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THE SEVENTH SEAL By Owen Jorgensen

Book Author
The Supernatural
Life of William

Book Series 1-6


In 1972, I wrote two tracts which have been very well received by those of you who believe William Branham is the end-time prophet of Malachi 4:5-6, and the 7th angel-messenger of Revelation 10:7. The first tract, “A True Prophet To Our Generation,” showed scripturally that a prophet with the Spirit of Elijah is to forerun the second coming of Jesus Christ, as John the Baptist foreran Christ’s first coming. The next tract, “Is It Later Than You Think?,” showed how the supernatural ministry of William Branham fulfilled those prophetic scriptures in precise detail.

For many years, I have believed the voice of that prophet and have tried to walk in the Light he delivered. Nevertheless there were many things I did not understand. At that time, the Message of the Hour” meant this to me: That God had sent His promised prophet to correct our errors in doctrine and to reveal certain mysteries and by these, to prepare a Bride for Jesus Christ. But is this really what the “Message” is all about? Or is this just part of it?

In the last few years, I have taken a deep, prayerful, open-minded look at the difficult things Brother Branham said. I was not interested in “new doctrine”, (that is, something Bro. Branham did not preach). But I was concerned with facing squarely everything he had preached, regardless of how perplexing. I knew that somehow the difficulties had to fit together into a perfect whole.

This personal soul-searching began a few years ago when I heard a sermon by a man who used the Greek word ‘PAROUSIA’. What he said troubled me because he was presenting the “Message of the Hour” differently than I ever heard it before. I got out my Young’s Analytical Concordance and looked up PAROUSIA. It said:

PAROUSIA = a presence; a Being along side.

Of course in the King James Bible it is most often translated as ‘COMING’. But it is clear in the Greek that it does not mean ‘an entrance’; it means ‘AN ENTRANCE HAS TAKEN PLACE AND NOW HE WHO HAS ARRIVED IS THERE WITH YOU’.

As I used the concordance to follow PAROUSIA through the Scriptures, I was forcibly impressed with the fact that the majority of places it is found are end-time scriptures, used by Brother Branham over and over in reference to the hour in which we live. Such as:

Matt. 24:27,37 & 39 – which parallel Luke 17:30
I Cor. 15:23 – speaking of the Translation
I Thes. 4:15 – speaking again of the Rapture
II Thes. 2:8 – it destroys Satan’s power
II Peter 3:4 – scoffers denying it

It was II Peter 3 that really startled me… “There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His PAROUSIA?” ‘Where is the promise of PRESENCE?’

This verse in II Peter 3 is the second scripture Brother Branham quotes at the beginning of his sermon “Rapture”. As he cried out against creeds, dogmas and traditions, it occurred to me that he was also speaking against the traditional “Pentecostal” concept of the Rapture, because he ends his sermon with this tradition-shattering revelation: THE ‘SHOUT’ in I Thessalonians 4:16 IS HIS MESSAGE! This I have known from the beginning and have always accepted without question.

But now, realizing that I Thes. 4 is a PAROUSIA (Presence) scripture, I began to examine it more closely. Something wasn’t making sense. The text reads, “For the Lord HIMSELF shall descend from heaven with a SHOUT…” I knew unequivocally that Bro. Branham WAS NOT the Lord Jesus Christ. Then what did the Bible mean, “The Lord HIMSELF shall descend from heaven with a shout…” Suddenly, PAROUSIA was revealed to me. A PRESENCE; a BEING along side. Of course!

Having a copy of W.E. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, I looked up PAROUSIA.

PAROUSIA – literally, a PRESENCE (para = with; and ousia = being, from eimi = to be), denotes both an arrival and a consequent presence with.

The next logical questions were: HOW, WHEN and WHY?

As I re-examined the major events on Bro. Branham’s ministry, my attention naturally came to focus on the Revelation of the Seven Seals.

