church of the living God. But remember, He's triumphed with you; triumphed with you over every bit of it, even if you're the soles of His feet. Every sickness, every devil, every power, even death itself is UNDER your feet: under YOU. Glory. I don't feel like I was fifty-two this morning. This is Truth. If I can just get this CHURCH to SEE that, brother, we'll be a triumphant church. Believers in Him, all evil under Him... Oh, glory.
I'm going to check up a little. I'll start up again the next time.
Listen. Listen to this. You say, "Brother Branham, I have NO power." NEITHER do I. I don't have any power. "Well, Brother Branham, I'm a weakling." So am I. But I'm not depending in my strength. It ain't my strength. I'm depending on my AUTHORITY (See?), my authority given me. It's not me strong. I ain't strong. He's strong, and I--I'm His.


God, we realize that the badge of authority is not a name of a denomination, but it's the POWER, the power of the resurrection of Christ in EACH individual life. God, may this people here this morning STRIVE to enter in that. And if this tape should ever get out into the country where people are at, Lord, let them KNOW that it wasn't said to be for malice, 'cause I'd be wrong myself; but that the Church might be triumphant and realize its place.



But He that is in you is Christ! And if Christ is in you, the works of Christ you will do, if Christ lives in you. He said so. Saint John 14:12, "He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also," if you was in Christ, or if Christ lived in you. Then, Christ is the Word. Is that right? And the Word come to His prophets. See? And if, you, Christ lived in you, the works of Christ would be done through you, the Life of Christ would be lived through you. The works He did, the life He lived, and everything, it would live in you; just like if Shakespeare, Beethoven, or--or whoever it was lived in you.
If His Life! But if you're still living your own life, then your own works you'll do. See? But if you're living the Life of Christ, if Christ is in you, "He that's in you is greater than he that's in the world." If your doubts and flusterations about God's promise is in you, then Christ isn't there; see, you're only worked up. But if the Life, if Christ is living in you, His Word He will recognize and His promise He'll do. See? He'll do. When thou prayest, believe that you receive what you ask for, and it shall be given to you. If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, you can have what you say. The Father worketh, and I worketh hitherto. Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." See? And when the Father showed Him what to do; walked out there without a failure of anything, and said, "Let it be," and it was. And that same Christ lives in you. It lives in us. Then His works we'll do, because Christ is the Word, and the promise of the Word brings healing to you. Do you believe that?


You see, God wants to work in His church. Jesus said, "I'll be with you always, even to the end of the world. The works that I do shall you do also." Saint John 12:14, "The works that I do shall you do also; even more than this shall you do, for I go to My Father."


Now let me give you a great noble paradox here, just a minute. In John 14:12, Jesus said, promised that, "The believer that believed on Him, would do the same works." Is that right? God, Who makes a law or a promise, must keep that promise, to be God. He does keep it. To think, the God... Why, It's a paradox, Itself; for God, Who makes a promise and cannot break that promise, to give that promise of the things that He did, to His people, to follow throughout the age until He returned again. "Go ye into all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature; every creature, all the world. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned; and these signs shall follow them that believe." He has got to keep that Word. And because He said it, it went from His mouth, it's got to be fulfilled.


Then unconsciously your faith is there. You don't have to worry about whether you got faith enough to do this, or faith enough to do that. It's just there anyhow. You just do it because the Father said so. And it's the living Word in you, and God's in you, manifesting Hisself just like He was in Christ. You say, "As He was in Christ?" Yes, sir.
He said, "The works that I do shall you also; even more than this for I go to My Father." Now, that's His Word, Saint John 14:12. He gave that promise. Everyone will believe that was inspired. And...
"So a little while and the world will see Me no more, yet you shall see Me, for I will be with you until the end of the age of the apostles?" No. "I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Hebrews 13:8 said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

Some Scriptures on Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

ROMANS 3:24-25
Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth [to be] a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, [it is] evident: for, The just shall live by faith. And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them.

Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

ROMANS 5:1-2
Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

ROMANS 3:27-28
27 Where [is] boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith. Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.

(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

ROMANS 10:17
17 So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

MARK 11:22-24
And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].

And my speech and my preaching [was] not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

JAMES 5:15
And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

38 Now the just shall live by faith: but if [any man] draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

Let us hold fast the profession of [our] faith without wavering; (for he [is] faithful that promised;)

JAMES 2:26
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

ROMANS 14:23
For whatsoever [is] not of faith is sin.

ROMANS 4:4-5
4 Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.

LUKE 7:50
And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.