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Dalton Bruce is a self-proclaimed “overseer” of a group who call themselves “The Defectors” - a religious cult who thrives on attacking and character assasinating preachers of the End Time Message who will not agree with Dalton Bruce's teachings, especially on doctrines based on Robert Lambert's tapes whom Dalton Bruce considers as the "Voice of the Archangel".

Dalton Bruce proclaims that he alone and his group have the secret to the "Third Pull" and that his group alone holds the mystery of the "Seven Thunders". One needs to become one of his followers if anyone wish to go in the rapture, for Dalton Bruce alone holds the secret to the revival of the Bride of Christ; that's according to his own teachings.

Dalton Bruce hails from Trinidad, West Indies, and writes a lot of books whereby he enjoys lambasting those who he disagree with and calls these ministers in his books as “idiots”, “hell-bound”, “demonic”, "powerless ignoramus", "monsters", "mentally deluded", "false prophets", "imposters", "blind guides fit for the lake of fire" and more.

This dirty tactic of "branding", "name-calling" and "character assasination" done by Bruce Dalton has earned him the title of "guillotine executioner" of ministers in this Message.

The foul language that he uses against these preachers are published in his website "www.bethelthehouseofgod.net” and distributes these books in India, Africa, South America, Asia and Europe to elevate his ministry above the rest. Sisters that come out away from his denomination are branded by Bruce as "witches" simply because that they will not agree with his Nicolaitanes system.

Dalton Bruce is obviously trying hard to portray himself as somebody authoritative, forcing people to look up to him as a "pope" in the Message. He obviously shows a “know-it-all” attitude and desires the office of a “final say-so” in the Message circle. He assumes that he (and his group) is infallible, trying to unsolicitedly meddle with the affairs of other churches which ought to enjoy their own God-given rights and local sovereignty in their own local churches.

If one will try to read any of Dalton Bruce's EODH books, one might lead to think that this man is psychotic or simply out of his mind, because the words that he uses to brand other ministers are very libelous in nature. When you visit his website, you can hardly find anything edifying because all you can find there are hateful articles, all forms of mockery and verbal abuse against respectable ministers of this End Time Message.

So put on your spiritual eyeglasses when you do visit his website. Test every spirit (word) whether they are of God or not, for the Bible exhorts us to "mark them that cause contentions among you."


Dalton Bruce and his gang had already maligned and victimized a number of renowned preachers (photos at the left) and other respectable individuals in the Message Ranks by publishing libelous materials against them through his printed materials and through his website. I wonder why he is still at-large considering the many offenses that he has committed against these dignified individuals. Somebody from the International Human Rights Agency should take a look at his materials and see whether they could qualify for some "human rights violation".

The following is a short list of a few notable/respectable ministers whom he has slandered and has victimized in his website articles (anyone can verify the thing with these ministers by emailing them; or by downloading the derogative files against them from Dalton Bruce's website):

1. Rev. Vin Dayal, Pastor of Third Exodus Assembly, Trinidad, West Indies.
(Rev. Vin Dayal is being branded by Dalton Bruce
as "Vin the Crow", "Five Star General of Lucifer", "Idiot, powerless Ignoramus", a "false prophet", "proud", an "arrogant impersonator", an "anti Christ" and a "servant of Satan"); all such descriptive verbal abuse can be found at Dalton Bruce's website.

2. Rev. Brian Kocourek, Pastor of Message Doctrine.net, was lambasted and defamed by Dalton Bruce for his stand on the Godhead and on his Parousia (Christ is Here) Doctrine.

3. Rev. Joseph Coleman, former Pastor of New York, was lambasted and defamed by Dalton Bruce for his stand on the "Seven Thunders-Seven Virtues" teaching and more.

4. Rev. C.W. Wood, pastor of Dewitt Tabenacle, Arkansas, USA, was lambasted and defamed by Dalton Bruce for his teaching on the "Seventh Seal" and for his Biblical mathematical prowess.

5. Rev. Richard Gan, a missionary from Singapore, was lambasted and defamed by Dalton Bruce for his "Seven Men-Seven Thunders" teaching, and more.

6. Rev. Ewald Frank, pastor in Krefeld, Germany, was defamed and lambasted by Dalton Bruce for his teaching on the 70 weeks of Daniel, and more.

7. Rev. Lee Vayle, teacher and editor of the Seven Church Age Book, was lambasted by Dalton Bruce for his teaching on the Godhead and more others.