I have read The Revelation of the Seven Seals many times over the years, and always before, when I came to his sermon, “The Breach”, I would get scared thinking, “Brother Branham surely couldn’t mean what it sounds like he means.” This time I approached it with an entirely different attitude: “What if Brother Branham meant exactly what he said?” From this perspective, all my old ideas about the “Message of the Hour” began to
dissolve. In truth, they had to dissolve. The powerful statements the prophet makes in “The Breach” can not fit into traditional ‘Pentecostal’ theology. But they do fit the Bible!

“THE BREACH”, of course, refers to the Biblical narration of events that transpire between the end of the seven church ages and the opening of the Seven Seals. Since God had previously revealed to Bro. Branham the meaning of the seven church ages (Rev. 1-3) and was about to open to him the Seven Seals (Rev. 6-8), it was of obvious necessity that he should deal with “THE BREACH” first, for it positionally places the opening of the Seals in time, location and perspective, clearly showing who it is that does the opening and why. In fact, without a clear understanding of “THE BREACH” it is impossible to catch the full meaning of the Revelation of the Seven Seals.

IN BRIEF: Revelation 4 - a throne is set in heaven. God is on the throne with the BOOK of REDEMPTION in His hand, SEALED with SEVEN SEALS. No one is found worthy to open that BOOK. Then the Bloody Lamb steps forth, takes the Book and breaks OPEN the SEVEN SEALS.

At this point, Brother Branham draws our attention to Rev. 10, letting us know precisely that the ANGEL which descend is CHRIST (Rev 10:1) and that the BOOK open in His hand (Rev 10:2) is that same seven-sealed BOOK of REDEMPTION which was closed in Rev. 5. (The Breach, pp. 72)

On page 74, he says, “And when the SEALS are broken and the mystery is revealed, down comes the ANGEL, the Messenger, CHRIST, setting His foot upon the land and upon the sea with a RAINBOW over His head. Now remember, THIS SEVENTH ANGEL IS ON THE EARTH AT THE TIME OF HIS COMING!”

Wow! What an eye-opening statement! The seventh church age messenger of Rev. 10:7 is ON THE EARTH at the time of the coming of this ANGEL (CHRIST) in Revelation 10:1-6!

WHAT AN AWESOME REVELATION. And it fits with what he said in page 72, “This Seven-sealed BOOK is revealed at the TIME of the SEVEN THUNDERS of Revelation 10.” It also fits perfectly with I Thes. 4:15-16, “…we which are ALIVE and remain unto the COMING ( Presence – PAROUSIA) of the LORD shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the LORD HIMSELF shall descend from heaven with a SHOUT…” The SHOUT is the “MESSAGE”, delivered by Brother Branham, calling a Bride for Jesus Christ. And the LORD has descended to give that ‘SHOUT’! The implications of this are staggering!

What then about I Thes. 4:17, where it declares, “…we shall meet the LORD in the air.” There is no denying that physical meeting at the time of the translation. Nevertheless, that does not negate these other scriptures. Nor can we toss out these powerful statements Brother Branham makes, regardless of how contrary they are to what we have been previously taught. It must all dovetail.

As I progressed through “THE BREACH”, I next came up against a really tough part. Bro. Branham makes it very clear that when the LAMB takes the BOOK and opens the Seven Seals, HE is NO LONGER A MEDIATOR.

QUOTE: “…So, here came the Lamb, now. His intercessory days were over, the mediatorial days. That’s when this ANGEL first stands there” (referring to Rev. 10). “…He comes forth (What?) to take His claims now… He’d done the kinsman work or redemption, but had not as yet called for His CLAIM. Now, He comes on the scene to CLAIM His rights for which He was slain… He had been a LAMB, an intercessor, a bloody Lamb, but NOW He’s coming forth as a LION. His days of intercession is OVER… And remember, it comes at the SEVENTH church AGE, and the mysteries of God will be opened up. Now watch real close. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU MUST GET. Now, He had been doing His mediatorial work making intercessions for the believer. For two thousand years He’s been back there, a LAMB. Now, He is stepping forth from Eternity to take the TITLE DEEDED BOOK and to break the SEALS and reveal the MYSTERIES. When is it? – At the end time … Break the Seals and release ALL the MYSTERIES to the Seventh Angel whose Message is to reveal ALL the mysteries of God. The mysteries of God lays in these SEVEN SEALS. And the Lamb comes forth NOW from being Mediator between God and man; He becomes a LION. And when He becomes a LION, He takes the BOOK … when the Mediator, when His work is done as an Intercessor, He comes forth … to take the Book, to reveal the mysteries of God that others has guessed at in all these denominational ages. See? Then the SEVENTH ANGEL (Rev. 10:7) has to be a prophet for the Word of God to come to … Malachi 4 promised such.” (The Breach – pp 98-99)

