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Pastor Donny Reagan
Happy Valley Church, Tennessee
Brother Billy Paul Branham
Voice of God Recordings, Jeff. Indiana
Pastor Ted Posedly
Evening Time Lighthouse, Dewey, AZ
Pastor Doug Baker
Love Divine Fellowship
Pastor Ron Peterson
Evening Light Fellowship, Phoenix, Arizona
Pastor Barry Coffey
Hickory Bible Tabernacle, Hickory, NC

Pastor Craig Booher
Bible Believers Church, Lima, Ohio

Pastor Tim Pruitt
Evening Light Tabernacle, Homer, LA
Evangelist Jonathan & Sister Kelly Goff

Missionary Cyril Sukdeo Mahadeo, North Carolina

Pastor Ron Spencer
Full Gospel Lighthouse, VA
Pastor Richard Diyoka,
Shekinah Publishing, Congo

Evangelist Dewayne Lawson, Arkansas
Pastor Paul Lafontaine,
Lafontaine Music, Toledo Ohio

Brother Tim Mullen

Brother Fernando Torres (webmaster of,
Ron Millevo, Brother James Weeden, and Ptr Ron Peterson
Brother Lonnie Jenkins
Believers Christian Fellowship, Lima, OH
Evening Time Lighthouse Sisters with Fleda
The William Branham's Tombstone
Jeffersonville, Indiana
With Sheri and Paul Lafontaine
Ron & Fleda at the Branham Tabernacle
Believers Christian Fellowship, Lima, Ohio
Happy Valley Church, Tennessee

Happy Valley Church, Tennessee believers
Sister Smith, Sister Carol Reagan & Fleda Millevo

Evening Light Fellowship, Phoenix, Arizona

Evening Time Lighthouse, Dewey, AZ believers

Believers Christian Fellowship, Lima, Ohio sisters with Fleda Millevo

Happy Valley Church, Tennessee sisters with Fleda Millevo

Pastor Ray Ericson, Bro Jeff and Ron Millevo

Fleda Millevo with Sister Angela Branham-Smith

Ron Millevo, Rocky Verallo, Marcus Becker & Jeff Jenkins

At Pastor Ray Ericson's Church, Lima, Ohio

Pastor Frank Prater and wife
Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle, Forth Smith, Arkansas

Bro Don Leitner, Ptr Larry Harrah, Bro Bruce Painter & Ron Millevo