8. Brother Owen Jorgensen, Writer and Biographer of the “Supernatural Life of William Branham” Book Series, was lambasted by Dalton Bruce for his biography books/issues number 1 to 6 on the Supernatural Life of William Branham

9. Ron Millevo, Webmaster of this website, is being lambasted by Bruce Dalton and his gang for publishing in this website the book of Owen Jorgensen and letters of those who have witnessed against his Nicolaitan system and false doctrines

In Dalton Bruce's recent booklet, he has branded all other ministers who are affiliated with the Annual Believer conventions in the USA and Canada, (such as the Ohio Family Camp of Ptr. Jeff Jenkins, the International Believers Convention of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada of Harold Hildebrandt and the Cloverdale Conventions of Eddie Byskal) to be a gathering of “heretics”composed of “idiotic thunder preachers”. What right has this man to call these people as such? And what authority has he got to “brand” these precious souls as "heretics"?

Pray for this man that God will bring him to his knees in repentance for his errors and offenses. He does not realize that he has fallen in the same old rut as the Pharisees who misjudged the disciples of Jesus and has projected a “holier-than-thou” attitude amongst God's people. His disrespect and irreverence for other servants of God and his desecration of other people’s ministry has shown a Nicolaitanes spirit in him.


A precious sister who left Bruce Dalton’s congregation because of his obvious Nicolaitan system, wrote to me from Connecticut:

Dear Bro. Ronnie Millevo,

Hello from Connecticut, USA. Your website is very nice. It has help me in so many ways. I came out of a very controversial church located in Connecticut, connected to Dalton Bruce in Trinidad WI.

They believe in another prophet after Br. Branham (Shout). His name is Robert Lambert (Voice of the Archangel) and he revealed the seven unknown thunders that were hidden in the capstone and not written in the Bible, according to them. His message was all about the capstone revelation (Token). They are still waiting for the Token to come to Connecticut. When they receive the Token, they will go on a world wide revival with this message (so they say). It will start in secret somewhere (Connecticut). This great revelation is not for the public yet, but it will be soon, after they receive the power.

The Seventh Seal by Owen Jorgensen goes against a lot of the teachings I was taught by Dalton Bruce. He loves to fight against people, this makes him stronger and stronger with his beliefs.

There are so many things I could get into about the doctrine they preach, but it is not written in the Bible. There is no place in the Bible it says to go to the east (Connecticut) and wait for the Token.

Dalton Bruce is a cult leader. The more people fight with him he will get stronger and stronger within. The best way to deal with him is ignore him and keep on preaching and posting the truth. Any letters to him will be twisted and he will only let the public see what he wants them to see. Dalton Bruce controls by fear of the mind. He has a mind of a cult leader and has built an empire on the doctrine of Robert Lambert and more of his own, too. Dalton Bruce is a mad man, he wants that golden nugget for himself. He wants to be the one to tell the secret to the world.

I want you to be aware of the fear that Dalton Bruce puts on his followers who leave his churches. The churches have local pastors, but Dalton Bruce is the overseer of all his sister churches.

I was five years old when my parents started attending the church in Connecticut in 1970. Our pastor was Robert Lambert. My parents moved from Canada to Connecticut to wait for the Token. This Token comes to Connecticut first because that is where the seven unknown thunders were preached by Robert Lambert. Right foot on the sea and the left foot on the land looking toward Israel. Robert Lambert passed away in 1973. Dalton Bruce took over the church in 1979.

They type Robert Lambert as the "Christ Ministry", Voice of the Archangel, White Horse Rider, White Eagle Message, and Lion of Judah, the "Voice" to make the shout plain.

This is the fear: Anyone who hears the Voice and turns it down or leaves the church is LOST. After 30 days of leaving the church the blood is removed. It is better that the Lord takes you home during the 30 days.

The seven unknown thunders is a secret and will not be revealed to the public until they receive the token. Then the revival will start in Connecticut (New England) go around the world six to nine months to give the bride rapturing faith for the rapture, according to them. Noah waited 120 years. They will hold on to this promise as long as it takes. Because they will be able to give their loved ones salvation at that time if they accept their message. And if they don't accept it, they will drop down dead. They will be like little Jesus's on the earth again before the rapture. Tent and healing meetings around the world.

When Br. Branham preached a message, the tapes and books went around the world. When Robert Lambert preached a message it was kept in secret. We were told never to tell this revelation to anyone or we would be cursed. (Oh, that's why it's encrypted in their website...eh? *Ron)

This doctrine has torn families and friends apart over the years. Because once you leave the church it is total separation from them.

I want to say this about Robert Lambert: He was my first pastor and I loved him very much. I was 8 years old when he was murdered in 1973. We don't know if Robert Lambert (Br. Bob we called him) would have changed his doctrine if he was still living or that is why the Lord took him home. I don't know why.