What tremendous statements! What should we do with them? Ignore them? But Brother Branham said, “You must get this!” What is more, Brother Branham is very specific about the time-frame of this event. It happens when the Seven Seals are opened and delivered to the Seventh Church Age Messenger (Read “The Breach”, pp. 74 & 104).

As I studied this out, I could see a definite pattern throughout the Seven Seals. On Sunday night, preaching “THE BREACH”, he laid the foundation. On Thursday night, at the end of the FOURTH SEAL, he says, (pp. 332), “…SOON He’s going to rise now and come forth to CLAIM what He has redeemed.” That fits, because the Seventh Seal us coming up. Then Friday night, (pp. 390) “I believe with all my heart that the DOOR of MERCY is beginning to CLOSE…” Then, Saturday night (pp 408) “… There’s NO MORE BLOOD on the ALTAR. The sacrifice has been REMOVED and there’s nothing but smoke and lightning and judgment in there. AND THAT’S JUST EXACTLY WHAT’S POURED OUT HERE TONIGHT! The LAMB’S DONE LEFT HIS MEDIATORIAL WORK!...” (He also spoke of these things in the sermons “Souls in Prison” pp.22-26 and “Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed” pp. 78).

What could it mean? How does it fit? I was much troubled until I read in “THE BREACH” on page 97, “Notice where It (the Lamb) came forth – where did it come from? It came from the Father’s Throne where He had been seated since He had been slain and raised again. He raised up and sat on the right hand of God – ever living to make intercessions. Amen. Raised there today as an Intercessor with His Own Blood to make intercessions upon the IGNORANCE OF THE PEOPLE”.

IGNORANCE? That was the CLUE.

The revelation broke open in all its beauty. I realized why Jesus Christ had been in an intercessory position for nearly 2,000 years. It was not to save souls. THE FULL PRICE OF SALVATION WAS PAID AT THE CROSS OF CALVARY! (already). It was FOR THE IGNORANCE of the believers that he interceded throughout the church ages.

Think of MARTIN LUTHER. He was a TRINITARIAN. Brother Branham said in “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” pp. 676 that “Trinitarianism is of the Devil! I say that, Thus Saith the Lord!” Think of it. How could Martin Luther, a church age messenger, believe and teach a doctrine of the devil and he himself be accepted by God, the Bride of Jesus Christ? Simple. Because Jesus Christ in that Mediatorial position, INTERCEDING on behalf of his IGNORANCE. Now watch what Brother Branham says, same sermon, same page, preached in 1961, “Now, do you say then …’Do you believe that all these people that are Trinitarians are of hell?” No, sir. I believe they are Christians. BUT THE HOUR IS APPROACHING, BROTHER, WHERE THEY ARE SINCERELY WRONG.”

And two years later, in March of 1963, by the time the Seventh Seal was opened, the HOUR had arrived. The Lamb had taken the BOOK, loosed the Seven Seals and DESCENDED with a ‘SHOUT’ to deliver them to the Seventh Church Age Messenger. He is no longer in that Mediatorial position, interceding for his people’s IGNORANCE. With the Seven Seals OPEN, the Bride is no longer IGNORANT. She sees Him for Who He really is -- the WORD!

