The International Believers Convention in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is being hosted by Pastor Harold Hildebrandt of The End Time Message Tabernacle every three years. It is attended by believers from all around the world. I had a chance to attend three consecutive conventions beginning the year 2000, 2003 and lately, the one of July 26 to 30, 2006. Here are some snapshots which I took from this blissful event. (-Ron Millevo)

Left: Pastor Menno Friesen, Ptr. Harold Hildebrandt and myself. Right: Myself, Pastor Tim Pruitt (of Lousiana) and a pastor from Fiji.

Left: Pastor Tim Dodd of Grande Prairie, Ptr. Zephaniah Peters of Tanzania, Africa, and myself. Right: Ptr. Anwar Javed of Pakistan, Missionary A.A., and Pastor Eugene Braun of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Left: Pastor Anwar Javed of Pakistan and myself. Left: Filipino believers residing in Red Deer, Alberta- couple Vivian and Joey Rollo, with a pastor in Ottawa, Canada.

Pictures from the International Believers Convention of 2003. Left: Pastor Daniel Daisley of North Carolina, myself, and Pastor Eddie Byskal of British Columbia (guest speaker). Middle: Myself with Pastor Ron Spencer of Virginia, USA (guest speaker) and Ptr. Richard Diyoka of Congo, Africa. Right: Myself, a brother and Ptr. Timm Dodd of Grande Prairie.

Left: Ptr. Derrick Donaldson of New Zealand, Dan Daisley of NC, USA and myself. Middle: Ptr. Herbert Makoba of Africa, Ptr. Ted Posedly of Arizona, USA and myself. Right: Ptr. Samson Tei of Ghana, Africa and two other brothers.

Left: The Landmarker of End Time Message Tabernacle. Right: Some Filipino believers residing in Vancouver.

Left: Children's choir of End Time Message Tabernacle. Right: Brother Desmond of Antigua with his family.

Left: The registration area. Middle: Brother Derrick Donaldson and wife. Right: The Redeemed Quartet of ETM Tabernacle.

Left: Brother Norman Pingayak and family from Chivac, Alaska. Right: African ministers.

Left: Pastor Harold Hildebrandt and wife Sister Lee-Ann of ETMT. Right: Pastor Ken Boyer of Calgary and his wife.

Left: Tim Dodd, Ted Posedly, and Ron Millevo. Mid:Tim Dodd, Ron, Daniel Daisley and Bruce Painter of Minnesotta. Right: Ron Spencer & Richard Diyoka.

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