From 1973 to 1979 before Dalton Bruce took over the church, the church was going back to more main stream like the other churches. It was when Dalton Bruce took over in 1979, we went back to the doctrine of Robert Lambert and some more of Bruce's own doctrine. He was a very poor man and seen a great empire. He took over the church slowly in Connecticut. Changing it little by little. Until it was too late.

My sister is in this group, I have not seen her or heard from her in four years. We live in the same town.

Keep preaching the truth. For the truth will set us free. Nice website!

'Glad to be free!

Your Sister Elizabeth Canzoni
From Connecticut USA



Br. Ron, My name is Gary Canzoni and this is my testimony. I left this church (Dalton Bruce’s) many years ago and it's doctrines.

I was introduced to the Message in 1979.  A brother gave me a few books and tapes of Bro. William Branham.  I started attending the church located at that time in Durham, Connecticut in 1985.  After a few months I realize this was a very different church.  

They believe Bro. Branham was only the foundation for another prophet to come.  This prophet they claim was Bro. Robert Lambert.

The Church moved to Middletown Connecticut and they changed their name to Grace Covenant Church . They believe in two prophets and two covenants. The first prophet is Bro. Branham; which they type his ministry as John the Baptist. (The Shout). The second prophet is Br. Robert Lambert; they type his ministry as the Christ Ministry (The Voice of the Archangel of Rev. 10:1). 

The Church in Middletown Ct.  believes that no one can be born again or receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Br. Branham.  The only ministry a person can be born again and receive the baptism of Holy Ghost is under the Voice Ministry (Robert Lambert).  And you will have to find this secret place in the East.  

They are still waiting in the East for the Token.  The only revelation left is how to receive the Capstone, the Token.  All of Robert Lambert’s preaching was all about was written in the Capstone. They believe that Robert Lambert was the prophet to catch the secrets that are lying outside of the Bible, on the backside of the Book, not written in the Bible (REVELATION 22:18, 19).

I thought I was so special to find this secret place in the East.  But, as time went by, I seen the Control of the leaders had over the people.  The leaders tried to put fear on me.  They said if I left the church terrible things were going to happen to me.  I left the church after two years in 1987.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and they have the same spirit.  The only way for a Catholic to get to Jesus is through his mother Mary.  And they believe the only way to the Lord Jesus Christ is through the Voice of the Christ ministry of Robert Lambert.

I want to WARN anyone under any ministers of this message that lifts himself or any other prophet higher than Br. William Branham.  RUN and get AWAY from him. This doctrine brings a person back into worse bondage than denomination.  This is a one man leadership. This is headship of a man.  It is a CULT.  This is not the headship of The Lord Jesus Christ. A minister should always point you to the Lord Jesus Christ and him alone. 

I thank the Lord for bringing my wife and children out of such bondage after so many years living under fear and control. On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand! All Other Ground is Sinking Sand! 

If anyone has any questions on the doctrine of Robert Lambert, ASK Dalton Bruce to give you a COPY of the messages preached by Robert Lambert called “Harvest Time”, July 29 & 30, 1972.  Make SURE you receive all 3 messages. If he doesn't give them to you, he must be HIDING something.

Eagles are free and we fly high! 

God Bless you,

Br. Gary Canzoni
Middletown, Connecticut,


February 27, 2010

Here's a Follow-Up Letter/Testimony from Sister Elizabeth Canzoni after she read Dalton Bruce’s latest tirade/e-mail against me as posted in Dalton Bruce EODH website….

Dear Brother Ron,

I was waiting for this letter! He knows it was me, who wrote that testimony letter. We are the only family that moved down from Canada. I know Dalton Bruce very well, I stayed in his home in Trinidad as a teenager for months. I know too much, I can expose him. When I received your e-mail my heart started pounding and my hands started to sweat. I remember the fear of that church. They told me never to tell this great revelation or I would be cursed.

Ignore him, he is mad. He has a mind of a cult leader. He thinks like Jim Jones, David Koresh and Hitler. He's trying to throw your attention to what you wrote about him and ignoring the name of the prophet Robert Lambert, the prophet who they believe revealed the seven thunders. People are asking questions now and he is getting nervous.

He is very clever and smart. Only the Connecticut Church has access to Robert Lambert's tapes. I am the only person that has come out of that church in over 25 years (I’m not talking about people that went into the world), I stayed in the Message of William Marrion Branham. I have  Robert Lambert's tapes. He is trying to put me down to lift himself up high. Dalton Bruce never thought that I could get enough courage to write you.