That we are no longer in ignorance, Brother Branham declares in many ways and places. In “Souls in Prison” page 24, he says, “When these Seven Seals were opened, that OPENED THE ENTIRE BIBLE.” In the Seven Church Ages book, page 328, he states, “…The Seven THUNDERS in Revelation 10 … ARE THE REVELATIONS CONTAINED IN THE SEVEN SEALS. IT WILL BE THESE DIVINELY REVEALED “MYSTERY-TRUTHS” THAT LITERALLY TURN THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN TO THE PENTECOSTAL FATHERS.

On page 45 of “It Is The Rising Of The Sun”, he says, “He (Jesus Christ) is the ONE who opened those Seals; HE IS THOSE SEALS. FOR THE WHOLE WORD OF GOD IS CHRIST, AND CHRIST IS THE SEALS THAT WAS OPENED. What is the opening of the Seals then? REVEALING CHRIST!”

And just a few months after the Seven Seals were opened, Brother Branham preached his sermon, “Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed”. This dovetails perfectly with Rev. 10:7, “But in the days of the VOICE of the seventh angel, the MYSTERY OF GOD SHOULD BE FINISHED.”

Please don’t misunderstand. I am not saying there is no more BLOOD. What I am saying is that there is no more BLOOD covering the sins of anyone outside of the Revealed WORD – for the revealed Word is CHRIST. THE BLOOD OF CHRIST IS STILL IN EFFECT BUT ONLY FOR THE BRIDE.

In his sermon “The Token” preached in Sept of 1963, Brother Branham speaks extensively on this subject. Here are a few highlights:

“The BLOOD is the TOKEN, and the token must be applied or… the covenant is not in effect… By faith, they applied the BLOOD. (pp.8) The TOKEN never came into existence until the EVENING TIME. And this is the evening time of the age that we live in… this is the time the TOKEN has to be applied… everything from under that Token will perish. The Blood has identified you. Now the Blood is the chemistry of the Life, but the life is something different from the Blood. The LIFE is IN the BLOOD. (pp.9) .. The Token for the believer TODAY is the HOLY GHOST – not a blood, a chemistry, but it is the Holy Spirit of God… It is the only way and the only sign that God will ever pass because It is the Literal Life of Jesus Christ returned back to the believer. (pp. 10) In the days of Wesley… Luther, it was the CHEMISTRY of the BLOOD. But this is the LAST DAY where the TOKEN is required. That makes together the whole unit for the rapture. … The WATER age, the BLOOD age, and now the TOKEN Age of the Holy Ghost! (pp.11) It has been the Lamb all the way through. It was the Lamb in Luther’s time, it was the Lamb in Wesley’s time. But NOW is the TOKEN time… Now, the very Spirit Itself is the TOKEN. Not the Blood. (pp.12)

Let me pause and interject something. If you keep in mind PAROUSIA (Christ’s presence here now) as it applies in the descent and ‘SHOUT’ of I Thes. 4 and Rev. 10, you can understand what Brother Branham is saying here. “The evening time Message is to apply the TOKEN… The HOUR has arrived … when the TOKEN Himself is identifying Himself right among us and proving that he is the same Jesus yesterday, today and forever, and He is right with the WORD. It has got to be applied. (pp. 20) Are you catching it?.. There is a TOKEN that has got to be applied, and no other time could it have come. (pp.26) The blood is not the Token now, the Life is the Token. (pp.27) If you believe the Word, then the Token has got to come. (pp.28) The Token agrees with every Word, see? It has got to because It is the Word. It is the Life that was in the word. (pp.29) That is the MESSAGE. Come INTO CHRIST! (pp. 36) He only recognizes the Token! That is the Message of the Hour!

When the Seven Seals ere opened, God turned a corner. There was change in dispensations. Christ left that mediatorial position (as Rev. 5 proves). IGNORANCE IS NO LONGER EXCUSED.

This is exactly what Brother Branham says in “The Indictment” pp. 19 & 29 – “Christ is God’s provided Lamb … Jerusalem was ceasing. When? It was in effect UNTIL THAT HOUR; the blood of the lamb was all right until that day. But NOW, at the crucifixion it changes. The old system is done. There was a new one – the LAMB was at the sacrifice… God be blessed for seeing this wonderful, heavenly Light in this day, because the churches is doing THE SAME THING today. Until that hour that organization religion is condemned and proved to be sacrificing Christ’s Word, FROM THEN ON COME THE WORD AND THE WORD ONLY!... The old pascal lamb passed away, and CHRIST become our LAMB at the Day of Crucifixion. And the DAY that the DENOMINATION crucify the Word of God and accepted a CREED in the stead of the WORD, THAT’S THE DAY THE WORD COME INTO FULL EFFECT. THAT’S JUST BEEN RECENTLY”.

Recently? Yes. The Seven Seals were opened a scant three months before he said that. Brother Branham draws us an exact parallel between the CRUCIFIXION of Christ at Calvary and the OPENING of the Seven Seals. In truth, they are BOTH EQUALLY IMPORTANT in God’s redemptive plan. (Read “THE BREACH” pp. 89& 90-116). ( PURCHASING the Bride at Calvary’s Cross & CLAIMING the Bride by loosing the Seven Seals of the BOOK of Redemption which is the TITLE DEED of her inheritance.

Brother Branham draws a similar parallel in the sermon “FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS” page 40:In Revelation 11… the ministry of Moses and Elias calling to Israel out of the Jewish traditions, just as the Seventh Angel’s Message called the BRIDE out of the Pentecostal traditions. Remember, Moses and Elijah is to call Israel out of the old atonement of the lamb, and sheep, and blood and goats, and sacrifice to the real living Sacrifice, TO THE WORD. And the seventh angel’s Message, under the same trumpet, same everything, exactly, the same seal, is to what? CALL THE PEOPLE, THE BRIDE, OUT OF THE PENTECOSTAL AND WORLD TRADITIONS TO THE GENUINE ATONEMENT, THE WORD.

As the veil in the temple rent in two the very hour Christ DIED at CALVARY, exposing the Old Testament MERCY SEAT to full view, so likewise a VEIL was spiritually rent when the SEVEN SEALS WERE OPENED, fully exposing Jesus Christ, WHO IS THE MERCY SEAT. He is no longer in heaven interceding on behalf of MEN’S IGNORANCE, but had DESCENDED with a ‘SHOUT’ which is the FULL REVELATION OF HIMSELF. No more ignorance. It is LIGHT in the evening time. That is what the SEVEN SEALS are all about – PAROUSIA, the Bridegroom is PRESENT, revealing Himself to the BRIDE. (Read “THE MIGHTY GOD UNVEILED” 6-29-64 AND “INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST” 11-25-65.

There is NO MORE MERCY for anyone OUTSIDE OF CHRIST, who is this revealed WORD.

I John 1:7 declares, “If we walk in the LIGHT as He is in the LIGHT … the BLOOD of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.” When the Seven Seals were opened, CHRIST WAS FULLY ILLUMINATED. Only the Bride is walking in that LIGHT, thus, only the Bride is covered by the BLOOD and cleansed from all sin. That is why the Bride will be translated but the Foolish Virgins must go through the Tribulation – there is NO BLOOD to cover for their transgressions.

Having at last understood “THE BREACH”, I read with awe and thrill as the rest of the SEALS unfolded before me. Then, when I reached the SEVENTH SEAL, I came up against a very hard question indeed.

Brother Branham makes several statements like this one on page 576, “The SEVENTH SEAL is NOT to be known to the PUBLIC.” In the years past when I came to this part, I would breath a sigh of relief and think “Good. The Seventh Seal is not open yet, so all those powerful statements he made in “THE BREACH” don’t apply now and I don’t need to think about them.”

Of course, by thinking this way I was ignoring a tremendous portion of Brother Branham’s Message, including the portion on page 74 of the “THE BREACH” where he let us know that the Angel of Rev. 10:1 and the angel in Rev. 10:7 are ON THE EARTH AT THE SAME TIME. I also have ignored the biblical fact that, “In the days of the VOICE of the seventh angel, the MYSTERY of God would be FINISHED.” If the SEVENTH SEAL was not opened in 1963, then the MYSTERY OF GOD is not finished.