Why wasn't Robert Lambert mentioned in the e-mail, the prophet they claim is the Voice of the Archangel? Dalton Bruce is trying very hard to prove that the seventh seal was not revealed by William Marrion Branham.

Dalton Bruce is mad that I am still in the Message, living an overcoming life. They believe no one can live this Christian Life outside of them. He knows he can't attack me now with big sins. I didn't go back to the world like all the others (except a few). So he has to attack my childhood and teenage. Dalton Bruce also hated it, when I obeyed my husband over him. My husband only came to church for 2 years and then he left in 1987. The church told me he was a backslider and I should not obey him. I told them the Bible says to obey your husband. And my husband didn't want me to do anything sinful or against the Word. What a low blow. This man is harsh like Hitler. He has the pure race.

When I was a teenager, I was a brat! Because I asked too many questions they couldn't answer! I told you the truth! Brother Pruitt knows that I speak the truth! I believe in no secrets when it comes to doctrines. Brother Elijah Gibbs is my pastor, you can e-mail him about Book 12. He kept all his letters to Dalton Bruce. My relatives are not ashamed of me. I see all my relatives except for my sister because the church does not allow her to see me. She doesn't even see her own Dad (79 years old). Tattling: Yes I exposed their doctrine. I am a sister. My husband is Gary Canzoni. I have two children. We attend Amazing Grace Fellowship in Yalesville, Connecticut.

My testimony is the Truth, they want to hide Robert Lambert, that they believe he is the prophet. You have to get it by revelation at their church only. That is what they are mad about! They believe that WMB (Plain Message) brought the ABC's of the Gospel and Robert Lambert brought the deeper things of God.

I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell the truth to the world.  One of the first signs of a cult is Secrecy in their doctrine or beliefs.  Second is keeping people away from their families.  Bro. Branham was so against this message turning into a cult.   The truth was spoken to us by God through Bro. Branham.  We have the books and tapes.  It is very simple stay with the message that we have heard.

Dalton Bruce has wasted 10 years in trying to prove to the message world that the seventh seal/seven thunders was not revealed by Bro. Branham.  What a waste of time and energy. They do no missionary work at all.  They won't until they receive the Token with the power.  Meanwhile souls are dying.  Makes no sense at all.

They believe that the Only Revelation left is how to receive the Capstone.  And the only way that you can receive the Capstone (Token) is by a revelation from God through the ministry of the Voice of the Archangel - Robert Lambert, the only covenant angel that had the rainbow over his head that will bring the rainbow trout. The rainbow covenant is only to the predestined Bride of the Bride.  Anyone outside of this revelation is LOST, according to Dalton Bruce.

This is Brother Robert Lambert (Bob's) Birthday Party (picture below) in July of 1972. I am the little girl in the picture, my hand is holding my elbow under the picture. Brother Robert Lambert is in the brown suit and with bald head. I loved my pastor very much. I was only seven in this picture. I didn't know what he preached until years later.

The man holding the picture is Br. Carlton McGahee, he became the pastor after Br. Bob's death.  Both  Br. Bob and Br. McGahee sat in Br. Branham's meetings.  Br. McGahee was a wonderful Pastor!  So nice!  So kind!  So patient.  He passed away in 2002.

My parents left Canada because the only place on this earth you can get the Token was Connecticut! New England!

(Dalton Bruce is using the quote below to promote Robert Lambert as the "Christ Ministry", Voice of the Archangel, White Horse Rider, White Eagle Message, and Lion of Judah, the "Voice" to make the shout plain.).. REVIVAL TO START IN NEW ENGLAND .. Quote W.M.B.: E-3 ..." If we'll be sincere and believe in the God that they believed in and serve Him with the same reverence that they served Him with, we'll see a revival again. And I believe it will start in New England. God's willing to do it if we're willing to carry it." (Tested Faith Produces Goods 58-0518).

Throw his letter in the trash! Don't respond! I want to close this chapter in my life.  If you receive any e-mail from DB, trash them, I don't want to see them.  I have not gone on their website for past month and I will not be going on in the future.  Any debating with a cult leader would be a total waste of time.

Your Sister, Elizabeth Canzoni

Thank you for your e mail! I listened to Brother Byskal’s message " The Absolute Truth" 2-14-10. That was for me. Brother Byskal and Brother Pruitt have helped me so much. God Bless them. The Truth will set you free! That is Eagle Food.



Based on the above letters sent by Dalton Bruce’s former members to me, it follows that Dalton Bruce admits that he has not received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in his life yet, which is the “Token”. Until now, he seems to be searching for It and is waiting for such Token to come down in New England to fill him and his people, just like what the foolish virgins of Matthew 25 are doing right now. The Message clearly states that a minister who has no Holy Ghost is not even fit to stand in the pulpit nor is even qualified to lead a congregation. Bruce Dalton could be doing God a service without His will. Why? Brother Branham said that,

“No man has the right to take the pulpit to preach the Gospel, unless he's had a backside of the desert experience. No man, no person has the right to call themselves a Christian until they've had a backside of the desert experience… we call it "Upper Room," but it's still the backside of the desert too. It's where you meet God. (TIME.TESTED.FAITH_  NEW.YORK.NY  FRIDAY_  58-0530)

The letters also indicate that Dalton Bruce is not teaching the full Word of God to his congregation since Brother Branham taught us that “Full Obedience to the Word entitles you to the Token”. True believers today have already received the Token in their lives. The true Bride of Christ has the Baptism of the Holy Ghost right now. Brother Branham made it clear in his sermon, The Token:

“There come from the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, water, blood and life. And the whole church, the Bride, together has been made up through justification, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, which is the Token…And the Holy Ghost is a positive Token that your Lamb died, and you received the Token upon yourself; for His very Life is in you. See? There's no make-belief. There's no put-on. There's no impersonation. It's there. You know it. You know it; the world knows it. The Token is there…Apply the Token, then serve the living God, for living works, living signs: signs that heal the sick, raise the dead, foretell things, speak in tongues, interpret every time perfectly right, prophesies and says this and such a thing will happen, show signs in the heaven above and on earth, signs and wonders. Amen. Speaking exactly what the Bible said would take place... Serve the Living God. Apply the Token.”( TOKEN_  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-19  SUNDAY_  63-0901M)

Therefore, if the rapture comes today or tomorrow, those without the “Oil”, the “Token” or the Baptism of the Holy Ghost will be left behind wailing, weeping and gnashing their teeth. It follows from the teaching of Dalton Bruce that he and his followers have not received the “Token” yet and they could be left behind in the Tribulation Period if he continually base it on his teaching which acknowledges that he has no revelation yet of the “seven thunders” which only through these “seven thunders’ will the Bride of Christ get rapturing faith.

It’s clearly understandable now why Dalton Bruce had to resort to “fear tactics” in order to hold his members and congregation to himself and to his strange doctrines, because there is no Token Life in his ministry. But what did Rev. William Branham said about people who have to rule their congregations by fear?

This is what he said: “Have you ever noticed how the people who lead others astray bind them closely to themselves by fear? They say that if the people don't do what they say, or if they leave, then destruction will follow. They are false prophets, for a true prophet will always lead one to the Word and bind the people to Jesus Christ and he won't tell the people to fear him or what he says, but to fear what the Word says.” (LAODICEAN.CHURCH.AGE - CHURCH.AGE.BOOK.CPT.9)

This scenario truly summarizes the system that people under the leadership of Dalton Bruce has gotten into. It’s a great pity, indeed, for these people to be under such a Nicolaitanes system. I hope God delivers them from such a bondage.

Beware of Dalton Bruce's influence. Do not believe everything that he says. He can easily fabricate lies and manufacture stories to destroy anyone and/or any minister that will not submit to his headship. He believes that every ministry who preaches the End Time Message ought to be sanctioned by him first before he/you can go preaching. You are considered an “idiotic preacher” if you don’t agree with him on the basis of his claim that he alone holds the “secret” to the “Seventh Seal” and to the “Seven Thunders” which will soon be revealed to him in the near future by a prophet greater than William Branham, whose name is Robert Lambert. He considers Lambert as the “Voice of the Archangel” and the real “Christ Ministry”. Now, it’s up to you people to swallow such a heresy, if you can take it.


Dear Pastor Ronnie,

Why do you  let yourself be dragged into the exchange of your precious time (devoted to Jesus Christ 's people) against vain discussions with a so quarrelsome man in the person of Dalton Bruce, THE SUPER PASTOR, who :

criticizes everybody ; lambasts every man of God ; does not have regard for the Gospel of Jesus today; does not act in the ways the apostles did in the past days ; and who through his character, can be felt as having no discernment, or revelation spirit in the Word.

Please dear pastor, we know what you do even afar from Africa. Things (publications, and missionary works) as being precious and instructive and advantageous works for us, but please please don't even mention this guy, he has no respect for the WORD, the revealed Word.

Democratic Republic of the Congo


NOTE: Any precious brother or sister in this EndTime Message who has been victimized by Bruce Dalton's Nicolaitanes system are encouraged to come out in the open. We will entertain and welcome your e-mails and give you the necessary encouragement. This assault and aggression by DB upon God's people must be stopped. 



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