I began to study the Seventh Seal intensively, with much prayer, desiring to see the whole picture. The revelation came. Brother Branham said, “…the Seventh Seal is not known TO THE PUBLIC.” THE BRIDE IS NOT THE PUBLIC. It always have been a PRIVATE REVELATION to the ELECT ONLY. (Matthew 13:10 &11). Then I began to find place after place in Brother Branham’s sermons where he says clearly that the SEVENTH SEAL IS OPEN.


Notice he said, “Thus Saith the Lord”, meaning these were not his own thoughts, but God’s Word – ALL SEVEN of the Seals would be open. And they were. “SEVEN SEALS HAVE BEEN OPENED” (“This Day this Scripture is Fulfilled” pp.25).

“GOD HAS TO OPEN UP THOSE SEVEN SEALS… HE OPENED THOSE SEVEN MYSTERIES IN THERE, and shows forth and bring forth those things that have been hid since the foundation of the world – might be revealed in the last days – to sons of God. They brought that forth now before the people and they SEE it.. to this undenominational BRIDE” (“Invisible Union of the Bride of Christ” pp.43).

“But now is Bride-calling. NOW IS WHEN THE SEVEN SEALS HAS BEEN OPENED” (“Doing God a Service Without His Will” pp35, 1965). “And my Message – all the time knowing back there under healing and so forth like that, was just to catch the people’s attention, KNOWING THE MESSAGE WOULD COME. AND HERE IT IS. AND THEM SEALS OPENED, those mysteries and showing those things is what’s happened” (“Rapture” pp. 32) “But now He’s promised us a FULL SQUARE MEAL, the FULL SEVEN COURSE MENU, FOR ALL THE SEVEN SEALS ARE OPENED and everything is ready for the Word of God, for those who can receive” (“Seed is Not Heir With the Shuck” pp.24). And in many other like places, Brother Branham tells us that the SEVENTH SEAL IS OPENED.

But what about the place on page 26 of “FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS”, where Brother Branham says, “The Seventh Seal is not open yet.”? Good question. If you will read the context, you will find that he is talking there about the FIFTH SEAL, the SOULS UNDER THE ALTAR killed under Hitler. Which, OF COURSE, is true – 1n 1938 to 1945, the Seventh Seal was NOT OPEN YET. IT WAS OPENED IN MARCH OF 1963.

Brother Branham said in “THE SEVENTH SEAL” pages 564 & 565, “And remember, Revelation 10:1-7.. 1-7, chapter 10:1-7, at the end of the Seventh Angel’s Message, ALL THE MYSTERIES OF GOD WOULD BE KNOWN. WE’RE AT THE END-TIME – THE OPENING OF THE SEVENTH SEAL … I knew not these seals and THEY HAVE BEEN REVEALED THIS WEEK.

Of course, there are many things we don’t know about the SEVENTH SEAL. But then again, there are many things we DO know about it, from Rev. 8”1, from Brother Branham’s sermon on the SEVENTH SEAL, and also from his frequent mentioning of the subject throughout the last years of his ministry. Such as:

1. The SEVENTH SEAL is in three (3) parts – Shout, Voice, Trump
2. The SEVENTH SEAL is a SPAN of time
3. The SEVENTH SEAL is composed of many accelerating events
4. The SEVENTH SEAL is the culmination of many events
5. The SEVENTH SEAL is the ‘King’s Sword’
6. The SEVENTH SEAL is the ‘Third Pull’ of Brother Branham’s ministry
7. The SEVENTH SEAL is the “Tent Vision”
8. The SEVENTH SEAL is the COMING of the LORD
9. The SEVENTH SEAL is the HEADSTONE capping the PYRAMID
10. The SEVENTH SEAL is Revelation 10 FULFILLED

When I realized how much Brother Branham actually did say about the Seventh Seal, I began to study everything he said on each point, both before and after the Seven Seals were opened. Since each point is interrelated, a very clear picture of the Seventh Seal emerged – one that lines up 100% with the Bible. Let me go through these 1o points with you and share a few of the many, many things I’ve seen.